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Hiatus Notice

I’m very sorry to announce that due to various reasons, I have to put all of my projects on hiatus for a period of time. If anyone is interested in picking up any of the projects please contact me with a sample of your translation. I would prefer people who has a solid grasp in both English and Chinese to work on them so as not to lose the nuance of the story. I might still release occasionally during this time, but I cannot promise a schedule or anything.


Again sorry about the sudden announcement. I will try my best to work things out.


—Momoe Pom

ISMM Chapter 12

New chapter for ISMM is here!

And also, the official art for Gu Yiliang and Wei Yanzi in their costumes are here!

Enjoy! Click here for the chap!

ISMM Chapter 9

Another new chapter for happy chinese new year!

Hope everyone is having a good time and reading loooooots of bls at home!

click here to read~

ISMM Chapter 7 – 8

New chapters for ISMM!

Me and Yudun had so much fun reading and translating this novel. Every chapter is hilarious! I hope all of you enjoy it too =w=

Here are the freshly baked fluffs!

ISMM Chapter 3 – 4

Hahaha this is a fast release for me and Cloud, phew~

It’s such a fun experience translating this novel. We laughed so hard, hope we’ve brought out the comedy in our translations too.

And this time we get to see the ML’s POV!!!!

Well, there’s really not much to say, so enjoy the chapters here.

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