Guardian – Bonus Story + Fanfiction


It’s been a while since Guardian ended and I still can’t stop thinking about it. God kill me now.

Anyways, I’m a big fan of Guardian. Literally devoured the novel within a day and cried over Shen Wei and Yulan’s loving relationship. Until now, I still catch up with fanfictions of them. lmao

So after the drama ended, Priest has written a Bonus Story dedicated to soothing the broken souls of the fans whose hearts were shattered to pieces at the horrible ending.

And I’ve translated that magnificent piece of literature. I…had a lot of fun doing this! I hope you guys will enjoy this bonus story. 🙂

Oh I have also translated a Guardian fanfiction for the main CP.

You can find them here on Ainushi:

I hope you all enjoy my little side project! 🙂

Do leave your comments letting me know what choo thinks!

Thank you all for the support thus far!

0 thoughts on “Guardian – Bonus Story + Fanfiction

  1. wow
    when i took my sweet time to watch the drama, it turned out a bad ending.
    fortunately i haven’t watched all eps. so my heart is still saved. YEEEET

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