AWM Chapter 48

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Chapter 48



It was the first time Qi Zui had acted in such a direct dirty way1 towards Yu Yang.


He had been used to Qi Zui’s gentlemanly way of treating him all this while. Now that he had been teased with such coarse words, Yu Yang’s heart was beating a little fast.


Yu Yang took a deep breath, feeling that her face was so hot that it was about to burn up.


They were all adult men, Yu Yang did not want to act innocent in front of Qi Zui and pretend that he did not understand what Qi Zui was saying.


He had even bought Rush before. How could he not understand what Qi Zui was saying?


“eSports…” Yu Yang’s Adam’s apple moved, trying his best to maintain a calm tone, “Do I need to check that… as an eSports player?”


Qi Zui shook his head and said quickly, “There’s no need for eSports players to check that… but you need to.”


Yu Yang raised his gaze.


“This is a personal request from the ex-Captain,” Qi Zui leaned forward slightly, a smile on his lips, “I want to know the exact location of your prostate, am I allowed to?”


Yu Yang’s strong and calm brain completely crashed.


Qi Zui said softly, “It’s very important for me to know what the location of that thing is.”


“Captain Yu,” Qi Zui let go of Yu Yang’s hand, controlling his smile as he said seriously, “Can you let me find it?”


Yu Yang could not stand it anymore, lowering his head and collapsing onto Qi Zui’s desk.


Yu Yang clenched his fist tightly. After a moment, he said stiffly, “No…”


Qi Zui could not help it and laughed loudly.


Yu Yang lay on Qi Zui’s desk for a long while before he finally calmed down. He slowly sat back up properly and raised his gaze, seeing Qi Zui sitting in front of Yu Yang’s computer.


Qi Zui tried not to laugh, “Are you alright now?”


Yu Yang was embarrassed. After a moment, he said in a low voice, “Not… right now.”


Qi Zui smiled.


Yu Yang regretted saying that extra sentence. He turned his head to the side and took a cigarette to hold in his mouth without lighting it.


Yu Yang practiced his gun skills for half an hour on a custom server in the morning. His computer was not switched off and Qi Zui had just touched the mouse and his computer unlocked.


Qi Zui lightly typed on the keyboard and said helplessly, “Does your computer not even have a password?”


Yu Yang hummed, biting on the cigarette and mumbling, “Troublesome…”


“That’s too automatic, though?” Qi Zui laughed, “I just touched it a little and all your accounts are automatically logged in.”


Yu Yang nodded his head, “I set it to connect automatically when the computer is switched on, to save time…”


“But…” Qi Zui sighed, “You only spent an hour to livestream in the morning, right? Your livestream account got connected to automatically…”


Yu Yang’s brain instantly became blank.


“Don’t worry, the livestream only started from the moment I sat down here,” Qi Zui instinctively made it full screen and looked towards the camera, not at all embarrassed. He tried not to laugh, “Your God-Yang didn’t start the stream, I touched his computer by accident when I sat down on his seat.”


Qi Zui opened the livestream assistant and felt his eyes ache due to the spamming of the barrage screen comments.


[Ah ah ah ah ah ah my God-Qi!!! God-Qi, you’re finally doing a livestream!!!]


[My gosh, I knew that there would be something interesting if I kept watching Youth’s livestream, Drunk actually appeared here ah ah ah…]


[Ah ah ah ah ah God-Qi!!! I love you to death ah ah ah ah…]


[This is the first time they’ve been in the same frame since they came out of the closet, right? Ah ah ah ah I can’t take it anymore.]


[They didn’t come out of the closet, right? Didn’t the manager of the team say that they were just friends?]


[Yes, they are just friends. Good friends that get tattoos of each other’s IDs and exchange their livestream rooms, hahahahahaha.]


[I saw Banana’s Weibo, isn’t HOG having their health checkup and a holiday? Why are you two at home?]




[What happened just now? What was God-Yang talking about when he said not now?]


[Confused +1, what is it that he can’t do now?]


[+2, what’s that that he can’t do now?]





Yu Yang could not stand it anymore. He walked over and switched off the livestream himself.


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang innocently, “I really didn’t do it on purpose this time. Your computer is too easy to access…”


Naturally, Yu Yang did not blame Qi Zui. He tried his best and opened his mouth, but could not say anything. His face was red as he went out to smoke.


Qi Zui held back his laughter so much that his stomach was hurting.


Qi Zui returned to his computer and switched on his livestream, which was a rare sight.


Yu Yang did not avoid Qi Zui’s touch just now and did not reject him too strongly when he was getting teased.


Yu Yang was slowly accepting Qi Zui.


Qi Zui’s mood was truly very good.


He wanted to find someone to talk to about this development.


Qi Zui had originally wanted to contact Hua Luo to tell him about this matter. However, he sent two messages and Hua Luo did not reply. When he sent the third message, Hua Luo had sent a voice message back angrily. Telling Qi Zui not to cause trouble and disturb the other teams’ training time.


Qi Zui typed: Why does a declining team have to train? Look at our team, we’re all on holiday. Everyone has run away.


Hua Luo: …


Hua Luo: The hell with declining. My team is going to rise again immediately, it’ll happen in a few moments.


Qi Zui: Stop training, go, gather all your people, including the logistics staff and everyone else.


Hua Luo: What for?


Qi Zui: I’ll tell you guys about the situation between Yu Yang and me.


Hua Luo: You’re crazy ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!


No matter how much Qi Zui tried to provoke him or trash talk him, Hua Luo did not respond to Qi Zui again.


