The Antelope and Night Wolf

TANW Extra 2


I’ve been keeping and timing the TANW extras just for this extra to be posted today.

You’ll understand when you read it.

With this extra, everything in the three volumes of TANW is now fully translated D:

(I’m conveniently ignoring the spinoff at this point)

Without further ado, here’s Extra 2 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!


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TANW Extra 1.7

Oh my god I missed my little baby Ling Yang!!!

Here’s Extra 1.7 for The Antelope and Night Wolf!


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TANW Extra 1.6

OOOOHHHH Qi Feng made his move!!!!

Here’s Extra 1.6 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!


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And I’m finally starting to work on the TANW extras!

Here’s the first part out of the nine extras, where we find out how LuoMing Wind and Uncle He get together.

There’ll be cameos from the other characters as well, and a different perspective of certain events??

Here’s Extra 1.1 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 87

And…. we’ve come to the last chapter of The Antelope and Night Wolf! My baby’s all grown up…

Here’s Chapter 87 of The Antelope and Night Wolf.

By the way, I’ll be taking a break for now! I won’t be doing daily updates til I have stocked up enough chapters (but I’ll still post from time to time).