AWM & TSoG Status Update

Hi, all! Akarin here. AWM and TSoG followers may have noticed a lack of updates from me for some time. Basically, RL events and my full time job are to blame. I got a promotion but ended up with more responsibilities. While I find my work gratifying, having to endure constant cycles of failure has been tough; research is definitely 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So after reassessing my work-life balance, AWM has been transferred to teaser status and if anyone is interested in picking it up, please PM me on discord or leave a notice here. I apologize to everyone for having to drop it. Regarding TSoG, I haven’t given up. Ch. 4 was started a while back, and I will do my best to get something out this month.

  • AWM: teaser status (please PM if interested in pickup)
  • TSOG: ch.4 to resume this month. Hopefully with holidays coming up, I’ll have more downtime.

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