TMG Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Has OP Been Turned Gay By His Childhood Buddy? (NO!)

[102] Guide to Fish Care
What happened? Did OP’s confession fail?

[103] Idling Everyday
?? OP confessed already?

[105] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Can you guys all stop coming up with imaginary scenarios?

[106] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
It’s like this. Today, I invited him to eat grilled fish with me. In the end, he rejected my invitation and was on a date with a lady, and even lied to me saying that he was working overtime.

[109] Has CP Crashed Today
? OP, are you sure they were on a date?

[110] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I’m sure. I saw them myself. If it’s a work meeting, why would they have it in CoCo Cafe?

Chang Pei was about to continue typing, but a shadow suddenly fell over him.

When he looked up, Jin Jiang was already seated in the seat across him. Taken aback, Chang Pei hurriedly locked his phone.

“I’m not too late, am I?” Jin Jiang’s expression did not look any different from usual. He removed the chopsticks from the wrapper.

“I thought you said you weren’t coming?” Chang Pei grumbled.

“I came over once I was done with work.”

“Do you want to order any more dishes? Are these enough?”

“It should be enough.”

Then, there was nothing else to say to each other. Jin Jiang was not a chatty person, but luckily Chang Pei often had many topics to discuss. However, Chang Pei kept playing with his phone today.

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay>

[125] Popcorn Eating Crowd
Where’s OP? Don’t tell me he’s so upset he has decided to never come back to this post again?

[126] Idling to Forum
Maybe the buddy has seen OP’s post, and dragged OP onto the bed for some reconciliation activities~

[130] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Can you all stop fantasising? I was not around just now because my buddy had came to the grilled fish restaurant. (It’s nearly 8pm, he looks so hungry.)

However, he didn’t mention his girlfriend to me at all. Am I still his best friend?

[131] Idling to Forum
Of course not, you’re the one he wants the most (puppy.jpg)

[134] Has CP Crashed Today
OP, you must remain calm! Think, if your buddy was on a date with his girlfriend, how is it possible that he hasn’t had dinner by 8pm? He’s been starving the entire time just to eat the grilled fish you ordered, he definitely keeps you on his mind.

[135] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
But I’ve heard that some girls would treat a cafe’s sago dessert as a meal.


[140] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Ah, I don’t want to use this id anymore, it’s too ridiculous. Also, I do have reasons why I came to that conclusion.

To tell you guys the truth, just like you’ve all guessed, I do like my buddy, and I’ve liked him from long ago. A couple of days ago, I was pondering over this, and kept feeling that there were traces of evidence that pointed to him liking me as well (why else would it be called “the 3 major misconceptions in life”). That’s why I started this post, hoping that you guys could help me see if he truly wants to turn me gay, and give me a little confidence.

How should I say this? In the end, you guys can see it too. You’ve all noticed that I like my buddy (I didn’t think that I was so obvious), but my buddy seems to really only treat me as a buddy… I’ve taken those things that he did magnanimously out of context; It must be because I have such intentions towards him, that’s why I started overthinking it.

Chang Pei had typed so many words, the more he typed, the sadder he felt, and his eyes were turning red. His trembling hand clicked <Send>.

—— Sending has failed.


CP crashed again?!!

Flustered, Chang Pei kept hitting the refresh button, but the web page still did not load, and his message had disappeared completely.

Fury overtook Chang Pei’s sorrow, and he tossed his phone angrily on the table.

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  1. Ugh… We all Knew it, but It’s still harsh for him. The poor guy is desperate.

    If he couldn’t vent in the forum, then maybe he can vent with Jin Jiang himself.
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