Month: May 2019

POBE Chapter 52

Gu Xiaoshan you’re supposed to be smart don’t you have any idea why you’re feeling so possessive???

Here’s Chapter 52 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!


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MLP Chapter 2

Bai Xinyu is such a whiny little mummy’s boy!

He’s gonna get bullied so hard.


Here’s Chapter 2 of My Little Poplar!


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BttC Chapter 16

I’m back with a new chapter! Man, it feels so good to be able to update more frequently now that am not that busy.  Though I do wonder how long will this peace last.

Edited by Beth, who says this is a big cliff. lmao

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YGMCT Chapter 14 (NSFW)

Andddddd it’s back to NSFW!

That didn’t take long.

What else would you expect when Guan Shanjin is alone with our dear little Wu Xingzi in a room?

Here’s Chapter 14 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!


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UNDEAD Chapter 14

\o/ I’ve caught up with the existing translations!

From the next chapter onwards, I’ll be dropping the posting schedule for Undead back down to once a week. (I do have a full time job that I need to pay attention to…)

Someone had asked me about my posting schedule, so I’ll just list it here just in case.

POBE – Daily updates
YGMCT & Undead – Weekly updates
All others – Monthly updates

Once POBE is done, I’ll increase some of the monthly updates to weekly updates. Looking at my upcoming schedule, I might not be able to do daily updates anymore after POBE! (Or I could just dig less pits but that’s boring lmaooooo I can’t believe I’m saying this now.)

Anyway, here’s Chapter 14 of Undead!


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