AWM Chapter 40

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Chapter 40



In the evening, He Xiaoxu called Qi Zui.


No one picked up the first call, and Qi Zui only picked up the second call after a very long time.


Qi Zui gently breathed out, then asked impatiently after being quiet for a moment, “What’s the matter?”


He Xiaoxu was stunned and said, puzzled, “Didn’t you return home? What are you doing?!”


Qi Zui frowned, “Cut to the chase.”


The alarm bells in He Xiaoxu’s heart rang and he said seriously, “Qi Zui, where are you?”


Qi Zui laughed, “Why do I need to tell you? Did you forget? I’ve already retired, Manager He.”


“Even if you retired, you didn’t retire from the team, right?” He Xiaoxu warned, “You finally got a holiday with much difficulty, why aren’t you staying home and accompanying your parents, what did you go out to do?!”


Qi Zui said, “If you have something to say, say it, if you have nothing to say, I’m going to hang up.”


He Xiaoxu refused to give up, “Switch on your video camera, I want to see if you are doing something that is betraying God-Yang.”


Qi Zui directly hung up his phone.


He Xiaoxu was so angry that smoke was coming out of his head. He called him back, thankfully, this time, Qi Zui picked up instantly.


He Xiaoxu was helpless and said, “I wanted to ask you when you’re coming back. Your retirement documentary still lacks a bit of material and we need to film some things, but you don’t let us film at your house, so we can only continue to film the daily life of the team.”


“Monday or Tuesday, I’m not sure,” Qi Zui thought about it and said, “Nevermind, make it Tuesday.”


He Xiaoxu was still not at ease, “I feel that your voice is still not quite right, you didn’t go and look for some Princess pretty lady1, right?”


Qi Zui was so angry he laughed, “If I find a Princess… Can I get hard?”


“That’s true,” He Xiaoxu frowned, “Did you go and find a male escort2? It can’t be right… how can there be one more good-looking than our new Captain.”


Qi Zui was annoyed, “Have you finished?”


“I haven’t finished,” He Xiaoxu nagged, “Help me greet uncle and auntie, rest well, don’t go out and play right after you retired, drink less alcohol, don’t go clubbing, we agreed on Tuesday, come back earlier! The base is your house, we all love it! Think about your Youth, think about your keyboard, and your Banana…”


Qi Zui directly hung up.


He Xiaoxu kept his phone and went to the third floor to look for Yu Yang.


At eight p.m., Team One was either ordering takeaway or eating takeaway they were either on the first floor chatting and playing games, with only Yu Yang still at his seat, eating his takeaway as he practiced his gun skills in a custom server.


It was the same as when they were not on holiday.


“It’s still too early for the Global Invitational Cup, are you working a little too hard?” He Xiaoxu poured a cup of water for Yu Yang, “Take a rest and go chat with them.”


Yu Yang raised his gaze to look at He Xiaoxu.


He Xiaoxu felt awkward, “Alright, you really don’t like talking.”


Yu Yang thanked him and accepted the water, gulping down half a cup. He ate his takeaway as he asked, “Is something the matter?”


“Oh, yes, let me tell you. When we were filming the daily lives of the team before this, we finished making your short clip, the official blog will post it soon, you can repost it,” He Xiaoxu could not help but nag, “You can learn from Bu Nana as well. If you have nothing to do, you can post a few posts on your Weibo. Ever since you entered the team and created a Weibo, up till now you’ve only reposted posts from the team’s official Weibo, right?”


Yu Yang finished up the two takeaways and pulled out a tissue to clean his mouth. He threw the tissue paper and the disposable cutlery into the takeaway box and tied up the bag, shaking his head, “I’ve reposted Captain’s post before too.”


He Xiaoxu was determined to cultivate Yu Yang into the next celebrity player, how could he let him be so detached from the world? He advised, “Post some selfies or something, our marketing channels are so good. Combined with livestreaming and your performance during the Asian Invitational Cup, let’s build momentum…”


Yu Yang shook his head, “There’s no need, it’s a waste of time.”


He Xiaoxu could not do anything and could only smile, “Alright, watch your sleep schedule, don’t be too tired… remember to repost the Weibo post.”


Yu Yang agreed.


The main thing to train while using guns is muscle memory and the most simple and effective way is to continuously repeat a movement, but it is also the most boring.


But Yu Yang was able to persist and do it for a few hours, even more than ten hours a naturally hardworking player was surprised.


Yu Yang himself did not have any feelings about that, he had always been like this. It was like he was born able to bear more hardship than other people.


Lao Kai was the earliest to come upstairs after finishing dinner. He looked at Yu yang and shook his head. The scariest people in the professional circle was this sort of person— Having greater talent than you and yet was also more hardworking than you.


What made people despair more was that this person was just nineteen.


Lao Kai sighed and sat back into his seat, wearing his headphones and solo queuing to practice his gun skill.


At nine, He Xiaoxu came by again, and only then did Yu Yang remember that he had yet to repost the Weibo post and hurriedly reposted it.


