GDT Chapter 30

Hi everyone! I’M ALIVE!!!!

No, I did not drop the novel. Due to the pandemic and because I’m working in essential services, things were busy. I’m currently on leave, so let’s see if I can squeeze a few more chapters in.

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Now without further ado: Chapter 30!


GDT Chapter 27

Hi everyone,

Due to COVID-19, this post has been delayed for a very long time as my workplace is swamped and on the ground, so we’ve been handing out masks and sanitiser the past few months.

On this side note, the Huaishang novel Undead is a very poignant summation of our situation. Also hosted on BBTL XDXDXD.

A salute to us ordinary humans.

Thanks to everyone who had given me such support, and many thanks to @Empires for buying me 8 cups of coffee to power through!

Without further ado, Chapter 27!


GDT Chapter 25

Yay! Chapter 25! As a great teacher, Xie Yun brings Shan Chao to… a brothel?

Thanks to Quwu for editing!

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Also, fellow Huaishang novel Breaking Through the Clouds is hosting a giveaway here!


GDT Chapter 24

We now welcome the first chapter on BBTL since moving in! Yay! Welcome, readers old and new alike!

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Secondly, I am deliberating on whether or not to search out the locked chapters in JJWXC, especially the smut. Readers can give their support with comments below, and coffees above.

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