AWM Chapter 39

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Chapter 39



When Qi Zui came out of Yu Yang’s room, he just happened to run into Xie Chen, that gossipy man.


Qi Zui sneered, “Did you specially run over here to eavesdrop?”


Xie Chen laughed dryly, “I’m just worried that something would happen, alright? He…”


Qi Zui walked in the direction of his room, “It’s fine, everything’s quite good.”


Xie Chen was not at ease yet and continued to ask, “That medicine…”


“I wrapped it out and threw it.”


Xie Chen was dumbfounded, “You threw it? You directly went to him to take it from him?”


Qi Zui asked back, “What else should I do? Let him keep it, and let him use it impulsively one day?”


“Based on his temper, it really might happen,” Xie Chen said vaguely, “I just didn’t think that you could have so much self-control.”


“I didn’t want to,” Qi Zui said coolly, “The last time I didn’t want to… I didn’t control myself properly and separated from him for a year.”


“He definitely won’t break up with you anymore, I’m very sure about that,” Xie Chen was not sure whether Yu Yang still had any strange medicine in his hands and did not know whether he would still choose such simple and crude methods, so he could only continue to test Qi Zui, “You… Do you not know the effects of using that medicine?”


Qi Zui nodded his head.


How could he find out the effects of the medicine?


“It’ll give you a different kind of Youth,” Xie Chen lowered his voice and laughed, “Very soft, in terms of his voice, his temper, his body…”


Qi Zui’s brows scrunched up and he turned to look at Xie Chen.


Xie Chen felt uncomfortable in his heart, being stared at by Qi Zui like that. He swallowed his saliva, “What are you looking at me for?”


Qi Zui said coldly, “Don’t think of having sex with him, even if the two of us haven’t officially gotten back together, you don’t have a chance either.”


Xie Chen broke down, “I’m fucking straight!”


“You better be.”


Qi Zui glanced at Xie Chen as a warning and returned to his room, slamming the door.


Xie Chen touched his nose and smiled, thankfully, Qi Zui was a real gentleman.


Even if Yu Yang was still hiding other medicine, as long as Qi Zui did not cooperate, he would be unable to use it.


Xie Chen was now completely at ease and went downstairs.


The next day, Saturday.


Qi Zui promised his parents to make a trip home and he could not get out of it. After he woke up in the afternoon, he changed his clothes and took his car keys, preparing to go out.


Qi Zui had already retired now, and he did not need to tell anyone when he goes out. But he thought about it and still walked towards the training room… Even if there’s no need to ask for leave from He Xiaoxu, he had to tell Yu Yang, right?


In the training room on the third floor, Yu Qianxi’s original position was taken by Xin Ba. Xin Ba was quite happy, he woke up very early, touching this and feeling that, he even snatched the job of the cleaners and cleaned up the training room properly. Now, he had finally calmed down and was playing a squad match with the other people in Team One.


Qi Zui walked behind Yu Yang, pulling over his gaming chair over and sitting down.


Yu Yang instantly sat up straight.


After Qi Zui left last night, Yu Yang did not calm down for a long time.


The fact that he had bought Rush was found out by the person he liked and thrown away by him… no matter who it happened to, it was definitely an awkward situation.


Now, even when he caught a glimpse of Qi Zui from the corner of his eye, Yu Yang felt a little embarrassed.


The good thing was that Qi Zui did not say anything, and just took a look.


“You guys aren’t playing practice matches?”


Yu Yang shook his head, “We couldn’t find the number of people needed… We decided to just casually play squad matches in the American server.”


Qi Zui made a sound of acknowledgment and continued to look.


Yu Yang was on pins and needles and suddenly felt nervous, as if an invigilator of an exam was staring at his examination paper.


Qi Zui could see that he was uncomfortable and did not continue asking about practice, instead, he said in a low voice, “I’ll go out in a while and return home, I probably can’t come back today, I’ll return tomorrow or the day after.”


Yu Yang stuttered and nodded his head, “Alright…”


Bu Nana chuckled, running into the safe zone as he said, “Why do you need to report to Youth about your going home?”


“Pay attention to the N direction,” Yu Yang coughed and commanded, “Xin Ba, park the car into the garage, don’t leave the car here… it’s too eye-catching.”


The few of them entered the safe zone and stayed in one building, each of them responsible for looking in one direction, waiting for the other people to come up to them to deliver their crates to them.


Qi Zui glanced at the equipment of the few of them. Yu Yang had a M24 and a fifteen-times scope, he was obviously taking on the role of the sniper.


“You don’t seem to know how to use this sniper very much?”


Yu Yang nodded his head, “I rarely pick it up and I rarely practice with it. I’m fine with an eight-times scope but a fifteen-times scope… makes it hard to aim it and raise the gun.”


“It’s just an upgrade of the 98k,” Qi Zui moved slightly closer, “Doing flicks with a fifteen-times scope is too hard, remove the cheek pad first and scope in.”


Yu Yang did what he said.


“Don’t rely too much on attachments, you have to make do with whatever you manage to find during competitions. You need to be familiar with the feeling of different attachments…” Qi Zui raised his gaze, “Nana, drive a car towards P City and be a moving target for me.”


Bu Nana looked at Qi Zui in surprise, saying in disbelief, “What did you say?!”


“Quick,” Qi Zui frowned, “The safe zone is shrinking again soon.”


Bu Nana moved his in-game character downstairs, aggrieved as he got on the car and listened to Qi Zui’s words, and drove towards P City.


“Try it.”


Yu Yang held his breath, and his shot only managed to hit the car.


Qi Zui said, “It’s a pity…”


Bu Nana was angry, “A pity? Do you want to hit me? All I have is a level two helmet and a level two vest, one shot of his heavy sniper can shoot through me! If I die, will you few come back and revive me?”