Yu Yang did not really care about his Weibo. He did not know when it had happened, but he had suddenly had an increase of hundreds of thousands of fans. As soon as he posted the Weibo, there were instantly thousands of comments and reposts.


Yu Yang did not see the video himself, and after he reposted it, he closed the webpage and continued to open the game interface.


At ten, Yu Yang’s Weibo suddenly exploded and in half an hour the reposts and comments surpassed ten thousand.


At eleven, Bu Nana finished one game and looked through Weibo while resting, muttering, “My gosh… what is this?”


Yu Yang was still on the custom server, he continuously changed the gun attachments to get used to the feeling of using the gun.


Lao Kai also took off his headphones and slid over to Bu Nana’s side, “What’s the matter?”


After a few minutes, Lao Kai raised his head and said awkwardly, “Youth… you got a tattoo?”


Yu Yang raised his head and frowned, “How did you know?”


Bu Nana pointed at his phone awkwardly, “Your video… There’s a shot of you wearing a singlet, it was when you just woke up. It’s just a few frames and the room is dark. You actually can’t see anything clearly, but your fans…”


Lao Kai swallowed his saliva, “Your fans took out those few frames and increased the exposure and saw clearly… the letters on your shoulder…”


Yu Yang lowered his gaze and understood.


Yu Yang exited the game and opened his Weibo. He carefully watched the video once but could not see anything. He opened the comments and took a look, although the pictures in the comments were a little blurry, anyone could see clearly that Yu Yang has Qi Zui’s game ID tattooed on his right shoulder.


When he heard the news, He Xiaoxu hurriedly ran to the third floor and complained, “Why do these people have so much free time? They even analyzed it frame by frame… it’s all my fault, I just casually took a look and did not notice.”


Xin Ba raised his head, and after understanding what was going on, he grabbed his arm and clicked his tongue, “How painful must that be?”


Xin Ba laughed, then looked at He Xiaoxu’s serious expression, not understanding what was going on, “No… what’s wrong? We can’t have tattoos?”


“It’s not that you can’t,” He Xiaoxu had a headache, “It’s all my fault, I went to do other things just now. I did not think that I would need to control the comments on this sort of Weibo. I did not do anything about it for a while and there are all kinds of people saying things on the forum already.”


Yu Yang’s brows were tightly knitted together and he went on the forum.


Thanks to the domestic qualifier for the competition the last time, Yu Yang already knew how to navigate the forums.


[My gosh! Did anyone watch the new video on the HOG official Weibo page? I saw a surprising picture in the comments!]


[The tattoo and Youth’s shoulder, if those people exposing it aren’t wrong… that’s Drunk, right?]


[God-Yang has a tattoo of God-Qi’s ID on his body, what sort of thing is this?]


[Explosion!! The two male gods that I like seem to be serious!!!]


[It’s so cute I’m going crazy, I knew that there was something wrong with Qi Zui, that inhumane old rascal suddenly being so nice to someone!]


One hour before that, everyone was happy and celebrating in the forum.


But after a certain post came out, the direction of the discussion suddenly changed.


[According to the grapevine, Youth is actually God-Qi’s child bride.]


[Now that we’re talking about it, Youth has really never mentioned anything about his family, right? He came out to play eSports professionally from such a young age, did no one in his family stop him? Or is it… I don’t dare to think about it.]


[It’s too imaginative to say that he’s a child bride, right? Even if he is, can he make Youth get a tattoo? So many people that are calling this cute, doesn’t anyone feel that this is already too abusive?]


[If it’s true, then it’s definitely abuse. Yang3 is only nineteen this year, right? I don’t know when he got his tattoo, giving underage people a tattoo… I cannot accept it.]


[I suddenly feel that HOG is a little complicated.]


[Exciting, our eSports circle has moments when we are connected to the SM4 circle.]


[God-Qi is a little too scheming, right? I thought that Youth’s sudden appearance was a little strange, and it was one thing for him to take the place of Yu Qianxi, now, he directly succeeded the Captain position, based on seniority, it should be Bu Nana, right? What’s this? Is the child bride easier to be controlled?]


[Of course he’s easy to control, he even has Drunk’s ID tattooed on.]


[It seems like it was Bu Nana who didn’t want to be Captain, right? I don’t remember, but this thing about the tattoo is a little strange.]


[God-Qi is a little too much, right? I had originally believed that he’s a gentleman, yuck… disgusting.]


Yu Yang gritted his teeth and almost crushed his phone.


“I tattooed it myself… he only found out later,” Yu Yang ground his teeth together, “Let me post on Weibo.”


“Don’t do it first!” He Xiaoxu had more experience in dealing with this sort of thing, “Is there a use in you saying it? Do you have evidence?”\


Yu Yang stopped, he was so angry in his heart that he wanted to explode.


That child bride thing was obviously a joke! He had gone to get the tattoo on his own secretly, what do these things have to do with Qi Zui?!


