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Chapter 6 – Extra (Not Allowed To Write About Anything Below The Neck)

Ten days later.

CP Forum:

<My Childhood Buddy Keeps Trying To Turn Me Gay>

[300] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Ummm… I’ll like to quietly ask something, is there still anyone here on this post?

(One hour later)

[301] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Uh, I guess there’s really no one here anymore.

[302] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
I just wanted to ask everyone, why doesn’t my boyfriend ever touch me below my neck?

[303] Idling to Forum
What?! It’s been 10 days already, OP hasn’t hit a home run?

[304] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay

[305] Guide to Fish Care
You serious? Most guys when being lovey-dovey with their sweetheart definitely wouldn’t be able to hold themselves back.

[306] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
The problem is, he’s way too good at holding himself back. I’m about to suspect that I’m not charming enough QAQ (aggrieved.jpg).

[307] Guide to Fish Care
I have a daring speculation… Maybe your buddy… cannot get erect?

[308] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
No no no, when I’m sprawled across him I can clearly feel that he has a reaction.

[309] Guide to Fish Care
Ah~ Then there might be a problem elsewhere?

[310] Idling Everyday
Could it be… that your buddy is the bottom? (shivers.jpg) So he’s been waiting for OP to take the initiative?

[314] Has CP Crashed Today
Why do I hear thunder crashing immediately upon my arrival?

[315] Fish CareTaker
Me too.

[320] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Hold on~ Let me process this (tremble.jpg). My buddy is 185cm tall, his aura is 2.8m wide, how can he be a bottom?

[321] Idling to Forum
OP, don’t you know this? It’s now an era where bottoms can be found everywhere. Even if your buddy is a big, burly fellow, he might still be a bottom.

[322] Idling Everyday
Why do I feel that the above commenter makes a lot of sense? (shiver.jpg)

[323] Has CP Crashed Today
Shiver +1

[325] Idling to Forum
So, OP has to tearfully become the top now (maniacallaughter.jpg).

[326] What to Do, Childhood Buddy Wants to Turn Me Gay
Uh, no need to tearfully become the top. As long as it’s my buddy, the position doesn’t matter. It’s just that this shock is a little too much…

[327] Has CP Crashed Today
How is it just a little too much, it’s completely overwhelming, ok?

[328] Fish CareTaker

As Chang Pei watched Jin Jiang bustling around the kitchen, his feelings were chaotic.

Last time, when Jin Jiang cooked, he would be called a loyal dog top. Now, he could only be called a wifely bottom. Last time, when Jin Jiang asked him to pass him a towel, it was called flirting, now, thinking about it, it was called seducing. Last time, when Jin Jiang hugged him to sleep, it was called pampering, now, thinking about it, it was called being coy.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Chang Pei thought solemnly and bitterly, it’s all Hubby’s fault, I’ve made you suffer and wait too long.

Done with the mixed noodles, Jin Jiang brought it out and saw his Peipei sitting on the sofa with a solemn face. He could not help but be amused by it, “What are you thinking about?”

Chang Pei shook his head like a rattle, “Nothing, I was thinking about nothing.”

Jin Jiang laughed, “Why are you so adorable?”

Chang Pei was taken aback. Huh? His boyfriend really doesn’t seem like a bottom?

But there also seems to be no other reason to explain why he never took the next step in the relationship QAQ…

At night, after showering, Jin Jiang sat on the bed and played with his phone. Chang Pei came out in only a towel when he was done showering, and leaned onto Jin Jiang and started kissing him, his objective very clear.

Jin Jiang’s eyes swept across him, and nearly tossed his phone away. His breathing became heavier, “Peipei… Be good, put on your clothes. It’s cold out here.”

Chang Pei pouted, and loosened the towel a little more, exposing his fair chest and slender legs. Then, he again reached out to undo the buttons of Jin Jiang’s pyjamas.

Jin Jiang held on to his rationality with much difficulty, covering Chang Pei with a blanket. Then, watching him, he removed his own pyjamas. Jin Jiang could no longer hold it back anymore, just as he was about to shove Chang Pei down, he heard Chang Pei stammer, “If you’re a bottom, can I be your top?”

??? What the fuck?

Jin Jiang narrowed his eyes and grinned sardonically. “Then I’ll let you see who is the real top.” Finishing, he pounced onto Chang Pei.

Facing this delicious and scrumptious Peipei, Jin Jiang finally no longer restricted himself to areas above the neck.

The price was that Chang Pei was stimulated to his peak, and as he wished, he got devoured completely. His face red and his heart pounding, he panted and thought, blissfulness is probably like this.


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  1. What a cute story! Thank you. 😁 You are forgiven for fooling us in April. (Not that I was mad. Black Box is pretty consistent with the quality and frequency of your releases.)

  2. Aaaaa… This short story is so cute… Still wondering why buddy restrict himself so much. And that makes me love this CP so much.

    1. Not 100% sure but this is how i interpret it.
      Chang Pei and Jin Jiang (jjwxc) are both names of publishing houses in China. I couldn’t help but laugh every time I saw MC and ML’s names. The end is probably a joke on how Jin Jiang bans people from writing about anything below the neck due to Chinese censorship, so he restricts himself from anything below the neck as a character as well.
      And also, i love the story so much. Thank you for the translation!

  3. Ah ah ah I died… From cuteness overload XD I’m just sad that this is short _(:3//) also the forums remind me of Antelope and Night Wolf and also the other one with mangoes, umm, You Boys Play Games Very Well? I think? Hehe thank you for the translation~~

  4. Thanks so much for this short story. I really enjoyed reading it and it was so cute. Sigh.

  5. Awwww so cute hilarious sweet everything in complete package!! Thanks for picking up this little treasure and sharing with us!!

  6. Why was he restraining himself then?! Was he afraid of Chang Pei not being ready? But well, both of them got their desire. Fufufufu.

    Thanks for this cute little novel.

  7. So cuteeeee

    I laughed at the thoight of the MC becoming the top just because of the thought that his partner may be the bottom. He he he

  8. Very cute and sweet story. Thanks for translating.
    Sorry to bother you. May I ask permission to translated this novel into Thai?
    Certainly, I will give credit to you as English translator and your hard work.

    1. Hi, sure, do go ahead. Do leave us a link so that we can update our Table of Contents with your translation.

  9. Hello Alex, it’s Siel!
    Thanks for your hard work. It was a very cute and lovable story, and a well-done translation!
    Can I translate this novel into spanish?
    I’ll give credit to you, of course!

    1. Hey, sure go ahead with the translation. Just drop us the link when you have one so that we can update our ToC with your translation.

  10. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your work! 🙂 I loved this. May I ask for your permission to translate the story into Hungarian. I will give credit to you, of course.

  11. Oh how I wish there’s more just to see the netizen’s reaction to OP is still able to be the Bottom he always thought! XD lol
    Anyway thank you for the hard works!!!

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