AWM Chapter 47

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Chapter 47



Things concerning the case that did not require Yu Yang to make an appearance were all settled by He Xiaoxu and the lawyers. The whole HOG did not livestream, update their Weibo or make any trouble for a few days. They were all so quiet it was scary.


Thankfully, the misunderstanding that the fans had was very logical: Qi Zui had retired and the HOG team members had been greatly affected, with no mood to deal with such messy matters, and had all gone into closed-door training.


In the team, the person everyone was most worried about was obviously still Yu Yang, but to everyone’s surprise, after Yu Yang had a large crying session, he quickly recovered and returned to his original state.


What everyone found surprising was that the night that the incident had happened, when everyone had no mood to practice and was gathered together to talk in low voices, Yu Yang had appeared in the level three training room on time as usual.


Although his condition was obviously not very good and he made a few mistakes, but he did not even miss an hour of the practice he should have.


Bu Nana was so scared that he directly touched his chest, talking in a low voice to the others, “You guys are too inhumane. At this sort of time… can’t you let him take a few days off?”


He Xiaoxu knocked on Bu Nana’s head, “I’ve already told him! I told him that he doesn’t need to participate in training for these two days, but he disagreed. What can I do about that?”


Lao Kai sighed, “What sort of psychological strength does he have… is he like Captain Qi, are they both robots?”


Lai Hua’s family background was the worst among these young masters, he had also suffered for two years in his earlier years, so he could understand Yu Yang better. He said coldly, “What do you want him to do? Lock himself in his room? Hide under his blankets and cry? I’m sorry, we children from poor families aren’t as valuable as you lot, our lives are cheap, if we don’t work for a day, we’re basically waiting to die. We don’t have so much time to mope about.”


Xin Ba could not help but say, “Captain, you’re not at all poor now. You just bought a house in Jing An a year ago…”


Bu Nana teased in a small voice, “Also, you’re not a child anymore…”


Lai Hua’s angry gaze swept across the two of them and Xin Ba and Bu Nana instantly shut up.


Qi Zui lay by the side, quiet. He was often shocked by Yu Yang, just like the others.


It seems that no matter how much other people destroyed Yu Yang, he would be able to squeeze out from the cracks, quickly wrapping up his wounds and continued to move ahead without stopping.


He was born with a bad life and thus, he had no time to indulge in the pain.


He had suffered too much. If he tried to lick his wounds one by one, he might have to spend his whole life licking wounds.


“Go do whatever you’re supposed to do,” Qi Zui said mildly, “Someone with much higher talent that you guys doesn’t even dare to slack off, what are you guys doing?”


Lao Kai, who had the least natural talent, touched his aching face and he slowly walked off to train.


Qi Zui leaned on the doorway of the training room and looked at Yu Yang from afar.


It was not that Qi Zui had never thought about what Yu Yang had experienced in the past, but he had not thought that it would be so bad.


When Qi Zui had an inkling about Yu Yang’s past, Qi Zui had thought about how well he must treat Yu Yang to compensate for the pain he had suffered in the past.


At this moment, Qi Zui suddenly understood that he had been too arrogant.


Yu Yang did not need him to be partial towards him because of this.


Yu Yang’s heart was strong enough that he did not need anyone to care for his wounds, and he did not want anyone to take special care of him because of this.


He refused to use the suffering he had been through to gain benefits.


He did not need to be taken care of. He came to practice without resting for even a day simply because he had to be responsible to the team and himself.


The strong Yu Yang refused to have anyone pity him.


The case was being handled very smoothly. With He Xiaoxu taking care of it, Qi Zui felt very at ease.


A spark that had almost caused a fire had been extinguished internally by HOG without much noise being made.


When He Xiaoxu was helping Yu Yang sort out some stuff regarding the case, he had the opportunity to meet Xu Dawei and he helped Yu Yang pass on a message.


Qi Zui frowned, “What did Yu Yang say?”


“Youth said…” He Xiaoxu’s lips curved, “You didn’t manage to beat me to death in the past, do you regret it?”


Qi Zui was stunned for a moment before he felt very relieved.


Qi Zui smiled lightly, “What will we do if he ridicules people like this in the future when he brings the team to record the pre-competition video?”


“The ex-Captain is an expert at doing group ridicule. The new Captain just watches and learns,” He Xiaoxu smiled coldly, “That scum almost died of anger, serves him right… right, how’s Youth been these two days? Tomorrow, Team One has a health check-up, on Saturday, he has an event that he as to attend as the Captain, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”


Qi Zui was not sure, “There’s no problem for the health checkup, the event…let me take a look at the workflow, his condition is alright, but if the event’s activities are not very suitable, I’ll take his place, or I’ll accompany him there.”


“You can’t,” He Xiaoxu was very calculative, “Your appearance fee is very high, we can’t let the event organizers gain such benefits.”


