AWM Chapter 54

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Chapter 54



He Xiaoxu felt his heart rate fluctuate. He looked at Qi Zui and Yu Yang numbly, suddenly wanting to resign.


He, He Xiaoxu, a good student that graduated from an economics and management course in a 211 university1, he was young with a bright future, he could be doing something to help society. Why was he wasting his youth, to let himself go along with all the ups and downs in the base, relying on drinking calming liquid every day to continue living.


The former Captain took the initiative and assumed responsibility, “Nevermind, consider it my fault, I’ll think of how to deal with this…”


The new Captain hurried to take some responsibility, “It’s me, I, I should have discussed it with you beforehand.”


The former Captain smiled, “What does it have to do with you? There’s nothing wrong with you bringing your team to competitions…”


The new Captain shook his head, “It’s my fault for my lack of experience…”


“It’s neither of your faults! It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault, alright?!!” He Xiaoxu broke down, “Qi Zui, swear to me! Swear that you will commentate normally! That you won’t make trouble! Swear! Swear on Bu Nana’s life!!!”


Bu Nana, who had just finished eating and came upstairs looked at the three people in the training room suspiciously, “What are you few talking about?”


Yu Yang felt awkward and explained.


Bu Nana was very angry, “What does it have to do with me? Don’t you normally use your ex-boyfriend’s life for this sort of thing where you swear on someone’s life?!”


Yu Yang: “…”


Qi Zui looked at Bu Nana with a gentle smile, “Nana, what did you just say? Do you want to repeat it?”


Bu Nana broke out in cold sweat for no reason. He carefully walked with his back very close to the wall, heading towards his seat. Then, he said in a small voice, “Otherwise… We could ask Qi Zui to find someone to replace him? To be honest… I don’t want to hear this old beast commentate our competition…”


“What do you mean?” Qi Zui raised an eyebrow, “It’s one thing for there to be criticism outside, the people in the team should at least recognize my commentating abilities right?”


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang. Yu Yang quietly swallowed, “We recognize it…”


It was very much against his will.


Only Yu Yang supported him on the surface. After a moment, Lao Kai and Xin Ba who came upstairs hugged their heads and yelped when they heard the news. It was obvious that they were against Qi Zui being a commentator at their competition.


The fickleness of the world.


Qi Zui turned his head to look at He Xiaoxu, “Did you hear that? You found me a job that no one is looking forward to, even my team doesn’t want me to go…”


He Xiaoxu screamed, “I’ve been holding back these few days! Even when I visit home, I can’t be happy! I want you to go and mock those teams! So what?!”


“That’s right,” Qi Zui looked at Lao Kai and Xin Ba, “What’s wrong? Why are you two acting in such an extreme manner? The two of you are lacking in talent, and aren’t very hardworking either. The only advantage the two of you have is that you’re stable enough, with a strong heart, why are you acting so delicate now?”


Lao Kai and Xin Ba fell into a state of depression.


Qi Zui was immoral but he was not self-aware. He looked at He Xiaoxu, “Did I ridicule him just now?”


He Xiaoxu held onto the wall with much difficulty, “Nevermind, let me think of another method, it’s almost two, you few can start practicing first, don’t let this affect your work…”


Team One started their normal training, and in the time they were waiting for the practice match to start, Yu Yang sent Qi Zui a message on steam2.


Youth: It’s not that I don’t want you to go…


Drunk: I couldn’t tell.


Youth: You’re…angry?


Drunk: Pft, no way.


Youth: If you commentate, I’m worried that I won’t be able to play properly.


Drunk: ?


Youth: …I’ll only be able to think about you.


Qi Zui looked at their message history and suddenly, he was in a good mood.


Qi Zui was about to reply when his phone vibrated. Qi Zui’s mother had sent a message to Qi Zui. Qi Zui left the training room to make a phone call.


Qi Zui asked, “Are there new updates on the house?”


Qi Zui’s mother said, “Yep, I have a son of a classmate who’s about to get married and wants to buy that house.”


