GDT Chapter 24

We now welcome the first chapter on BBTL since moving in! Yay! Welcome, readers old and new alike!

Now, I’d like to announce two things:

Firstly, I’m rescheduling the release schedule to 1 chapter every fortnight, pending revision. I will of course try to maintain a regular schedule, but it’s tough work. Readers can of course click Buy Me a Coffee at to buy me a coffee!

Secondly, I am deliberating on whether or not to search out the locked chapters in JJWXC, especially the smut. Readers can give their support with comments below, and coffees above.

Now, without further ado, click here to read the new chapter!

— Armaria

2 thoughts on “GDT Chapter 24

  1. Welcome to BBTL!
    Thank you so much for translating Green Dragon Totem <3 <3 <3
    This is one of the amazing worlds I love to read about. Something about the world building and character developments are just <3

    In regards to searching out for the locked chapters, it always feels more complete if I know for sure I've read everything… (if didn't know I wouldn't care that much lol)

    And a heads up that on the chapter itself, for some reason I can't comment on it… so here I am commenting on the update post instead of the chapter ^^;;

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