Qi Zui ignored him completely, “It doesn’t matter, it took a lot for his condition to improve a little. Don’t take any risks.”


He Xiaoxu knew that he could not control Qi Zui. he shrugged helplessly, giving up on the topic.


He Xiaoxu shut the file. He had been nervous for a few days. Now that they were past the dangerous stage, he had regained an interest in gossip, “How’re things between you two?”


Qi Zui smiled but did not say a word.


“Tell me about it,” He Xiaoxu was full of complaints, “Lai Hua’s been busy with the youth training camp the whole time and he’s so busy that I can’t even find him. I can’t even find someone to chat with when I want to. Anyway, you have free time now…”


Even though Qi Zui had free time, he could not be bothered to gossip with He Xiaoxu. He asked, “How’s the youth trainees this time? How many people are there?”


“Eight, we’ve already decided on the people, and all we have to do is sign the contract,” He Xiaoxu sighed, “This time around, it’s two months long… I don’t know if we can even keep one.”


Qi Zui was not very optimistic. It was already lucky enough that they managed to keep Yu Yang from the last time. How could there be so many geniuses for them to pick from?


“Xin Ba is still lacking in many ways. There isn’t anyone else that can be used in Team Two, Lao Lai is a little anxious,” He Xiaoxu sighed, “There aren’t enough talented young people to go around.”


Qi Zui thought for a moment before he said, “How about you have him focus on the youth training camp, I’ll lead Team One temporarily.”


“No,” He Xiaoxu rejected the request without even thinking, “Let’s not talk about skill level. Lao Lai can control people, the team members are all scared of him. What about you? Can you bring yourself to be harsh and scold Youth?”


Qi Zui chuckled, “He’s doing well, why would I need to scold him?”


“What about mistakes during the practice match? I often hear Lao Lai lecturing him,” He Xiaoxu refused to give any leeway, “No one can control you if you are willing to help with extra practice. I would encourage it, but you can’t really take over. It’s not good for the management of the team. After Youth has recovered to his previous condition, he needs to come and watch over the youth trainees as well. He’s the captain now and he needs to help in picking.”


He still had to listen to He Xiaoxu about matters concerning the management of the team. Qi Zui nodded his head, “I’ll go upstairs first.”


“Don’t! We’re talking about official matters for once! Talk about the relationship between the two of you!”


Qi Zui felt unhappy about not being able to take over as Yu Yang’s coach and could not be bothered with him, turning to go upstairs.


On the second day, they needed to do the routine health check-up for this season. As he was scared that their liver function data would be bad, they ended the training early that night and He Xiaoxu refused to let anyone do extra practice, chasing all of them back to their rooms.


The next day, besides Qi Zui who had a private doctor, everyone woke up early. They did not even eat their breakfast before they were dragged for their health check-up while continuously yawning.


On the car, Bu Nana’s eyes were blurry with sleep as he muttered, “Can’t we just skip the health check-up? We just did a check-up before the start of this year. I’m quite healthy…”


He Xiaoxu rolled his eyes at Bu Nana, “You don’t have any problems with the fat percentage in your blood?”


“There’s no problem!” Bu Nana yelled unhappily, “Every time we have a health check-up, you need to emphasize my weight, aren’t you sick of it yet!”


Yu Yang turned his head to look at Bu Nana, “Every time?”


“Once every season… There’s no other team that checks as often as ours,” Lao Kai shook his head and sighed, “Manager He and Captain-Qi set this rule. We must do a check-up. People that understand know that it’s because they are worried that we work too hard and there might be a problem with our body. Those that don’t understand…”


Bu Nana said jokingly, “Will think that we are a bunch of male prostitutes. Getting dragged to health check-ups so often, I always feel that the uncle in the villa next door looks at me with a dirty gaze! Really, it’s been so many years, does he still think that Banana is my stage name, Shanghai’s famous gay, Ba Nana1 of the Shanghai nightlife!”


Yu Yang was in a daze. When he heard those words, he choked and started to cough.


Yu Yang instinctively wanted to take a bottle of mineral water. Xin Ba stopped him.


Xin Ba smiled, “We aren’t allowed to drink water now.”


Yu Yang came back to his senses. He had forgotten about it.



Bu Nana saw that Yu Yang’s face had a smile and shook his stomach, satisfied.


“If I don’t force you guys to go, would the few of you go and get a check-up properly?” He Xiaoxu nagged, “Every day, the fruits need to be washed and cut and put to your mouths before you few would eat it. Every day, all of you stay up late, and only want to eat barbecue crayfish. If we don’t do check-ups often, who would know what sort of health problems the few of you have?! Wasn’t Lao Kai found to be short of calcium last time? If you don’t take care of your health while you’re young, what will you do if you get osteoporosis when you are older?! How can I inform…”


He Xiaoxu had originally wanted to say ‘inform your parents’, but because Yu Yang was there, he changed what he wanted to say and said, “How can I take responsibility for you few? I’m bringing you out to walk but you aren’t happy… fine, take half a day off, after you finish your health check-up, you can go do whatever you want to do. It’s fine as long as you return to the base before nine at night.”


