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Chapter 18 — The First Day On The Production Site

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Yun Jinshu never expected that ever since that night when he accepted the role in “The Tree”, there would be no news heard from Wen Zeyun. He had originally thought that he would be able to join the production crew in a few days, but who would have guessed that the wait would be more than a couple of weeks?


It was only until the call from Zhao Hanchuan did Yun Jinshu realise that Wen Zeyun was deliberately pulling rank on him, showing off his superiority to him.


“Jinshu, in all honesty, even right now, I still disapprove of you accepting this role. If you still trust me as your manager, just listen to me, and withdraw from the project.”


Sitting on the couch, Yun Jinshu flipped through a magazine as he chuckled, unbothered. “Don’t make it sound like I’m about to enter the depths of hell or something. Since Director Wen has already responded, how can I reject this role so whimsically at this time? You also wouldn’t wish that others would say I’m throwing a diva fit before I have even debuted, right?”


“But this is different!” Hearing his attitude, Zhao Hanchuan could not help but speak a little anxiously. “He’s clearly targeting you. Don’t tell me that you two have a mutual friend, I have eyes, I can see it for myself. If he sincerely wants you to participate in this role, he wouldn’t have ignored you for the past two weeks, not giving you a response at all.”


“But what can I do?” Yun Jinshu laughed as he stretched. “If things are as you say, they have already come knocking on my door, braying a challenge. Can I not accept the gauntlet? Furthermore, I feel that Director Wen is not a person like that. He probably forgot all about it because he was too busy.”


Yes, he was definitely very busy. On one hand, he had to deal with him, this third party in their relationship, and on the other, he still had to continue participating in the act of being “best bros” with Han Jiang. Could he not be busy?


Zhao Hanchuan felt completely resigned by how Yun Jinshu could always laugh at anything. Rubbing his pounding temples, he said, “Alright, alright, it’s all up to you. I can see that you’re stubborn even donkeys wouldn’t be able to pull you away from where you want to go. When you get bullied badly by him, don’t come crying to me.”


Yun Jinshu chortled, his chips even spewing out from his mouth. “Bigshot Zhao, why are you so honest? Even if you know you’re a donkey, you shouldn’t say it out loud, hahaha…”


Zhao Hanchuan: “!@$^#($*#$%!)@$”


The next day, before the sun had even risen, Yun Jinshu woke up. He left Han Jiang a note, and went to the production site for a screen test.


Actually, what they called a screen test was only just going through the motions. “The Tree” was a film set in modern times, and there was no need to be dressed in various costumes like one would need to in a period film. All the actor had to do was to pose in front of the cameras. However, when Yun Jinshu changed into a ragged shirt that had been washed threadbare, standing in front of the cameras, people could not help but suck in a breath, amazed.


Because he was really very suited for the role, and it seemed just as though Ruan Ning had walked out from the script.


Ruan Ning was the name of the younger brother in “The Tree”. In the script, he had been blind since young, and so his temperament was very sensitive and stubborn. Other than his own brother, Ruan Kun, he refused and avoided getting close to anyone else.


Standing in front of the camera, Yun Jinshu’s eyes, that usually seemed as though they could speak volumes, suddenly looked as though they could no longer see. Empty and vacant, there was no light to be seen within them at all. However, his back was rigid, and his fingers were curled unconsciously, as though he was cheering himself on.


At this moment, he was just Ruan Ning, the Ruan Ning who refused to let people look down on him despite his disability, the Ruan Ning who had an aloof character, yet feeling guilty, and still stood upright.


An old, shabby shirt, a pair of old, ragged shoes, yet he had the most precious unyielding backbone that one should have as a person. No one was able to see the usually slyly smiling Yun Jinshu in him, and just this image alone was enough to shut those people who had doubted his acting skills.


Sitting by the side, Wen Zeyun’s expression was a little complex. Just as he was about to call a stop to the screen test, he heard a clapping from behind, and then a low laughter.


