SW Chapter 1

New novel that I’m definitely picking up. 😀

Please read the translator’s notes before you read this! It’s important!

tianzi.pngTitle: Slow-Witted (天资愚钝)

Author: Biscuits Bought in September (九月买的饼干)

Status: Completed with 68 Chapters + 1 Extra

Translation Status: On-going

CP: Lu QiAn (gong) x Fu Jia (shou)


Fu Jia wanted him.

Fu Jia was unwelcome in this house, so much that even the servants were allowed to scold him as they wished. His father’s wife hated him to his very bones but he wasn’t bothered at all. They could try to make him leave the house with all their might but that would never happen. As long as he remained here, he would still be undefeated.

The first warmth Fu Jia felt in this house had came from Lu QiAn. Although they have never spoken to each other before, and Lu QiAn had no idea who he really was, Fu Jia couldn’t help but wanting to get close to him because of that one trivial matter…

This is a story of how the gong taught the shou to court him from start to end.

This is a story of how two children found redemption in each other.

Translator’s Notes:

  • 1 VS 1. No canon fodder gong/shou that’s trying to get between them.
  • Great character development.
  • No crazy landmines. Just two kids who want to be together.
  • Gong and shou are both inexperienced VIRGINS.
  • Don’t let the earlier chapters or the summary fool you. Shou is not a pathetic weakling who only knows how to cry. He’s so STRONG. I don’t think I can be that strong like him if I was in his shoes.
  • Shou’s family are a**holes but his life in school and the friends he make will get better.
  • Shou is older than gong by one year.
  • This is a HAPPY story. There’s FLUFF, touching moments, some dog-blood and angst here and there, but overall, it is still a sweet, HAPPY story.
  • If there’s anything you want to clarify, feel free to ask.

I can’t get my head out of this novel. I read it weeks ago and the story is still fresh in my mind, as though I only read it last night. I binged it and went to work looking like a zombie. It’s an ordinary story but there’s this force that makes you can’t stop reading it (for me and my friends at least)! So please give it a try.

This chapter is edited by Aconyte! Thank you so much!

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  1. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Thankyou so much ! I just read the 2 chapters of the manhua and wanted to read this novel. Thank you so much for picking it up !!

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