CFSB Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Back In Your Arms… (NSFW)

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The first time he had sex after his rebirth, it happened just like that in the spacious kitchen. There was no soft, king-sized bed, neither were there condoms nor lubricant, and everything happened according to instinct.


As a hard item squeezed its way into his body, Yun Jinshu could not help but yelp, a thin layer of sweat covered his back. Han Jiang lifted his sweat-soaked fringe, carefully kissing his clean forehead. However, the actions of the lower half of Han Jiang’s body were not careless in the least, thrusting into Yun Jinshu again and again.


Completely nude, Yun Jinshu sat on the counter, his legs up in the air, trembling uncontrollably. As for Han Jiang, he was still fully dressed, and he even had a checkered apron tied around his waist. The only exception was his undone zip, revealing a rock hard and savage-looking body part.


Intense pleasure crashed upon his body like a tsunami. Yun Jinshu’s eyes were unfocused, and with the jerking of his body, he felt as though he had again returned to the vast ocean that he had been submerged in.


There was no one who could save him. His body sank continuously down, out of his control. The feeling of suffocation, causing him to cry tears of pain. From his throat, a fragmented moan tore out, “Han Jiang… Han Jiang…”


“I’m here.” Han Jiang held onto Yun Jinshu’s waist tightly, working up a sweat. It felt as though he was being wrapped in silk, and the pleasure was so great that he could not stop himself.


“Mn… Han Jiang, don’t leave…” Save me!


Yun Jinshu tilted his head back, his hands gripped Han Jiang’s shoulders tightly, as though he was grabbing on to the last piece of floating wood. Biting his lip, he moaned non-stop. His body too had been pushed to its limits, and it was flushed with a seductive red.


“Little fool, I’m not leaving.” Han Jiang bent down, kissing those lips. Aiming at the most sensitive spot inside Yun Jinshu, he continuously pushed his way in aggressively.


At that moment when he arrived at the peak of his orgasm, Yun Jinshu cried out in alarm. In his mind, the memory of their first meeting appeared, recalling that hand that Han Jiang held out to him.


This hand was so warm, so broad, and it definitely could pull him out from that icy cold seawater, and tell him that everything was only a nightmare… but Han Jiang did not do so.


As bursts of the seemingly scalding hot bodily fluid was injected into his body, Yun Jinshu buried his face into Han Jiang’s chest, abruptly crying. He had thought that he would be able to endure it, that he would be able to bear with everything. However, at this moment, all his rationality broke down on top of him.


It was too exhausting…


He did not know how long it would take before Han Jiang would respond to him. To use his body in exchange for such feelings, was he too obsessed, or was he just degrading himself?


Smiling self-mockingly, he pushed Han Jiang away, wanting to push himself off the counter and take a shower. However, Han Jiang hugged him from the back.


“Jinshu, you have the responsibility of extinguishing the fire you started. How is one time enough?”


Actually, having shared a bed for so long, Han Jiang had always been a gentleman. As long as he felt that Yun Jinshu was unwilling, he would not insist. However, this time, it was Yun Jinshu who had taken the initiative to light the fire, and so Han Jiang decided to not let him off. Seeing that Yun Jinshu did not object, he turned off the kitchen stove, then carried him to the bedroom and started a new round of offense.


Never would he, despite his eagerness, open a bottle of wine that had yet to be aged properly. As such, to be able to consume such a delicacy after a long period of waiting, to him, the taste was something that he would not be able to pull himself away from.


Yun Jinshu had a pair of extremely pretty eyes. Each time he reached his peak, they would narrow, looking at him with a misty gaze, and the blood within Han Jiang would rush throughout his body.


Actually, towards Yun Jinshu, he had somewhat complicated feelings.


Thinking about how Yun Jinshu was always smiling next to him, making mocking comments, Han Jiang always could not help but want to pinch his cheeks. Looking at how Yun Jinshu displayed his little claws in front of him like a little cub, Han Jiang would be very happy.


Even today, just receiving a message from Yun Jinshu, and thinking about the deliciousness of that bowl of noodles, as though possessed, Han Jiang cancelled his date with Wen Zeyun.


