AWM Chapter 69

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Chapter 69


Hell is empty and desolate; Qi Zui is in the mortal realm. 

Thanks to Hua-ge, Qi Zui conned and swindled a good 100k yuan’s worth of gift money. 

“Friends come help from all directions when one is in need; life is full of little surprises, full of love and light…” Qi Zui was about to make a Weibo post to express how moved he is, “I, Qi Zui, after playing professionally for eight years, my biggest wealth is that I got to know all of you like brothers…” 

In the end, if it wasn’t for He Xiaoxu charging in with a butcher knife to avoid the embarrassment by association, Qi Zui might have even swindled more money. 

At the time, Qi Zui was already giving a call to his uncle, wanting to teach him how to watch streams. 

He Xiaoxu was barely able to breathe and said incredulously: “Would anyone even answer if you called them your brothers?” 

Yu Yang: “…” 

Yu Yang massaged between his brows, saying hesitantly, “Um, the thing is…my stream is still going…” 

He Xiaoxu blanked for a moment, then looked at the camera out of instinct. The fans all start to overload the chat, saying hello to He Xiaoxu, and He Xiaoxu gets angry for being put on the spot: “Turn that off!” 

He Xiaoxu turned off Yu Yang’s mic manually for him, and the fans can no longer hear what is going on and can only spam the chat. 

[I feel as if I have witnessed history happen, if anyone says that the domestic teams don’t get along well, I will be the first to jump out and argue!] 

[Brothers are for life! Say less, you are all part of God Qi’s wealth!] 

[HOG and Knight, friendship forever!] 

[HOG and TGC, friendship forever!] 

[HOG and Fire, friendship forever!] 

[I have a bold suggestion. From now on, whoever comes to God Yang’s stream, no matter if they give gifts or not, we will just say our thanks anyway, how about that?] 

[Even when super mods come in, we’ll still say thanks?] 

[Of course, what is a super mod to us? Even if it’s the platform CEO, we’ll do it!] 

[I’m about to explode from laughter, I’m begging you all, stop your clowning…] 

Yu Yang actually felt a little sorry inside, and wanted to transfer the funds back, but is stopped by He Xiaoxu. 

“What are you transferring it back for? Qi Zui also gave them gifts before, it’s a give and take, this amount of money isn’t much to them…and anyway, it’s not like it’s a huge sum for us either.” He Xiaoxu looked at Yu Yang, unimpressed, “Have you not noticed yet? Qi Zui is doing it on purpose, he’s trying to get you to loosen up! Go back to training!” 

Yu Yang blanked, then said dryly, “Oh…really?” 

Through Yu Yang’s headphones, Qi Zui let out a soft laugh and did not say anything. 

He Xiaoxu could not let this go on any longer and left, driven to the edge of insanity. Before walking out the door, he warned Qi Zui again to stop starting things. 

Qi Zui responded lazily, not agreeing and not disagreeing. 

The qualifiers are coming up soon, so Qi Zui did not actually dare to take up more of Yu Yang’s time. 

Qi Zui actually knows the state of HOG’s players better than He Xiaoxu does. He did not want to give Yu Yang too much pressure, and every time they talked about it, he only told Yu Yang to try his best. 

The domestic qualifiers loomed closer by the day. The compressed training time that Qi Zui forced Yu Yang to comply with finally ran free; Qi Zui did not try to convince Yu Yang to go to bed earlier, and did not call in in the evenings as much. But if Yu Yang streams, the Qi Zui would definitely watch—the streaming account that has been blacklisted by countless streamers was constantly online in Yu Yang’s stream. 

Over at New York, after doing his final checkup, Qi Zui is given a week of wrist exercises ahead of the surgery. After getting this and that together, Qi Zui’s surgery ended up being the same day as the domestic qualifiers. 

Not only the same day, but completely overlapped—Qi Zui goes into pre-surgery preparations in the morning at 8am, and the local time in China was 8pm, when Yu Yang would be playing the second to last match. 

After being told the exact time, Qi Zui could not help but laugh, “Tell me, what kind of luck do we have…” 

Yu Yang was also not very pleased, but turned and consoled Qi Zui instead: “After you come out of surgery…you will know how we placed.” 

