TANW Chapter 64

And Little Antelope reappears in Pale Soul! What’s going to happen to him?

Find out in Chapter 64 of The Antelope and Night Wolf.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for the new chapter, it seems so delicious <3 The first thing I do every morniing after waking up is checking up the new chapter TANW and, of course, thank you for everyday-updating, you`re so great! Thanks a lot for your hard work!
    I definitely enjoy this novel, this one is my favourite.
    And so, I want to ask you about one thing. I don`t know how I can contact you another way so I decided to write a comment.
    I would like to translate this novel to Russian language. I study Chinese in university but it is only my first year so I can`t translate directly from Chinese. Consequently, there is a question… Can you give me a permission to translate this novel to Russian using your English translation? Of course, I will specify a link of your blog and can add any links/contacts of yours.

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