He called home, dismissing all the staff there, and personally went to the supermarket to buy groceries. He thought, when Yun Jinshu came home carrying a big bag of groceries, only to discover that lunch was already prepared, he would be stunned silly.


Bowing his head, Han Jiang again kissed Yun Jinshu’s nipple, his huge cock once again pushing its way into the man.


Towards Yun Jinshu, he thought he would not easily let him go.




In the middle of the night, Yun Jinshu, who had been tossed about and held down for the entire day woke up. Despite having been used to having sex since five years ago, it was still the first time for this body. Enduring all the aches and pain, he touched himself behind. It was clean, without any remnants, just like how it had been in the past with Han Jiang. No matter how harsh or savage Han Jiang did it, in the end, he would still gently and attentively clean him up before sleeping.


Turning around, he looked at Han Jiang who was in deep sleep. Carefully, Yun Jinshu drew his fingers across the outline of his face. After a long period of hesitation, he then picked up his phone and the script of “The Tree” from the clothes that were strewn all over the floor.


Noiselessly, he walked out of the villa, heading towards the garden behind and sat down on a bench. The cold wind of the dawn caused him to tremble with cold, but his mind was the clearest it had ever been.


If he continued remaining by Han Jiang’s side, he was afraid that he would never be able to calmly consider any issue. Hence, he needed a quiet space and a bit of a stimulation to wake him up, and think about what he should do next.


With the streetlight next to the bench, he flipped through the script Wen Zeyun gave him. He had no choice but to acknowledge that this person was someone who came back with a doctorate from a French university. Despite his childish face, his script writing was very experienced.


“The Tree” came from a famous saying, “Even the tree is already like this, what more a person?” The story was about two brothers who had been orphaned since young, relying on each other for survival, only to be played with by fate, and finally resulting in everything slipping through their fingers.


A seedling had now already grown into a willow tree, while the person accompanying him had already vanished. Although such angsty and dramatic plots had already been written countless times, the audience still liked them.


Spinning his phone in his hand a few times, Yun Jinshu finally dialed Zhao Hanchuan’s number.


Sounds of rustling could be heard over the phone as Zhao Hanchuan answered the call with a yawn. “It’s now two in the morning! You better have something important to say, or don’t blame me for hunting you down and killing you.”


Yun Jinshu could not help but laugh. “I’m sorry, I forgot about the time. However, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided to accept the role for Director Wen’s film.”


“Accept, accept…” Zhao Hanchuan yanwed. Just as he was about to hang up, he came to a sudden realisation, and his tone even changed. “What?! What did you say!? Hold on, repeat that!”


“I said, I want to accept the role in Director Wen’s new film.” Yun Jinshu could already imagine Zhao Hanchuan’s current expression, and the delight in his voice grew apparent.


This time round, Zhao Hanchuan heard what he said very clearly, and he quickly fell silent. It took him some time before he finally responded, “You’ve really thought it through? I still have some other scripts on hand, and they’re quite good as well. There’s no need for you to fixate on this one.”


“Mn, I’ve considered things very clearly already, and nothing is clearer than this very moment.” Yun Jinshu tucked away his playful tone. Biting his lip, he said, “Zhao-dage, just like you said before, Director Wen is truly a very talented person, and I like his script very much as well. I cannot forget that I’m an actor just because of a few words by somebody, and so, please help me contact the necessary people tomorrow, I’d like to enter the crew as soon as possible.”


This was the first time Zhao Hanchuan heard Yun Jinshu speak to him so solemnly, and he could not help but feel some admiration for his courage. “Ok, I’ll help you contact him tomorrow. You should head to bed.”


Yun Jinshu laughed as he thanked him. Hanging up, he stood up and stretched his body.


He could not withdraw based on a few provoking words from Wen Zeyun. Even if he was an unwanted, unneeded third party in this relationship, the debt from his previous life should still be cleared.


Before his heart was to turn to ashes, he wanted to try one more time. If the ending was still one that caused everything to shatter and be destroyed, he would definitely not linger. For love, he could endure anything, but there was a limit to how much he would degrade himself!


Looking at the dust floating down under the light of the lamp, he silently clenched his fist.


Han Jiang, there’s only one more time I’ll love, and this is the last time.

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