Qi Zui nodded, “Nice.” 

Yu Yang hesitated, then said, “Don’t…don’t worry, it won’t hurt too much.” 

Qi Zui laughed. 

“Yu Yang.” Qi Zui looked at the person on the video call, suddenly saying, “If you don’t win the competition…” 

Yu Yang did not even think before saying, “Not a chance.” 

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, even mute Zhou and them would not say that they can definitely qualify, right? Things can always come up…” Qi Zui went on with what he was saying, “If you don’t qualify…then get He Xiaoxu to help you get a visa, and I’ll book a plane ticket for you?” 

Yu Yang blanked, “B-book a ticket?” 

“So you can come to me.” Qi Zui smiled relaxedly at Yu Yang, “Since you won’t have to prepare for Worlds anyway, you can take a break. Come over here, I’ll take you around.” 

Yu Yang understood now. 

Qi Zui was worried that he wouldn’t be able to accept the prospect of not qualifying, and gave him a consolation prize ahead of time. 

Qi Zui looked at him gently, luring him in, “You don’t want to come? It’s not too hot over here, and your standard tour guide isn’t as good as me…I won’t be in the hospital for more than a few hours at a time anyway, during rehab, and I’ll have the rest of the time to show you around. Oh right, do you want to go to Universal Studios? We can go to Orlando together, I’ve only been to the one in Japan, and not the one here. We can go look since we’re here, you’ll probably like it. We can go there for a few days…” 

Qi Zui smiled: “And this time when we’re travelling, we don’t need separate rooms anymore, right? Will you share a room with me?” 

Yu Yang went silent for a moment, then finally, after mustering up all his self-restraint, he bit the bullet and said, “No need.” 

Qi Zui was exasperated: “Who was it again? Who laid down in bed yesterday and sent me a text saying they missed me?” 

Yu Yang started to blush gradually, then said softly: “I was too tired after training yesterday, and I wasn’t happy with my performance, so…” 

So he missed Qi Zui even more. 

Qi Zui continued to sweet talk him: “You missed me, and you still don’t want to come.” 

Yu Yang looked down and said softly, “The Worlds…are held in California.” 

Qi Zui was stunned. 

“I will qualify for Worlds.” Yu Yang said slowly, “After I win, the event organizers will book tickets for me, and after a month, I’ll be there to see you.” 

Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui, not letting himself back down, “I won’t be there right away, so you’ll have to wait for me.” 

“You don’t need to feel bad for me, or try to console me like this. I’ll do my best for the competition, I’ll try my hardest to win it. If I don’t…then it’s all on me, I’ll apologize to the fans. These are all my responsibilities to begin with.” 

Yu Yang thought about it then added: “And anyway, I won’t lose. I don’t have the break…so I’ll have to qualify for Worlds in order to come see you.” 

Yu Yang lowered his head, adding quietly: “I meant it when I…said that I missed you.” 

Qi Zui had nothing to say for a moment. 

It was him who underestimated Yu Yang. 

How could Youth need this kind of consolation prize from him? 

Qi Zui finally let it go and nodded: “Okay, I’ll try to recover as soon as possible, and hopefully will only need one surgery…and I’ll be able to come back before you leave for Worlds.” 

Qi Zui smiled: “I miss you too.” 

Yu Yang lowered his head. After a long moment, he said quietly: “You said before…that if we travel, we won’t need to book separate rooms…did you mean that?” 

Qi Zui laughed incredulously, “I said so many things, and all you heard was this?” 

Yu Yang did not say anything else, head still lowered, but started to blush slowly but surely. 

Qi Zui was about to die from cuteness. He said gently, “I did mean it. Why don’t we try it out next time?” 

Yu Yang nodded softly. 

Qi Zui was about to make Yu Yang explode from oceans away. He looked at his watch and did not want to take up any more of Yu Yang’s time, and cajoled him into going to bed after talking a little more. 

The day after, Qi Zui went into surgery, and Yu Yang led the team to the qualifiers. 


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