Muted Chapter 2

I know I know, you guys think that Mu Ran (that’s the name of our MC) is scum. But as we progress along this story, more of his inner thoughts and the reasons for his behaviour would be revealed as well.

I’m not excusing him for blackmailing, but during this novel, we’ll see him grow as a person, and I hope you guys will all love him as much as I do!

Also, someone had added an adultery tag for this novel in NovelUpdates. I do not consider them being in a relationship when Muran was blackmailing Yi Tian, and Yi Tian had no feelings for either Muran or the people he was sleeping with before Muran returned the photos to him. Is it unfaithfulness when there’s nothing to be faithful to? So please don’t add the adultery tag back!

Enough of me chattering away, here’s Chapter 2 of Muted!

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