“You really make me proud,” Qi Zui’s mother said mildly, “That child is the same age as you, he’s buying a house, while you’re selling a house.”


Qi Zui could not hold back and laughed.


Qi Zui’s mother said coldly, “Not bad, at least you’re optimistic.”


“No,” Qi Zui smiled, “I truly made you proud in front of your classmate. His son is the same age as me… right? He only bought a house this year? Let’s see…”


Qi Zui thought for a moment before he remembered. He said modestly, “I bought that house when I was twenty.”


Qi Zui’s mother: “…”


“I’m not here to reminisce about the past with you,” Qi Zui’s mother was slightly impatient, “I’ve already helped you discuss the price. I’m too embarrassed to bargain for you, I just agreed because it’s an appropriate price. If you have nothing to do, come over and deal with the formalities.”


Qi Zui agreed, “Alright, thank you.”


Qi Zui’s mother, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now…”


“Wait,” Qi Zui smiled, “I’ll need to trouble you for something else.”


“What’s the matter?” Qi Zui’s mother stabbed a knife in Qi Zui’s heart with kindness, “Are you still lacking money? Do you want me to help you sell your other house too?”


Qi Zui walked out, “Help me check if there’s any suitable small house. It doesn’t need to be big as long as the location and the layout of the house are good.”


Qi Zui’s mother frowned.


“Yu Yang has a bit of savings already. He put his money with me, and it’s already enough for a down payment,” Qi Zui said, “He doesn’t go out at all and does not spend money. He doesn’t know how to save money as well, and it’s dumb to keep the money in the bank. I wanted to help him look for a house, but I don’t have time, and I don’t know as much as you do about houses.”


Qi Zui’s mother. said, “The small amount of savings with you… it should be quite a lot, right? Aren’t you lacking money?”


Qi Zui asked, “How are these two things related?”


Qi Zui’s mother paused for a moment. Then, she laughed.


Qi Zui’s mother directly agreed, after she made a few more unkind remarks to Qi Zui, she hung up the phone.


He had managed to get enough money to prepare for the acquisition of the club. Now, all he needed to do was wait for a suitable time.


Qi Zui kept his phone and walked towards the training room.


“Just let him commentate,” As soon as the practice match ended, during the break when they were waiting for the next match, he said to the other three in a low voice, “It has already been fixed, so don’t talk about it anymore.”


Bu Nana was desperate, “I’m afraid that he’ll scold me while commentating!”


Lao Kai had a lot on his mind, “I’m even more worried than you. I’m afraid that he would not be able to stand my skills and ask the staff to carry me down on my chair. After which, he would carry his accessories bag and take over… Would he bring his accessories bag to his commentary job as a precautionary measure?”


“How could it be?” Yu Yang said in a low voice, “It’s one thing to joke about it, but don’t say it in front of him… it’s not good.”


Lao Kai tried to hold back his smile, “Captain, Qi Zui is not as delicate as you think he is. Don’t you see how all of us insult each other normally?”


“It’s not the same,” Yu Yang said in a soft voice, “Although he has retired, in his heart, he probably still wants to participate. The thing he likes the most is eSports, Don’t… joke about this.”


Bu Nana laughed, “Isn’t the thing he likes the most you?”


Yu Yang shook his head, “No.”


Qi Zui, who was standing in the corridor, raised an eyebrow.




Qi Zui smiled mildly, it looks like he needed to “increase” the training today.


He was too gentlemanly and too gentle to the little Captain. He spoilt himself so much that he’s started to talk rubbish.


If he doesn’t get stricter, he won’t even be able to give him a little bit of punishment.


Yu Yang, who was still in the training room, was explaining to his teammates, “Perhaps he’ll become a professional commentator in the future. Let’s get used to it first.”


Qi Zui gently shook his head. When he buys the club, he would not be so idle.


Yu Yang said again, “All of you are from good families. You don’t know that finding a new job after getting laid-off is… not easy.”