Qi Zui had a lot of fans and also a lot of haters. He barely had any scandals, and so every time he did something, the haters and the keyboard warriors would comment a lot, Yu Yang refreshed the forum and these people had already begun to create rumors that he had been r*ped by Qi Zui.


All the photos Yu Yang took ever since he entered the team were found and sorted out and the trolls were full of energy, excitedly looking for all the other signs on Yu Yang’s body.


Yu Yang scolded in a low voice, “Fuck your mom…”


Bu Nana was looking at the forum and he pounded on the table angrily, “Are these people sick? Why do they believe everything the haters say!”


Bu Nana thought for a moment, “How about I post on Weibo? I can explain what happened a little.”


He Xiaoxu shook his head, “These people will only say that you are being controlled by Qi Zui and he forced you to post on Weibo… Nevermind, don’t make their posts more popular, they’ll talk about it for two days at most. The LoL5 competition season next door has already started. At that time, they’ll have enough topics to talk about and forget about this.”


How could Yu Yang endure it, “Captain he…”


“No matter what you say now, it’s no use. They might even say that your Weibo post was posted by Qi Zui,” He Xiaoxu was helpless and he grabbed at his hair and said, “Nevermind, I called Qi Zui just now and he had already switched off his phone and slept. He did not even see it. When he wakes up tomorrow and finds out, perhaps the popularity of the post would have already died down and his anger would be too late.”


He Xiaoxu smiled bitterly. Yesterday, during dinnertime, he had thought that Yu Yang was too low-key, now look at what happened, in a moment, everyone knew of his existence.


“Don’t respond, it’s better not to livestream these two days, if you really need to livestream, don’t mention this,” He Xiaoxu did not have a better method to deal with it and could only deal with it coldly. He looked towards Yu Yang who was so angry that his face was pale and sighed, “It’ll be fine after you get used to it. You aren’t the one in the wrong, the media department and I are responsible.”


Bu Nana knew that Yu Yang was troubled and he hurriedly comforted, “That’s right, what does it have to do with you? We all know the relationship between the Captain and you, ignore them.”


Lao Kai and Xin Ba also comforted Yu Yang. Yu Yang shook his head, he did not stay up late for once and went back to his room early.


Lao Kai sighed, “He’s not angry that people made rumors about him. He can’t stand those people saying bad things about Qi Zui, we really can’t convince him otherwise. Leave it.”


Yu Yang could not sleep for the whole night.


In the daytime, Yu Yang called the nearby hospital and inquired about removing the tattoo.


Yu Yang thought about it the whole night. The best method was to remove his tattoo, then show his shoulder during his livestream to clear things up and say that what they saw the last time was not a tattoo and was drawn on by a marker or something else. Anyway, it was just a joke and had nothing to do with Qi Zui.


When this whole situation passed, he would tattoo it on again.


The doctor warned Yu Yang, removing the tattoo was more painful than getting the tattoo. Yu Yang did not mind, but there was another problem.


To remove this tattoo completely, he needed at least five laser treatments.


Furthermore, every time, he would need to wait for the scab from the previous treatment to completely fall off before going for the next treatment. To completely remove it, it needed at least half a year.


How could Yu Yang afford to wait half a year?!


Yu Yang held the phone. A few times, he wanted to call Qi Zui, but he did not manage to call him each time.


Yu Yang did not know how to explain it to Qi Zui.


In Qi Zui’s house.


Yesterday, Qi Zui ate painkillers. After he ate dinner, he was so sleepy he could not open his eyes and he slept before nine. He slept early, and he woke up early. In the morning when he woke up, he charged his phone that had run out of battery. After he finished cleaning up, he returned to look at his phone and after being stunned for a while, he laughed.


“This situation is too fucking coincidental.”


Qi Zui smiled and pulled at the waistband of his exercise pants. He pulled it down slightly by two inches, showing the bandages that had a bit of blood on it.


Qi Zui removed the gauze, took a selfie, and sent it to Yu Yang.


In the HOG base, Yu Yang’s phone vibrated for a bit. Yu Yang opened it…


Qi Zui: If you’re the only one who got a tattoo and that’s abuse, then what if I have one too? Did you abuse me too?


Qi Zui: Something that both you and I wish to do, does it have anything to do with others?


The photo Qi Zui sent slowly loaded–


Yu Yang was stunned, there was a new tattoo on Qi Zui’s waist: Youth.


Yu Yang’s phone kept vibrating.


Qi Zui: Just continue practicing like you are supposed to. After my wound heals in two days, I’ll post a selfie on Weibo to clear things up.


Qi Zui: Originally, I wanted to tattoo it on my shoulder, but after thinking carefully, I can’t see it if I tattoo it there, so I decided against it.


Qi Zui: Is the tattoo nice?


Qi Zui: Do you like this location?


Qi Zui: Tch…


Qi Zui: I’m going to eat, I’ll call you after you wake up in the afternoon.


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