Update on BBTL

Hi guys!

For those of you who have been looking forward to further updates on Qizi, Thousand Autumns and Peerless, Moe will be picking them back up! However, she’ll be posting them on another site, which we’ll update you guys once the new chapters are up!

As for Yudun, she’s currently on a break. I will be picking up Breaking Through The Clouds and I Ship My Adversary x Me, and Nyan will be working on Summer Drowning until Yudun is ready to come back! She’ll still be working on Heart of Glass in the meantime though, so please do send her words of encouragement! Slow-Witted and Those Years in Quest of Honour Mine have been moved to teasers. If you’re interested in picking them up, do drop us a message and let’s see if we can arrange something!

Akarin too has to go on a hiatus, and she’ll be back when she’s ready!

As for me, I have a multitude of ongoing projects (my own fault) AND things happening in my personal life as well. Once POBE is completed, I’ll no longer be working on daily updates so as to juggle all these projects that I have (oops).
My schedule will be as follows:
Updated Weekly
You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale
A Race to (Be) The Top
Chasing Tides (I know I know, a new project, but I really really really REALLY love this one)
Updated Monthly
Muted (I’ll also work on additional chapters for this one whenever my schedule permits)
My Little Poplar
Winner Takes All
Perfect Match
[Rebirth] The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back
Love, Expired
Breaking Through The Clouds
I Ship My Adversary x Me

Once things settle down a bit I’ll see how things go. My personal life schedule is a little up in the air at the moment.

Man, being an adult is tough.

BBTL’s BttC Giveaway Ends + Winners Announcement!

Big announcement!!!

A big thank you to those who participated in our giveaway! Sorry for the late announcement as I was busy working on things. So here are the winners to the giveaway:

  • Sandy Derek – Jiang Ting Acrylic Ballchain
  • Yuyu Fan – Buttons set
  • Kurs Chan – Jiang Ting and Yan Xie Shikishi Board
  • Hannah – Jiang Ting Shikishi Board
  • Rosa – Yan Xie Shikishi Board

Important Note to Winners: 

  • Please note that an email will be sent out today to the email address you registered with rafflecopter.
  • You are required to reply within a week from today with the necessary information as per requested in the email.
  • If you do not reply in time, your win will be disqualified and another winner will be drawn instead.
  • Please be sure to check your spam mail if you do not receive an email shortly after this post is published!
  • Do contact us ASAP if you can’t find the email in your inbox or spam.

Thank you again, to everyone who took the time to participate! Don’t be dishearten if you didn’t win, just be on the look out for more fun events like this in the future!

Love you all!!!

Translation of Lantern Will Be Taken Over by Kayno

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Sorry I won’t resume translating at least for a few months. I’m doing better now, thank you everyone.

As a few of you might know, Kayno will be working on Lantern. I apologize for any confusion it might have caused. Kayno and I met in an online game (FFXIV yeah!!!) and have been friends for a while. She’s learning Chinese and asked me if she can continue the work so I said yes. She’s new to translation and doesn’t really sure how everything works. It was also partly my fault that I didn’t post an announcement here because, in fact I’m still recovering from all the emotional breakdowns and don’t want to be dealing with anything translation related.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to protect my rights. It’s just that she asked me informally in game and didn’t know how novelupdates’s rule works. So I’ll just post an official announcement confirming her continuation. Hope everyone enjoy the story!

BBTL’s First Ever Breaking through the Clouds Goods Giveaway!!!


Hey guys,

We cannot stress how happy we are at you all for supporting BBTL. On top of that, today is also the Queen’s (Huaishang) birthday, so to to share our love for “Breaking through the Clouds”, we’re currently hosting a giveaway of some BttC items on BBTL! Are you excited?! Don’t leave yet! Read on for more information!

These are official BttC buttons, character boards and acrylic keychain that were released as merchandises for the BttC audio drama. They are all brand new, with a total of 5 items to be won (so 5 winners yes)!

The Prizes!

Buttons Set x 1 Jiang Ting Acrylic Ballchain x 1 Character / Shikishi Boards:
Jiang Ting x 1
Yan Xie x 1
Yan Xie & Jiang Ting x 1

This giveaway is open to everyone who comes to BBTL for their reading pleasure! You do not need to read “Breaking through the Clouds” to enter but why haven’t you read it yet?! Jokes lol.

How to participate in the giveaway?

  1. You’ll need to either log in with your facebook account or your email into the Rafflecopter giveaway box! The following steps will increase your chances of winning the giveaway! Remember, we’ll be using Rafflecopter to track everyone’s entries and for it to select the winners.
  2. Follow our twitter account!
  3. Tweet a message regarding the giveaway for BttC!
  4. Reply to the blog post, stating why you like BttC or any of Huaishang’s works! Also in the same post, state which item you want. You can only pick one. You are only allowed to post one reply to the blogpost.
  5. Subscribe to our site’s mailing list!

Important Notes:

  1. The giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. We will ship the item to anywhere in the globe (so long it’s permitted).
  2. Please make sure you have a valid address or able to receive the prizes should you win.
  3. Prizes will take a few weeks or months to arrive. Please be patient! They will be shipped sometime in June.
  4. Your choice of prize is not guaranteed. Prizes are on a first come first serve basis. If the item you want has been taken, we will randomly choose one for you.

Join Now!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on 2nd June, 2019 / 12:00AM (GMT +8).

Very Short Break from ISMM

Hi all,

As you all know, Moe and I have been collaborating together on ISMM. Now that she’s away because of health issues (hope you will be ok!!!), I will be completely taking over this project. But now I really want to concentrate on finishing Heart of Glass by the end of May, so updates on ISMM will stop for a while… until mid June comes along.

Updates for BttC and SW will still be on-going as I’m hoping to pump out SW 9 and BttC 15 this week!!

Wish me luck!!!



Welcome Green Dragon Totem!

Hi all,

We are really starting to become a Huaishang translation site. Let’s give a warm welcome to Green Dragon Totem!! There are currently 23 chapters translated with more to come! So please be sure to give it a try. Check out the summary below!


If only the Winged General of Han were around to fight the township of Longcheng, the barbarians and their horses would never have dared to cross the Yin Mountains.

Early-stage righteous restrained resolute monk late-stage true background announced left the monastic order and ascended the throne in the end gong x vicious and merciless action but personal style rather demonic shou.

Hiatus Notice

I’m very sorry to announce that due to various reasons, I have to put all of my projects on hiatus for a period of time. If anyone is interested in picking up any of the projects please contact me with a sample of your translation. I would prefer people who has a solid grasp in both English and Chinese to work on them so as not to lose the nuance of the story. I might still release occasionally during this time, but I cannot promise a schedule or anything.


Again sorry about the sudden announcement. I will try my best to work things out.


—Momoe Pom