AWM Chapter 53

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Chapter 53



Qi Zui’s eyes lit up in an instant.


Yu Yang had definitely not come here to say those words, and Qi Zui understood that Yu Yang had suddenly mentioned this to comfort Qi Zui.


However, Youth had delivered himself to Qi Zui and it was wrong if Qi Zui simply let him off like that.


He could not affect the little Captain’s enthusiasm and bravery towards continuing his treatment.


Qi Zui put down his phone and tried not to smile as he said gently, “What do you want to practice today?”


Yu Yang sat down stiffly, his neck straight, “You… You can choose…”


Qi Zui smiled, “Don’t be so nervous, are you getting tortured?”


“Are you hungry?” Qi Zui stood up, his tone relaxed, “It’s almost twelve, have you ordered takeout?”


Yu Yang nodded his head, “I was hungry, I’ve already ordered…”


Qi Zui took out a small plain box from the cupboard and after he opened it, he poured out a piece of sweet and put it on his palm, walking over.


“From now on, don’t wait, order takeout when Bu Nana and the rest are ordering supper. Your lip color is a little light, your blood sugar is low.”


Yu Yang agreed and relaxed a little.


“Have a sweet.”


Qi Zui stood in front of Yu Yang and passed the sweet to Yu Yang. Yu Yang raised his hand and wanted to take it but Qi Zui avoided his hand.


There was a smile in Qi Zui’s eyes and he unfolded his right hand and placed it by Yu Yang’s mouth.


In the palm of the Right Hand of God, there was a piece of circular and transparent fruit candy.


Yu Yang understood and his face turned red.


The corner of Qi Zui’s lips curved upwards and he smiled as he said softly, “Will you eat it?”


Yu Yang: “… I’ll eat it.”




Yu Yang grabbed onto his hair and struggled a little. He wanted to disregard the time and place and ask Qi Zui if he could go out to smoke a cigarette and calm down.


Qi Zui did not hurry him or ask him any questions. He simply quietly opened his hands and smiled as he looked at Yu Yang.


Yu Yang took a deep breath and lowered his head slightly.


Qi Zui lowered his head and looked at Yu Yang, then felt a warmth on his palm.


Yu Yang drank very little water and he smoked, so his lips were always a little dry.


But they were not rough, when he took the candy from Qi Zui’s palm, his slightly dry lips rubbed against the skin of Qi Zui’s palm and Qi Zui’s gaze suddenly changed.


Qi Zui coughed, his ears turned red.


Yu Yang leaned back onto the small sofa quickly, his two cheeks were extremely red and he turned his head to the side, nervously crushing the candy between his teeth.


Qi Zui carefully watched Yu Yang’s face and felt that Yu Yang was still able to accept what had happened.


Qi Zui asked, “Is it sweet?”


Yu Yang swallowed the sweet that he had crushed into very small pieces and said stiffly, “Sweet.”


The truth was, because he was too nervous, Yu Yang could not taste the sweet at all.


Qi Zui gently clenched his right hand. He kept feeling like his palm was itchy.


Suddenly, the room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.


Yu Yang whispered, “Do you… have more?”


Qi Zui said, “I have more.”


Qi Zui turned around and took the whole box of sweets over, passing it to Yu Yang.


Yu Yang: “…”


Yu Yang seemed to want to say something but stopped himself. He held onto the box of sweets, and he was holding himself back so much that even his forehead turned red.


Qi Zui could not help but laugh.


Qi Zui said, “Let’s take it step-by-step.”


Yu Yang’s voice was extremely soft, “I, I can take it.”


Qi Zui sighed, “I’m the one who can’t take it anymore.”


Yu Yang was stunned and quickly turned away, feeling so awkward that he did not know what to do.


Qi Zui lowered his gaze and looked down at Yu Yang, laughing in a low voice, “Don’t tease me, you don’t know what I’m thinking about, and I don’t want your illness to relapse either, let’s stop here for today.”


Yu Yang took a deep breath, he was quite thick-skinned for once, “What… are you thinking about?”


Qi Zui laughed.


Qi Zui leaned on the desk at the side, looking at Yu Yang quietly.


“I want to tear off your belt and tie up your wrists with it. Then, I want to pull open the zipper of your pants and remove the top of your team uniform, then pull up the T-shirt inside and have you bite on the shirt to hold it up,” Qi Zui spoke quickly, “That way, it’ll be more convenient for me to do what I want to do next. Captain-Yu, are you sure you want to continue listening?”


Yu Yang’s whole face was red and he stumbled out of Qi Zui’s room, flustered.


On the other hand, Qi Zui went to take a cold shower, expressionless.


For the next few days, Yu Yang did not dare to look for Qi Zui.


When He Xiaoxu came back from his holiday, he keenly felt the subtle changes between them.


“Tell me,” He Xiaoxu stopped Qi Zui from leaving the lounge and said, full of righteousness, “What did you do to Youth?!”


Qi Zui was slowly walking on the treadmill, numb, not even wanting to say a word.