“Ruan Ning, you’re so capable. You’ve truly increased the pressure on me as the elder brother.”


Yun Jinshu froze, and he refocused his eyes to see a tall man walking over.


Although this person was dressed in a simple, casual suit, he was still handsome and dazzling. His eyes were sharp and his brows dashing, yet there was a wicked smile curling around his lips. Behind him was a group of assistants and bodyguards, but he still looked very friendly, and carried no air of a superstar.


It was actually the A-list actor Gu Yan!


Yun Jinshu was astounded. He had never thought that Gu Yan would be the actor he was working with.


Gu Yan had debuted many years before him, and his place in the industry had always been firm and steady. Since long ago, he had already been the recipient of many big awards, and Yun Jinshu had always wanted to work with him. However, because they belonged to different companies, there had always been a sort of conflict between them, and he had never fulfilled his wish. As such, before his rebirth, they were only acquaintances, and could even be said to be strangers who just barely recognised the other.


And now, when everything started anew, and Yun Jinshu was again a newbie, he was able to work on the same project as Gu Yan. To him, this was the equivalent of a bombshell.


He had yet to recover from the knowledge, but Gu Yan had already walked over to him, holding a hand out. “Quick, come shake hands with me. So this is the newest recruit that Starbright has hidden so well. I want to take a photo as a commemoration and sell it at a high price to the paparazzi.”


Yun Jinshu did not expect that this was how their first conversation would go, and he could not help but laugh. Shaking the other’s hand, he said, “Same, it’s the same for me. To be able to shake the hand of such a famous actor, I bet many people must be very jealous. I’ve decided that from now on, I’ll never wash my hand again.”


The two exchanged a look and laughed. Gu Yan cocked a handsome brow, then smiled breezily, turning and speaking to Wen Zeyun, “Xiao-Yun, I’m going to keep this younger brother. Remember to give me a 20% discount.”


Everyone was amused into laughter by that. There were people who were innately charming, the sort that could attract everyone’s eyes. No matter what they said or what they did. Even a tiniest action from them could garner goodwill in everyone, and it was clear that Gu Yan was a person like that.


Wen Zeyun smiled along, the dimples twinkling in his baby face. “Gu-dage, if you continue being so ‘unrestrained’, be careful of scaring Jinshu away. I spent great effort persuading him to join us, so don’t cause any trouble for me.”


These words sounded rather intimate, and one could immediately tell that Wen Zeyun and Gu Yan shared a good relationship. Otherwise, as a little-known director, how was Wen Zeyun able to invite such a famous actor to act in his film?


As expected, Gu Yan shrugged carelessly, walking over and giving Wen Zeyun a pat on the head. “You brat, if you destroy my cool and handsome image again, be careful of me going to your elder brother to lodge a complaint.”


Wen Zeyun stuck his tongue out, going over and making a ruckus with Gu Yan. However, his eyes kept drifting over to Yun Jinshu, as though he was warning him and putting a show of superiority. Still, it only appeared for an instant, and it seemed like an illusion.


Yun Jinshu stood there, watching idly. His face was placid, and not only was he angry, he even found it a little interesting.


If Wen Zeyun was deliberate in doing so, then his possessiveness was really just a tad too strong. Not only did he want to hold onto Han Jiang, he even wanted to hold onto all the men around him that were close to him. Also, was Yun Jinshu the reincarnation of a fox spirit or something? Could he suck away the soul of a person just by speaking a few sentences to them? It was really too laughable.


At this time, Yun Jinshu’s phone rang. He walked out of the studio and took his phone out. There were already a few missed calls shown on his screen, all from Han Jiang, as well as a few unread messages.


【Jinshu, why aren’t you picking up your phone?】


【I heard from Mr. Zhao that you’ve accepted a role in Xiao-Yun’s new film, why didn’t you tell me yesterday?】


【Forget it, go ahead with what you’re doing. Once you’re done, just remember to give me a call, I’ll pick you up from the site.】


There were a total of three messages, all within two minutes. Despite how gentle and discreet Han Jiang’s words were, Yun Jinshu could still see the anxiety from those lines.