Aside from Hua Luo who was occasionally very gossipy, the other people in their eSports circle would not talk about such random things with Qi Zui.


Ye Huo, Hai Xiao, and the rest were too young. He could not talk to them properly. Chatting with Zhou Feng… was practically like talking to a wall. Normally, Zhou Feng would not respond.




Very lonely.


The lonely Qi Zui started to livestream.


He did not believe that no one would be waiting for him to start a livestream after he caused such a big uproar in Yu Yang’s livestream room.


As expected, he had started the livestream for less than a minute when the fans that were waiting around in Yu Yang’s room and making a fuss instantly rushed to watch Qi Zui’s livestream.


Qi Zui got what he wanted.


On the balcony, Yu Yang was squatting by the flower bed, lowering his head and smoking.


There was a bit of wind today, causing Yu Yang’s yellow bangs to be a bit messy, making it hard to see the expression on his face.


But if one got close enough, they would be able to see that the corner of Yu Yang’s lips were slightly curved.


Yu Yang was secretly feeling very happy.


Qi Zui had been very close to him just now, but he did not feel very uncomfortable.


Qi Zui had pulled up his sleeve and touched his arm.


It was a step closer from just holding hands.


The truth was, when Yu Yang lost control, the two of them had an even closer interaction.


Qi Zui had hugged him.


Although it was to stop him and to make sure that he did not do anything foolish, that was indeed a hug.


Yu Yang’s anxiety was acting up at that time and his memory of those few minutes was not very clear. He even felt that Qi Zui might have kissed him at that time.


The past few days, Yu Yang was in a bad mood and did not think much about it. Now, he was feeling comforted and no longer in a bad mood, Yu Yang started to wonder if he was having hallucinations.


At that time, Qi Zui had hugged him from behind, but did he really kiss him?


Yu Yang had wanted to ask Qi Zui just now but felt too embarrassed to ask.


If it was true, it was a bit of an asshole move to forget such an important thing.


If it was false, then asking this question was like asking to be kissed?


The main issue was that Yu Yang was unable to deal with such a close-ranged interaction. In the end, they would not be able to kiss, and would instead cause both of them to feel troubled.


Yu Yang took a deep inhale of his cigarette. He still felt that… they had indeed kissed.


Yu Yang could not help but want to laugh. He scolded himself in a low voice and extinguished his cigarette in his mineral water, throwing it into the bin.


He had been too awkward today. He could not continue flirting today. Yu Yang decided to ask QI Zui to confirm his suspicions on another day when the atmosphere was good.


Yu Yang calmed down and returned to the training room.


Gun training depended on a lot of practice. He could not even relax for one day. After enjoying this half-a-day of flirting, he was already satisfied. One could not be too greedy. Yu Yang was planning on focusing and practicing for four to five hours and eat supper when everyone came back at night.


There were some small competitions recently, and after a few more months, there was a World League. Yu Yang was responsible for the glory of the whole team, and he did not dare to slack off for even a minute.


After he had adjusted his mental state, Captain Yu pushed the door of the training room open, his expression slowly becoming stiff.


“Yes, he bought this for me.”


“You guys want to eat this? You can buy it yourself. No one is going to queue up to buy it for you.”


“I didn’t ask him to go and buy it. He insisted on buying it for me…”


“Tattoo? Didn’t I post a photo already?”


“Why did I tattoo it on my abdomen… ask Youth, he likes that position.”


“Yep, there’s no one in the base now, they all went out to play. Why didn’t he go? Because I stayed in the base.”


“Yep, there’s an event on Saturday, I’ll probably be accompanying him there… he’s not very familiar with the other captains.”


“Yep, the main worry is that if he goes out alone, something bad will happen.”


“Why did he return to the base? You… you just entered the livestream, right? Nevermind, let me tell you again. Look at this qingtuan…”


The current captain Youth found it hard to breathe: “Captain…”


Qi Zui turned his head to look at Yu Yang, coughed, and placed the qingtuan in his hand onto the table and said vaguely, “Mm, nevermind, I’ll stop talking. Ask the other people here about it.”


Yu Yang lowered his head and rubbed his temples. He used his strong professional ethics to force himself to sit back in front of his computer.


While he was sitting down, he seemed to have stumbled once.


Yu Yang logged into the game, trying his best to stay calm and play solo matches on the Korean server.


From his left ear, he could hear the sounds of bullet spray from a high-level game, and from the right ear, he could hear Qi Zui broadcast every minor detail of the daily happenings between him and Qi Zui.


Yu Yang tried his best to endure it. He wanted to remove his earphones multiple times and correct Qi Zui, who was exaggerating things.


Yu Yang barely managed to play for two hours, and his points kept decreasing linearly, and he directly fell out of the top ten.


In another high-class clubhouse on the other end of the Huangpu river, Bu Nana was looking at his phone, a drunken look in his eyes, muttering, “Eh… Captain seems to be livestreaming?”


Xin Ba raised his head, “Which captain?”


“Captain-Qi,” Bu Nana burped, “His popularity is so high… what did he do this time? I thought we agreed that our whole team wouldn’t cause any trouble for this whole week…”


He Xiaoxu finished singing a song and elegantly put down his microphone, then, he picked up his phone.


After a few minutes, He Xiaoxu yelled into the microphone, full of despair, “Qi Zui, fuck you!!! Ah ah ah ah, why did I leave him at the base!!! Why can’t he stop for a day and quietly act like a normal human ah ah ah ah ah!!!”


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