“You’re so far away, how can they revive you?” Qi Zui instructed Bu Nana, “Drive back here, drive to the left and right, just do whatever you want.”


Yu Yang tried two shots again and they were not satisfactory.


“It’s still a matter of getting the feel for it,” Qi Zui stood up and placed his left hand on the table to support himself, leaning down slightly, “I don’t know the DPI of your mouse, let me try it…”


Qi Zui placed his hand on Yu Yang’s right hand.


Yu Yang: “!”


Qi Zui paid attention to Yu Yang’s reaction from the corner of his eyes and stacked his right hand on Yu Yang’s right hand… and shot.


With a bang, Bu Nana got knocked out with the sound.


Xin Ba could not help but exclaim, “Fucking brilliant! Hitting the head on a moving target!”


Lao Kai grinned then drove the car to revive Bu Nana.


Qi Zui let go of Yu Yang’s hand, “It’s this sort of feeling, lifting the gun and gun control relies on the feel, you’ll be able to do it after practicing more.”


Yu Yang moved his right hand and his fingers uneasily, stammering, “Okay, thank, thank you, Captain.”


Qi Zui carefully watched Yu Yang’s face, confirming that besides feeling shy, he did not have any big reaction.


Qi Zui let out a breath of relief.


Bu Nana, who had been revived, was full of negative energy. He raised his fat hand and looked at Qi Zui indignantly, “Coach, I want you to teach me like that too.”


Qi Zui chuckled and ignored him.


“I’ll leave first,” Qi Zui picked up his jacket that was placed by the side, “Continue your practice.”


Yu Yang raised his head to look at Qi Zui, feeling a little reluctant to part with him. However, because this game had yet to finish, he could only calm down and continue to command.


At the entrance of the training room, Qi Zui turned his head back to look.


The official team members of Team One had now become the four people in the training room.


Due to a strange combination of circumstances, Xin Ba had taken over Yu Qianxi’s original position, and Yu Yang, who was the youngest had taken over his position, officially accepting the command post.


Qi Zui leaned at the doorway of the training room, remembering the words that Xie Chen had said to him yesterday.


He said that Youth had two obsessions in his heart.


One was the happenings of his childhood, the second was Qi Zui.


Qi Zui rubbed his right wrist, suddenly feeling that he really did not treat Yu Yang well enough.


Putting himself in Yu Yang’s shoes, Qi Zui felt that it was acceptable no matter how much resentment Yu Yang had.


However, Yu Yang did not, he just quietly and naturally took over Qi Zui’s burden.


Like he had never wished to be in the same group as Qi Zui.


Qi Zui breathed out lightly and went downstairs.


Qi Zui sat in the garage for a long time, he estimated the time and waited till the game was almost over before he sent a WeChat message to Yu Yang.


Qi Zui: Are you against it?


Yu Yang: Are, are you talking about touching each other’s hands?


Qi Zui: Yep.


Yu Yang: No…


Qi Zui smiled.


Qi Zui: Don’t force yourself.


Yu Yang: No! It’s really… fine.


Qi Zui: Mm, I could feel it.


Yu Yang: Thank, thank you, Captain.


Qi Zui: What are you thanking me for?


Yu Yang: For teaching me how to control the spray of the gun…


Qi Zui: It’s a small matter, you’re the new Captain, and you’re also my successor, I can’t keep this sort of thing a secret anyway, bit by bit, I’ll teach you everything.


Yu Yang: There’s nothing that you should feel obligated to do, anyway… thank you.


Qi Zui pursed his lips, then continued to type.


Qi Zui: I know a lot more things, do you want to learn them?


Yu Yang: …Yes.


Qi Zui: You want to learn it in the same way as today?


Yu Yang: Yep…


Qi Zui: What about your lesson fees?


Yu Yang: I…I’m still saving up, I only bought two mobile phones this time, I didn’t randomly spend money. He Xiaoxu said that I’m the captain now, and he wants to increase my signing fees. From the next season onwards, my signing fees will be increased by a few times. So I still have one million this year, and including the prize money…


Qi Zui: …


Qi Zui: Enough, I’m not interested in your salary card.


Qi Zui felt helpless, why was it so hard to have an online romance without involving money?


He was trying to set up the mood, who wanted to talk about the signing fee…


Yu Yang was embarrassed: It’s a bit too little, right?


Qi Zui gritted his teeth and sighed… No matter how much money you give me, it’s not as good as you understanding me.


Qi Zui: Shut up.


Yu Yang: Sorry.


Qi Zui: I’m not scolding you… do you still want to learn?


Yu Yang: Yes…


Qi Zui: Next time… shall we try other things?


Qi Zui typed: I can teach you, but I won’t dictate it orally, it’s not clear to just describe it, I will touch your hand as well, is that acceptable?


Yu Yang: …Yes.


Qi Zui could not hold back his urge to laugh.


Yu Yang: You… can teach in whatever way you prefer…


Qi Zui: Based on what I’m used to?


Qi Zui smiled, God-Yang is still too young.


Qi Zui: When I’m teaching, I’m more used to sitting on your chair, you can sit on my leg and I’ll hold your hand and teach you.


Yu Yang did not reply for a long time.


He knew that Yu Yang’s face was definitely very red right now.


Yu Yang mumbled after a long time: I saw you teach others before, it wasn’t like that…


Qi Zui: I teach students according to their aptitude.


Yu Yang was completely speechless.


After a long while, Yu Yang finally replied: …I’ll listen to whatever you say.


Qi Zui laughed.


With significant progress, Qi Zui was in a good mood and drove home.


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