AWM Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

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The next day, Qi Zui, who was not playing in the duo competition, managed to fulfill his wish and get enough sleep.


By the time he woke up, it was already 11 o’clock. Qi Zui brought the physiotherapist who stayed in the hotel with him to have a meal together and bought some snacks from the 7-11 near the hotel along the way. After he returned to the hotel, Qi Zui switched on his laptop, connected to the Internet, and ate as he waited for the livestream.


There was still more than an hour before the competition started, and Qi Zui was bored, sitting around and playing with his phone, hesitating over whether he should call Yu Yang or not.


At this time, Yu Yang might still be in the lounge, and he probably had his phone with him.


However, harassing that child before the competition…He wasn’t sure if it would affect Yu Yang’s ability to play properly.


Qi Zui himself really, really, really wanted to contact Yu Yang.


Yesterday, Bu Nana and Lao Kai were scared off by Yu Yang and forgot that one of the condoms was stuck under the door, which successfully caused Yu Yang’s door to become stuck and unable to open.


There was just a narrow line of space between the doors of the hotel and the door frame. It was quite easy to pass a note, but this sort of thing… was a little too much, Bu Nana, who was born with a lot of strength had managed to jam more than half of the condom in, and when Yu Yang opened the door, the condom moved into the crack of the door and could not be pulled out completely.


But the other half was still outside the door, and Yu Yang and Qi Zui who were inside were helpless.


He could not forcefully open it either, but if they ruined the hotel facilities because of this… Yu Yang did not know how he should explain what happened to the organizing staff.


If Yu Yang and Bu Nana only had level one friction backstage after the game, because of this condom, their enmity had already been upgraded to level 10.


Their conflict had become something big.


Yu Yang cared about his face more than his life, he even wanted to climb out from the second floor, then enter through the main door of the hotel and pull that monstrous condom out but he was stopped by a shout from Qi Zui.


Aside from when Yu Yang went out to compete and stayed in hotels and accidentally saw those things, he had not even touched one before, and he was extremely embarrassed and angry, saying in a low voice, “It’s just the second floor, I won’t fall…”


“Putting aside the fact that the windows of this hotel cannot be opened at all, even if it could be opened, I won’t let you jump either…” Qi Zui really did not know what kind of simple and crude things were stored in Yu Yang’s mind. “Jump down from the second floor? Do you not want to live anymore or do you not want me to live?”


Yu Yang was feeling bashful and did not hear the implications in Qi Zui’s words, saying dully, “It’s only a few meters.”


“You…” Qi Zui was so angry he laughed, “If you jump from here, there will immediately be reports saying that you missed the Top Three for the solo competition and you’re in pain and wanted to commit suicide in Busan.”


Yu Yang’s face was red as he freaked out, “I don’t!”


“You do,” Qi Zui took out his phone to call He Xiaoxu. “If you get photographed now…The most they’ll say is that I’m unruly, I came to your room with bad intentions, and I had cooperated with Bu Nana and got him to send the condoms but was unsuccessful. I can accept this news for the time being… Hello? Can you come to Yu Yang’s room for a while, I forgot to wear a condom…Pei1! It’s not… just come here.”


He Xiaoxu did not understand what he said, he felt very troubled, worried that something happened to Qi Zui, bringing Lai Hua and the physiotherapist as well as a translator that had come along and walked over in a formidable way, after that…


Qi Zui held back his smile, considered for a moment, and did not bother Yu Yang.


The competition had yet to start. Qi Zui opened the forum in China to look at posts.


As expected, half of the posts were concerning Qi Zui.


Most of them were discussing Qi Zui’s wrist.


[Is the whole thing with Qi Zui’s hand fake? I haven’t heard of his hand injury. What’s he doing, wrapping it in so many bandages? Is this him drafting a response for his loss beforehand?]


[What sort of drama is this again? What happened with Drunk’s hand?]


[My God-Qi got the gold pot, are the faces of the haters who were coming up with conspiracy theories before the competition hurting2?]