Everyone cheered.


Yu Yang lowered his gaze, smiling gently.


HOG was really very good.


The hospital they went to was a private hospital they were familiar with. After getting a thorough check, the results came out not long after.


Everyone’s data was not bad, only Lai Hua still had slightly high blood pressure, but it was not bad till the extent of having to take medicine. However, he needed to watch his diet and habits. He Xiaoxu accompanied Lai Hua to listen to the doctor’s teachings while the others went off to do their own things separately.


Yu Yang rejected the invitation of the others politely, following the team car to return to base.


Qi Zui was not here, and he did not have anything to shop for, so he wanted to return to the base quickly to train.


On the way back, Yu Yang had the driver stop the car and he went to queue for more than half an hour alone to buy a few boxes of qingtuan2.


He had overheard Qi Zui and Bu Nana talking about this store that was popular on the Internet yesterday, and when he understood what Qi Zui meant, it was probably that he liked to eat it, but he was too lazy to go and queue up.


He happened to have the time.


After they returned to the base, Yu Yang went upstairs. He looked around and realized it was empty before he realized… today, only Qi Zui and him were at the base.


The employees were all on leave today.


It was just two in the afternoon today and Yu Yang was not sure if Qi Zui had woken up yet. He walked upstairs, trying to make as little noise as possible when he heard the keyboard sounds from the training room.


Qi Zui was using his small account to play solo matches.


“You’re back?” Qi Zui exited the game, “Where are the others?”


Yu Yang hesitantly placed the qingtuan onto Qi Zui’s table, “Manager He gave us a day off, they went to play.”


Qi Zui looked at the qingtuan on the table, the corner of his mouth naturally curved upwards, “Why didn’t you go?”


Qi Zui was scared that Yu Yang was worried that he had no money and said, “Your card has money, I transferred thirty thousand to you.”


“I don’t want to go out to play,” Yu Yang said in a small voice, “You… Do you like to eat this?”


Qi Zui’s heart felt warm.


“I like it. I didn’t even eat a proper lunch,” Qi Zui picked one up and passed it to Yu Yang after opening it, “How long did you queue for?”


“Only a few minutes,” Yu Yang stood properly, accepting the qingtuan and lowered his head to take a bite before he mumbled, “Not… Not bad.”


How could he only have queued for a few minutes?


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s lips that were slightly white due to his low blood sugar level and took a deep breath.


The day, the location, and the person were all suitable. Qi Zui did not want to act like a human anymore.


“Sit, let me pour you some water,” Qi Zui stood up, “How were the results of your health check-up?”


Yu Yang felt a little awkward sitting on Qi Zui’s gaming chair. He said in a low voice, “Not bad.”


Qi Zui passed the hot water to Yu Yang, “Not bad? What did they check?”


He was just talking rubbish. All the parts of the physical examination were requested by Qi Zui. How could he not know?


“I’ve forgotten. Something about the blood?” Yu Yang tried his best to remember, “They drew our blood… blood pressure, and something else. I think they checked the trace elements… I can’t really remember.”


Qi Zui took advantage of that moment to hold Yu Yang’s left hand and asked in a low voice, “They drew blood from your left hand?”


Yu Yang nodded.


Qi Zui acted casual and managed to roll up the sleeve of Yu Yang’s sweater.


Qi Zui looked at the needle wound on Yu Yang’s arm. “Was it painful?”


It was not like he was a child, why would he be scared of that little bit of pain? The reason why Qi Zui insisted on asking was that…


Yu Yang’s ears slowly turned red.


The corner of Qi Zui’s mouth slowly curved up and he did not let go of Yu Yang, repeating, “I’m asking you. Was it painful?”


Yu Yang lowered his head awkwardly, “It isn’t painful…”


“How can you endure it?” Qi Zui smiled slightly, “I dislike getting my blood drawn, I feel that it’s painful… What else did they check?”


Yu Yang’s voice became softer and softer, “Urine test…”


Qi Zui smiled, “Did they do it privately away from other people?”


Yu Yang’s cheeks turned red, “The hospital, the hospital’s bathrooms are all cubicles, it’s separated from others…”


Qi Zui smiled, “What else did they check?”


Yu Yang’s thoughts were a mess and he really could not remember, so he said in confusion, “The protein in the urine? I don’t really know… The doctor said I am quite healthy…”


“They dared to say you are healthy after checking so little?” Qi Zui was completely acting like an animal. He whistled softly, “Did they do a finger check? To check your prostate?”


Yu Yang was stunned, his cheeks turning bright red.


Qi Zui’s ears were also slightly red. He smiled and looked at Yu Yang, asking in a low voice, “If they didn’t check that, should I help them check it?”


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