Month: May 2019

Translation of Lantern Will Be Taken Over by Kayno

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Sorry I won’t resume translating at least for a few months. I’m doing better now, thank you everyone.

As a few of you might know, Kayno will be working on Lantern. I apologize for any confusion it might have caused. Kayno and I met in an online game (FFXIV yeah!!!) and have been friends for a while. She’s learning Chinese and asked me if she can continue the work so I said yes. She’s new to translation and doesn’t really sure how everything works. It was also partly my fault that I didn’t post an announcement here because, in fact I’m still recovering from all the emotional breakdowns and don’t want to be dealing with anything translation related.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to protect my rights. It’s just that she asked me informally in game and didn’t know how novelupdates’s rule works. So I’ll just post an official announcement confirming her continuation. Hope everyone enjoy the story!

POBE Chapter 55

Guys guys Shu Jingyi made the wine sloppily on purpose. Renzi’s too… dumb to know any better lol.

Now that his father and brother are involved, what directions would things take?

Here’s Chapter 55 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!


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CFSB Chapter 2

Here’s a clarification for this novel as well. No matter what our MC thinks, there is NO adultery between our couple in this novel. DO NOT TAG THE NOVEL WITH ADULTERY ON NOVEL UPDATES.

Is the top as bad as Yun Jinshu thinks he is? You’ll find out 😉

Here’s Chapter 2 of [Rebirth] The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back!


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SD Chapter 1 (NSFW)

I don’t know whether you know this but I love redemption novels a lot. LIKE A LOT A LOT.  AND the best thing is? IT’S ABO!!! *cries* I love omegaverse so much. So this is like my two favorite things packaged as one!

This is another novel written by the same author as Slow-Witted. This is a very touching story and the shou and gong only have each other to depend on. I admit I cried a lot when I read this because I was so moved and touched by their beautiful love (I’m a sucker for these things).

I am not sure if I managed to convey the same tone the author was trying to do with this story but I think I did my best and I hope you all enjoy this amazing piece as much as I do.

To those who choose to mtl this, I’m not sure how well MTL can convey this novel but the gong is not a slag! I repeat, the gong is not a slag! Regardless of what you are gonna read in the later chapters, the gong is not a slag!

Edited by smilingone and planetes!

Here’s chapter 1.


Muted Chapter 2

I know I know, you guys think that Mu Ran (that’s the name of our MC) is scum. But as we progress along this story, more of his inner thoughts and the reasons for his behaviour would be revealed as well.

I’m not excusing him for blackmailing, but during this novel, we’ll see him grow as a person, and I hope you guys will all love him as much as I do!

Also, someone had added an adultery tag for this novel in NovelUpdates. I do not consider them being in a relationship when Muran was blackmailing Yi Tian, and Yi Tian had no feelings for either Muran or the people he was sleeping with before Muran returned the photos to him. Is it unfaithfulness when there’s nothing to be faithful to? So please don’t add the adultery tag back!

Enough of me chattering away, here’s Chapter 2 of Muted!

POBE Chapter 53

AHAHHAHA Shu Jingyi shaving his chest hair everyday so that he can leave his shirt unbuttoned rofl


Here’s Chapter 53 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!


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