[I don’t know why, but combined with God-Qi’s state for the past six months, I have some bad guesses… Forget it, forget it, I must have thought too much, God-Qi had said it when he was accepting the interview that it did not affect him much.]


[Including this year, Drunk has already played eSports for more than eight years, right? I don’t know why, but I regret hating on him in the past.]


[My God-Qi is the greatest hero in the world, my God-Qi is the greatest hero in the world, my God-Qi is the greatest hero in the world.]


[Are you guys done? I didn’t sleep the whole night last night, all that I was thinking about were the bandages on his hand, these two days, those that send hate to God-Qi, don’t blame us fans for going too far3.]


[Do you understand the truce during competition? Whether Qi Zui’s hand has any problems or not, at least he didn’t make you bow down and recognize a Korean as your father yesterday, during special periods, can we come together and face the outside world as one?]


Qi Zui chuckled and closed the forum.


The competition was about to begin, Qi Zui opened the livestream webpage for the competition, watching the Korean commentator for a while.


Qi Zui’s Korean was average, he could understand it, he could speak it, but he did not know how to write it out. He had no problem watching their livestream, but the Korean commentators were usually very biased and Qi Zui could not stand listening to it anymore and switched over to a Chinese commentator.


But because of the problem with rebroadcasting, there was a delay in the commentating in China and it was slower than the Korean’s by three minutes.


Qi Zui was concerned about the competition situation of his team, so how could he bring himself to wait three minutes.


In the spur of the moment, he made a decision that would cause He Xiaoxu to want to hit his head afterward…


Qi Zui gave a call to the person in charge of the live broadcasting platform that the HOG Team was signed to, after confirming that he was allowed to take away some of the audience from the livestream, he switched on his livestream, to rebroadcast and commentate on the competition.


Qi Zui downloaded the livestream assistant. His laptop was quite slow, and when he came back from a trip to the bathroom, the popularity of his livestream room had already exceeded five million and was still rising.


The barrage comments scrolled by too fast and Qi Zui switched off the barrage. The competition had already begun.


“There is a delay in the official rebroadcast in China, I started one myself, you guys can just do whatever you want, it’s fine to watch whichever livestream you prefer.”


Qi Zui ate his snacks as he said, “It’s the introduction for the competition right now, this Sumnida speaks too quickly and I can’t really hear it clearly, so my translation might not necessarily be right…”


“They’re discussing me.”


“There’s nothing much to translate, they’re blindly praising me4, listening to them makes me almost believe whatever they’re saying.”


“They’re still praising me.”


“They’re still praising…”


“…They’re starting rumors that I like this female celebrity in Korea…”


“She’s the ambassador for the drink I drank yesterday? I didn’t notice… He Xiaoxu passed it to me.”


“They’re still praising…”


The director moved the camera to the participants, Qi Zui put down his snacks, took a piece of tissue to clean his hands and said, “This is TGC’s Captain Zhou Feng, yesterday, he got third place in the solo competition… Mmhm, Mute Zhou lost to me again.”


“His playing yesterday was actually quite good, the main thing was that for the first two rounds, he lost too many points due to the Heaven’s Wrath circle. He could not manage to catch up in points afterward, I’ll say it as it is, he did lose out a bit.”


“This is a Sumnida person, I don’t recognize him.”


“This is someone from a Japanese eSports team, I don’t recognize them either.”


“This is a godly team from Thailand, their playstyle is very interesting, even more aggressive than Youth.”


“They’re different, Youth has a brain as he plays aggressively, they don’t.”


“This is a Sumnida team, this team is also very interesting, I had heard that they were total noobs5, but I did not think that they would be this bad, it was unexpected, really made people very surprised.”


“This is Hua Luo, his ranking yesterday, was it the fifth place or sixth place? That’s normal… Fourth place is Youth, he’s a ridge that your Brother-Hua cannot get across.”


“Why did the general manager come here? Did I mock people just now? I didn’t, right?”