Qi Zui: “…”


Yu Yang was too partial to Qi Zui and he had already begun to speak nonsense, “Anyway, I feel that Captain’s commentating skills are very good. He’s very sharp and can cut to the point instantly. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel quite happy when I hear his commentary.”


“Happy?” Bu Nana looked at the delusional Yu Yang, his heart aching. He said with much difficulty, “Alright… since you’ve already said that. But Yu Yang… I hope that you’re truly happy.”


Lao Kai looked at Yu Yang, feeling his heart ache, “What made someone like you, who’s the first place in dynamic vision, become so blind? Is it responsibility? Is it love…”


Qi Zui could not bring himself to listen anymore. He coughed once, and the training became silent instantly.


Qi Zui seemed to not have heard anything as he returned to his seat.


Qi Zui thought about how Yu Yang had defended him and smiled.


He knew that Yu Yang did not make the wrong decision. A new team that had not tried playing in an offline game before and were not used to playing with each other really should practice playing together,


Qi Zui also knew that he would affect the team’s playing and thought for two seconds before he came up with a good solution.


What Bu Nana had said before was right, he could just find someone to replace him.


Qi Zui was in a good mood. He quickly remembered his old friend, Hua Luo from the Knights.


Qi Zui exited the game and opened the livestream platform. Hua Luo just happened to be livestreaming.


Qi Zui was a little self-aware. He was aware that with his and Hua Luo’s superficial friendship, he would definitely reject Qi Zui if Qi Zui went to ask him in private, so he wanted to ask him on a public platform.


Qi Zui used his VIP main account to enter Hua Luo’s livestream room. There was an announcement in the livestream room, and the viewers started to spam the barrage.


Hua Luo was preparing for the practice match, he glanced at the barrage in the livestream and looked over.


Qi Zui was sure that Hua Luo would agree.


They were all well-known people, he would not reject him directly, right?


He was even very polite.


Before the troops and horses moved, the food and supplies moved first.


Qi Zui did not mention the matter about commentating. He first gave Hua Luo a present.


A bunch of small flowers equivalent to thirty cents.


Hua Luo looked at the pitiful flowers numbly: “…”


Qi Zui sent a comment in the barrage.


[Drunk: Bro, do me a favor.]


Hua Luo looked at the barrage warily, on guard for Qi Zui’s next words.


[Drunk: There’s a commentary job in a competition, I have a problem on my side, can you take my place?]


Hua Luo tried his best to maintain his demeanor, holding himself back again and again, “Ge-t lo-st…”


[Drunk: ?]


[Drunk: You’re taking advantage of me?]


“…” Hua Luo looked desolately at the small flowers worth thirty cents. He said coldly, “Are you talking about this? Ha… I remember the day you came out of the closet. DIdn’t you send a few hundred thousand RMB worth of gifts at once?”


[Drunk: That’s right, this flower was a free gift from when I sent him gifts. The system automatically sent it. There’s a hundred.]


Hua Luo went crazy, “Then can you at least send everything! It’s a free gift, why didn’t you give me everything?!”


[Drunk: I was worried that you wouldn’t agree so I had to leave some to give to Mute Zhou.]


The livestream platform announced: VIP member Drunk has been invited to leave the Knights member, Flower’s livestream room.


“Thankfully I didn’t gift everything to this asshole.”


Qi Zui opened the livestream room of TGC’s leader, Zhou Feng. He had learned his lesson and sent three flowers this time.


In less than three minutes, Qi Zui was muted by Zhou Feng.


Seven minutes later, Qi Zui was invited to leave the livestream room by FIRE’s leader, Ye Huo.


Ten minutes later, Qi Zui was very dignified as he was invited out of the livestream room by the Lioness team manager.


Fifteen minutes later… He Xiaoxu came upstairs.


He Xiaoxu was holding a letter of resignation from his position as the manager and threatening him with death. He successfully managed to stop Qi Zui to prevent him from continuing to cause trouble.


Qi Zui logged out of his main account and closed the livestream platform, helpless.


This matter could not be blamed on him anymore. He had tried his best and had not left any regrets.


The matter about the commentary job was decided just like that.


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