AWM Chapter 42

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Chapter 42



Lai Hua was currently worried about the matter of the new youth training system. He was so busy all day that he did not even have time to rest. As soon as he heard that bullshit topic, he slammed the door and left. Before he left, he even warned everyone to not look for him if they did not have any legitimate matters.


Yu Yang looked at Lai Hua’s back, speechless. He really hoped that Coach Lai would remember about him and bring him away as well.


Compared to participating in this meeting that made people blush and feel awkward, he would much rather participate in additional training.


Qi Zui nodded his head, satisfied, “Alright, the only person who’s still dealing with legitimate matters in the team has already left, we can continue.”


Lao Kai thought deeply and sighed, “How can a team without Coach Lai be good.”


“Oh, not bad, not bad, let’s let loose and have a proper discussion,” Bu Nana kindly carried two large bottles of mineral water over and poured some for everyone there. He also took the chance to grab two handfuls of melon seeds and gave each of them some. He said with a smile, “No need to be polite.”


Yu Yang: “…”


Xin Ba held the melon seeds given to him with two hands. He looked to the left and right nervously, not understanding why a proper high-level meeting suddenly became a tea party.


“Pooh!” He Xiaoxu fiercely spit out the melon seed shell, “I always get so angered by those haters every day! I checked and many of them are die-hard fans of other teams. They felt jealous after seeing how we ranked well in this competition and wanted to fish in troubled waters. I’ve also had enough, the members of the teams that they are fans of aren’t angry, I don’t know where they get the enthusiasm from.”


Bu Nana still felt scared, “If they find out about how Captain-Qi mocks Zhou Feng, Hua Luo and the rest in private, they might buy explosives and blow up our base.”


“They don’t know anything, they just randomly attack people online!” He Xiaoxu was so angry that smoke was coming out of the top of his head. “I carefully stopped it and covered it up, not wanting the matter between the two of you to be spread out so fast, but these people insist on finding fault. After this public relations matter, who knows how many wife fans we’ll lose again.”


Qi Zui himself did not care, but Bu Nana was eager to try, “It’s fine, you can lead them to become my fans.”


He Xiaoxu raised his eyelids and shook his head, “That’s impossible, no one is blind.”


Bu Nana exploded and stood up. Qi Zui frowned, “Are we discussing this or not?”


Bu Nana sat back down again and could not help but come up with a bad idea, “You can take a fully naked photo as fan-service, and you’ll be able to show it at the same time.”


“There’s no way for that to be approved, alright?” Lao Kai thought about it and said, “Don’t we need to film our daily lives? Do it the same way you did when you filmed Youth. Start filming from when you wake up in the morning, and pull down your pajama pants a little, you’ll naturally be able to film it, and it won’t seem very deliberate.”


Xin Ba tried to join in on the discussion and said with a small voice, “Film your physiotherapy? When I saw the masseuse massage Coach Lai’s waist for him, Coach Lai was only wearing a pair of underwear, I think it should be able to capture your tattoo.”


He Xiaoxu thought, “That’s alright, this is much more natural and we can even have the fans feel heartache for you… Qi Zui is your waist painful? Can I arrange a cupping and acupuncture service1 for you? Take care of your health?”


Qi Zui rejected it completely, “There’s no need, my waist is quite alright.”


He Xiaoxu was irritated, “Why do you not cooperate with our work? Isn’t it all for you? What’s wrong with doing some cupping?”


Qi Zui was very insistent for some unknown reason, “There’s no need, I train a lot normally, do you think I’m joking about my male dog waist2? There’s no need for cupping.”


Bu Nana looked at Qi Zui and then looked at Yu Yang. He understood the hidden meaning.


“Stop trying to persuade him, a virgin man like you won’t understand,” Bu Nana said, then covered his mouth and snickered in a very girly manner, “Aiya, God-Qi has too heavy a burden…”


Yu Yang was currently thinking about looking for the healing ointment that he had used when he had gotten a tattoo last time. When he heard those words, he looked towards Bu Nana and when his eyes met Bu Nana’s, he instantly understood what he was saying.


He Xiaoxu refused to give up, “I refuse to believe it. You sit in front of the computer all day, how can your waist not have any problems?”


“I really don’t,” Qi Zui ate a melon seed and even though they were separated by a long meeting table, he still had to flirt with his ex-boyfriend, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yu Yang.”


Yu Yang who had been called out of nowhere: “…”


Xin Ba who had been separated by an invisible hooligan glass into another dimension looked towards Yu Yang in a daze, “Why must we ask you? So… is Captain Qi’s waist good or not?”


Yu Yang’s ears instantly turned bright red.


“There’s… there’s a competition recently, and my first place in the Asian server seems to be getting challenged, I need to go get points.”


Yu Yang got up in a panic and escaped.


Qi Zui held back his laughter and continued to lower his head and eat melon seeds.


They talked about it for a while and felt that several plans were feasible. He Xiaoxu summed it up, “In any case, it must be natural and not deliberate. It’s better to not explicitly say the relationship between you and Youth. What’s wrong with saying that you two are good friends? Both of you have quite a lot of female fans, there’s no need to…”


Qi Zui nodded his head, “There have been rumors about the two of us for a few months. When I livestreamed, I asked him if he liked me or not. When he competes, he wears my uniform. We tattooed each other’s names on ourselves, but we know, we’re only friends?”