Lai Hua had asked him the same thing two days ago. Bu Nana had asked him yesterday, Lao Kai and He Xiaoxu had both come to ask him today, Xin Ba… he probably doesn’t have the guts right now.


He Xiaoxu was extremely gossipy, “Tell me, tell me! I even brought presents for you two! We’re all close friends, why are you like this?”


Qi Zui said mildly, “Thank you for your well-thought-out mangoes. There are over three hundred fruits, but I’m only allergic to mangoes. It must be very difficult for you to remember that so clearly.”


He Xiaoxu felt embarrassed, “Is… Is that so? I’ve always thought that you were allergic to pineapples.”


“That’s Bu Nana,” When he talked about this, Qi Zui frowned, “Is he allergic to anything? Be careful.”


“Nope, Youth eats everything, the amount he eats is as much as the rest of Team One combined,” He Xiaoxu looked Qi Zui up and down, “He’s only allergic to you, right?”


Qi Zui continued to walk slowly, his expression cold.


“Tell me, tell me!” He Xiaoxu was very anxious, “What stage are you two at?! Why is the atmosphere around you two so ambiguous now? Aiyo, tell me!”


These two days, Qi Zui had not even held Yu Yang’s hands once, but he was being doubted by the entire Team One. He felt mentally tired, so he picked up his thermos and left.


He Xiaoxu gritted his teeth, “You took advantage of him but you refuse to talk about it, what kind of person are you…”


Qi Zui smiled coldly.


Yu Yang’s face turned red as soon as Qi Zui got close these two days. If he got even closer, Yu Yang would make a detour to avoid him. Qi Zui did not know how he took advantage of Yu Yang.


At night, after their training ended, Qi Zui lay in wait, blocking the third-floor hallway. He Xiaoxu, who was very gossipy, was standing at his room door, using the peephole to sneakily watch.


He Xiaoxu felt that Qi Zui was like a hooligan. He faced Yu Yang heads-on and stood in front of the hostel room that had a sign with Youth’s name written on it. When Yu Yang walked to the left, he would walk to the left too, when Yu Yang walked to the right, he would walk to the right too.


He Xiaoxu watched as that old beast pulled on Yu Yang’s hand, half-forcefully, and pulled Yu Yang into his room.


“Eh…” He Xiaoxu could not bring himself to look, “Old beast…”


The next day, Yu Yang no longer avoided Qi Zui.


It was from that day onwards that Yu Yang would always go to Qi Zui’s hostel first after the training ended every night.


He Xiaoxu could not bear to watch his trump card getting bullied and went to question Qi Zui again.


“He’s willing,” Qi Zui was calm, “Anyway, stop letting your imagination run wild about the two of us. I’m not a beast, and I didn’t do anything I’m not supposed to do.”


He Xiaoxu looked at Qi Zui disdainfully, “You dare to say that? He’s so tired after his additional training every night, but he still needs to go to your room!”


Qi Zui could not be bothered with him, “It’s just some fun between a couple, what do you know…”


“I’m being serious, don’t waste too much of his time. Don’t you see how he is unable to gain weight even though he eats so much all day?” He Xiaoxu complained, “There are two groups under our official team Weibo. The Qi Zui’s wife fans keep asking me to find a job for you, or to ask you to livestream. Youth’s older sister fans keep scolding me, saying that I’m using child labor, and I don’t feed him properly, am I not being wronged?”


Qi Zui chuckled.


He Xiaoxu patted the table, “Let’s be serious. I found a job for you, the other party begged me to ask you to help out. I’ve already agreed, let me tell you…”


After he sent He Xiaoxu away, Qi Zui went to the training room.


It was just one in the afternoon. The others were either still asleep or were eating breakfast. Only Yu Yang was practicing and livestreaming.


Qi Zui had just gotten close to Yu Yang, with only the corner of his shirt entering the camera frame when Yu Yang’s livestream room exploded.


Yu Yang raised his head, his face turning slightly red and he lowered his voice, “I… I’m livestreaming.”


“I know, I’m not saying anything,” Qi Zui moved away slightly and left the camera frame. He looked at the application form on Yu Yang’s desktop, “What are you doing?”


“Training,” Yu Yang said in a low voice, “The DW competition, it’s an offline competition in Shanghai. I’ve signed everyone up… Although it’s a small competition, the four of us have yet to compete together before, I want to try it out.”


Qi Zui: “…”


Yu Yang raised his head, “Is something the matter?”


Yu Yang did not really understand the detailed rules of HOG. He said, “Could it be… that I can’t make such decisions?”


“You’re the Captain, you have the final say in everything concerning our team, it’s always been like that. That isn’t the problem, the main thing is…” Qi Zui looked at the application form that Yu Yang had already submitted, his gaze complicated, “What should I do? He Xiaoxu just gave me a job.”


Yu Yang: “…”


Yu Yang had a guess in his heart that was not very good, he had a glimmer of hope left as he stammered out, “It’s, it’s…”


“Game commentary,” Qi Zui suppressed a smile, “For DW.”


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