Was Han Jiang worried that Yun Jinshu would harm Wen Zeyun after accepting the film, and so he lost control like this, calling him and texting him? Was he afraid that as a “hussy”, Yun Jinshu would hurt Han Jiang’s little innocent, precious baby?


At the end of the day, if the role he had accepted today was not part of Wen Zeyun’s film, would Han Jiang be so enthusiastic? Yun Jinshu did not know.


Although he understood that Han Jiang was the sort that was gentle and considerate towards everyone, and that these messages were only a normal sort of courtesy, Yun Jinshu dared not believe this man again, even just a little. He would rather be pessimistic about everything, than to end up rejoicing too soon.


He deleted the missed calls and messages one by one. Locking his phone, he sat on a counter outside the studio, as he did not wish to see that face of Wen Zeyun so quickly. However, right at this moment, someone covered his eyes from behind.


This was a pair of very warm and broad hands, similar to those of Han Jiang. However, the scent was an unfamiliar cologne, and very quickly, a low voice spoke from behind him.


“Just like when gege covers your eyes, it’s not that you can’t see, but it’s the heavens playing a prank on you. Once it’s over, my Xiao-Ning will still be able to see the whole world.”


This was a line from “The Tree”, and it was a scene where Ruan Ning was sitting on a very tall fence by the village entrance, crying as the county doctor had said that his eyes might never be cured. Ruan Kun then hugged him from behind, covering his eyes while consoling his little brother that rarely cried.


The scene was one that would arouse a lot of emotions in viewers, and even Yun Jinshu could imagine the image of how the two brothers sought warmth from each other on that wall, enveloped by the light of the setting sun.


However, right now, they were not acting. Yun Jinshu quirked his lips in a smile, pulling away the man’s hands. Next, he shifted a little, imperceptibly furthering the distance between the two of them. As expected, he saw Gu Yan’s handsome face.


“Mr. Gu is truly professional, always thinking about the lines at all times.”


Gu Yan stood there, two hands in his pockets, giving Yun Jinshu a lazy smile. “I saw you sitting here when I left the studio, and my hands itched when I happen to think of that scene.”


While he was speaking, Yun Jinshu finally noticed how Gu Yan was dressed.


His originally coffee-coloured hair had been dyed black, and he even been given a flattop haircut. That handsome, casual suit was gone, and he had changed into a white shirt of poor quality. The sleeves were rolled up, revealing his powerful, muscular arms, and on his feet were a pair of old canvas shoes. He looked dependable and trustworthy, the epitome of Ruan Kun’s image.


Yun Junshu looked at him and teased, “Mr. Gu, did you offend the makeup artist? A tall, rich, handsome fellow has been changed into a humble, ordinary person in a second.”


Gu Yan burst out laughing, grabbing Yun Jinshu’s collar. “Even a humble, ordinary person has the rights to teach his younger brother a lesson. You’re not allowed to play with your phone anymore, come with me and shoot the promotional images.”


The gloom in Yun Jinshu’s heart had dispersed quite a bit. He had not expect that Gu Yan would personally come look for him, and momentarily, he was overwhelmed by the favour. However, his tongue was as quick as usual, and pretending, he covered his eyes. “Ge, I’m already blind and yet you’re still abusing me!”


Gu Yan was immediately amused by him. Ruffling his hair roughly, he caught his “blind” younger brother and took him back into the studio.

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    Obviously I have teh feels about Yun Jinshu. One might be able to make a case for Han Jiang and the difficulty of changing one’s behavior, but he’s been adulting long enough to know better. He wouldn’t treat his employees this way, so why his lover? Even if he considers Yun Jinshu to be merely a sex worker, Yun Jinshu is still an employee and Han Jiang should treat him like a professional.

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