MLP Chapter 1

I didn’t plan on working on this novel so quickly, but something seems to be happening…

Guys, let me introduce you to my one true love. I know most of my translations have been all fluffy and silly (even TANW had a lot of fluff in it), but my true love is grovelling novels. Anytime the top has to grovel to get his bottom back, I’M THERE FOR IT. I swear, I have a whole list of novels that fit this criteria, and I was planning on translating my way through them.

But things happen, and so I’m pushing my schedule a little forward.

There’s no fixed schedule for the translation of this novel for now, at least until I finish up some of my current projects, or at least, have less things to deal with. But it’ll still be updated AT LEAST once a month.

Alright, now for a short introduction to this novel.

It’s basically about a spoilt rich kid being sent to the army, and suffering there. Of course, one of his main harassers would be his future hubby! And so things go on and on and on… You guys can just check it out.

Here’s Chapter 1 of My Little Poplar!


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10 thoughts on “MLP Chapter 1

  1. Hohoho~~ so future hubby would abuse him and then grovel back to get MC?? I’m all for it!!! *ehem* that list of grovelling novels, mind sharing it? ^^;

  2. Thank you for picking this novel along with the other one from the same author. It’s just so timely that I’ve been binge reading previous translated novels from this author. I like this push and pull, bickering love, and grovelling content. I hope you’ll continue to translate this and “Winner Takes All” until the end. I’m so happy to read these additional novels (of same author). Thank you!

  3. I am a fan of this author. Just now have completed the translation of his novel from English into Russian language on wattpad. Looking for a new one. If possible, I’d like to translate this novel into Russian.😊

    1. thank you for translating this novel, I’m a fans of this author, the scum ML who chasing the wife after a terrible bully, and with a lot of smut, please continue to translate this novel with more faster schedule, again thank you!!

  4. Hi translator-san.
    I want to say in private. How can I connect with you?
    It’s Ok even you drop “Little Poplar”

  5. Hellow… I’m from Indonesia.. I like your Translation for this Novel.. If you can.. I want to re translate your project for the novel “little poplar” To Indonesia Translate. I will write your Name(credit) on my post. Thanks you before.

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