Lao Kai and Bu Nana collapsed in laughter.


He Xiaoxu had nothing to say after being verbally attacked like that. He confiscated the melon seeds that Qi Zui had yet to finish eating and scolded him as he left.


The first higher-up meeting for the season had somewhat ended. Qi Zui stood up and went to the training room.


As expected, Yu Yang was trying to rush to gain points. Qi Zui walked to his seat and saw a small bottle of ointment.


Below the ointment bottle, there was a piece of paper. On it was precautions to take after getting a tattoo.


Qi Zui turned his head to look at Yu Yang. He smiled, then kept the bottle of ointment and folded the note properly, placing it into the pocket of his team uniform.


Qi Zui switched on his computer. Due to the competition and his returning home, he had not touched this computer for a long time. There were a lot of update packages stacked up on the game client. While the game was updating, Qi Zui took his phone and flipped through the photos he had taken of his tattoo earlier on.


These were taken at home. Of course, they were for Yu Yang to see, so it was fine wherever they were taken. He did not reveal a lot, and the tattoo did not look like it was newly tattooed. It was clean and pretty.


It was a pity that he could not use these photos.


Qi Zui was contemplating whether he could endure the embarrassment and go for a cupping session or expose a picture of him waking up when he opened Yu Yang’s livestream out of habit.


As Qi Zui had expected, Yu Yang was livestreaming to make up for the amount of time he owed from the days they had been out for their competition.


Qi Zui decided to just not enter the game and focus on watching Yu Yang’s livestream.


Yu Yang was playing solo and had switched on his camera but not his microphone.


He had already been livestreaming for half an hour. His popularity was mostly stable, and there were barrage comments that continuously rolled by on his screen. Most of it was Yu Yang’s fans confessing to him, there were also some passers-by praising his skills, and there were also… haters and trolls that existed everywhere.


[Can you explain the matter about the child bride? Can you explain the matter about the child bride? Can you explain the matter about the child bride?]


[It’s rumored that God-Qi has tattooed words on your shoulder, is it true? Hahahaha, you’re really a child bride. Was he scared that you would run away?]


[Youth is streaming? Aren’t you going to explain? What did you tattoo on your shoulder? Do you have any other tattoo?]


[How does God-Qi treat you in private? Do you often have restricted play? Will the room manager ban me?]


[God-Qi is fucking good, having his small m take over as the team captain.]


[Is the tattoo painful? Did Qi Zui force you to tattoo it?]


Yu Yang’s livestream room manager was quickly banning accounts and muting people, but they could not prevent the haters from randomly changing to smaller accounts and returning. The fighting power of Yu Yang’s fans was also not bad. They scolded each other endlessly, and the whole livestream room seemed to have a smoky atmosphere, practically everyone was fighting.


Qi Zui turned his head to look towards Yu Yang.


Even though Yu Yang had switched on his barrage assistant, he seemed to not see anything and continued to play as normal.


He did not know if Yu Yang truly did not care or if he had gotten used to being scolded these few days.


Qi Zui had already told He Xiaoxu early on, from day one, that if the Internet was saying really bad things, He Xiaoxu could announce on the official Weibo and make the relationship between the two of them public to prevent Yu Yang from getting affected these few days.


He Xiaoxu said that Yu Yang said that it was fine.


Qi Zui looked at the barrage, expressionless, experiencing Yu Yang’s “It’s fine”.


Qi Zui’s phone vibrated. It was a message from He Xiaoxu.


He Xiaoxu: I’ve contacted people. The cameramen will come over at noon tomorrow. Let’s film you getting out of bed. I’ve told them already then they have to film it naturally and carelessly, it’s enough to show just half. Anyway, the fans will decode it so we should try our best to keep a low profile. After your documentary comes out, this matter will naturally pass. Staying calm for a moment will ensure everything is alright. Just don’t look at it and don’t listen to them.


Qi Zui replied: OK.


Qi Zui put down his phone. Looking at the barrage in Yu Yang’s livestream room that was full of foul language, he opened Weibo.


After a few minutes, the atmosphere in Yu Yang’s livestream room suddenly changed.


[My gosh!!! You two are really together?]


[Tears in my eyes, Youth, you must treat our God-Qi well. That tattoo looks very painful.]


[My face is read. God-Yang, it turns out that you’re even worse. Why did you tattoo it in such a place? Are you trying to prevent God-Qi from going out and messing around outside? Hahahahaha.]


[It’s a great reversal. I didn’t think that you were like this, God-Yang. Tattooing at such a place, what’s the difference between this and a small male dog patrolling its territory?]


[I exploded! I suddenly understand the charm of God-Yang’s ID. Now, when I see those characters, I feel that there’s a dirty meaning to it.]


Yu Yang frowned slightly and suddenly understood. He quickly closed the game client and opened Weibo.


The first Weibo on Yu Yang’s page–


Qi Zui had posted a selfie. In the photo, Qi Zui lazily looked at the camera and pulled up his shirt to bite on it. His pants were worn lower than usual and he exposed a bit of his underwear. Above it was a tattoo of a word that was thicker than the tattoo on Yu Yang’s shoulder.


Qi Zui’s Weibo words: He is the Youth engraved in my flesh and blood.


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  1. “My face is read. God-Yang, it turns out that you’re even worse.” I think it is meant to be ‘my face is red’? Thank you for the chapter!


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