The barrage comments were all laughing crazily. Qi Zui used his left hand to twist open the cap of the mineral water bottle, drank two mouthfuls, and nodded innocently, “OK, I’ll take note, goodbye general manager.”


The director turned the camera to HOG, first was Xin Ba.


Qi Zui put down the water bottle and coughed, “From a glance, one can tell that this slightly nervous player has great potential. This is the substitute player of our HOG team, mmhm, substitute for me… His strong point is actually squad matches, he had to take my place suddenly today, it’s quite difficult for him, hoping for a good result.”


The camera turned to Lao Kai.


“This is Kay from our team, let me help to clear his name a little, Lao Kai is not as weak as you guys think.”


“I don’t know if you’ve noticed his personal results or not, but if I didn’t remember the wrong thing, he’s always maintained top ten in the Korean server, and he often reaches the top, he rarely plays in the Asian server, so you guys might not see him much.”


“Lao Kai isn’t very eye-catching in squad matches normally. It’s not because he’s weak, it’s because of the team’s needs.”


“When you play squad matches, who stands floating high in every match, taking the risk of being shot like a bird to report numbers to everyone?”


“Who doesn’t loot after landing, holds a gun and hides on the roof to act as the scout? Who always prepares gas cans in their bags, preparing ammo that they might not even use?”


“All these sorts of inconspicuous things are done by Lao Kai.”


“Lao Kai and Bu Nana trained their duo matches for a very long time. There should be good results, I’m anticipating it a lot.”


The camera turned to Bu Nana.


“This is our team’s Banana, fragger. Let me clear his name as well, he’s not reckless, it’s because of the team’s needs.”


“When we are facing people head-on, he’s always the first to rush in, because he needs to help me judge the exact number of people in the opponent team and their position, to guarantee that I won’t die.”


“It’s not that he wants to do this, I requested it.”


“There’s no problem in me saying this… I even used him as a shield while I was in a gunfight with someone else before, what we need is to win, I won’t consider anything else.”


“He always played duo with me in the past, but recently, he’s been doing well with Lao Kai, I hope that there will be results.”


Qi Zui had acted mischievously for a long time just now, causing the managers from the livestream platform to be called over, now that he was suddenly properly commentating, everyone felt very uncomfortable, all of them asking God-Qi to continue mocking people and indicated that Qi Zui’s steadiness mixed in with some mischief was better than the official commentators by hundreds of thousands of times.


“The overall manager has said that I can’t ridicule, I can’t destroy the unity, I can’t destroy the friendships with our neighboring Asian countries,” Qi Zui glanced at the barrage. “The competition today is very official and very important, I’m hoping that everyone will not focus on other things and focus on the competition itself. The competitors have prepared for this competition for a very long time, I hope…”


The camera turned to Yu Yang.


“I hope, I hope…” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang, the bit of seriousness in his heart had already dissipated and he could not control the corners of his mouth from curving up, his tone became gentle unknowingly, “I hope…”


Qi Zui could not hold himself back and laughed softly.


How the fuck was he supposed to commentate while looking at Yu Yang?!


The barrage went crazy as everyone started to spam it.


[Hahahahaha Poison-Tongued-Qi, your tone is not right!]


[I’m begging you to please not laugh softly, I’m wearing headphones!!! I can’t take it!!!]


[What’s going on? Why can’t you mock people when it comes to this player? Continue!]





[Quickly introduce him! Who is this? Hahahahaha.]


[Don’t be like this God-Qi, I was boasting to people about how fucking good your commentating is, you can’t do this, in the future, if you become a commentator, what will you do if you meet a certain person and forget your lines?]


[Mock him, God-Qi! Continue!]


In the livestream camera, Yu Yang’s handsome face had no trace of a smile at all. His expression was indifferent, he looked down to check his computer accessories. After he had confirmed that there was no problem, he raised his gaze to glance at the camera in front of him, frowning slightly. He did not hide from it or greet it and moved his eyes to look at his monitor.


“This is…” Qi Zui took a deep breath, looking at Yu Yang in the camera, smiling as he said officially, “My Youth.”


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