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Chapter 3 — The Contract (2)

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“Assistant Li, it wouldn’t be interesting to lay everything out in the open.”

Han Jiang waved his hand, interrupting Li Tianhua. Raising his chin, he gave the assistants at the door a look. “I’m sure Assistant Li is very busy with work. Please take your leave today, I’ll discuss the contract with Jinshu myself.”

His words sounded dignified, but everyone understood what lay behind this meeting. To call it “discussing a contract”, it was really too polite.

A few assistants dressed in black gathered around, gesturing at him with an invitation to leave. Li Tianhua could only smile, “Yes, yes. Han-laoban, you’re too courteous. Then I won’t disturb you anymore, I’ll take my leave first.”

Before he left, he shot Yun Jinshu a warning glance. No matter how much he wished to claim credit in front of Han Jiang, he had no choice but to leave, and could only pray that Yun Jinshu would obediently play along and not create any additional trouble for him.

The door once again closed, and all the assistants dressed in black retreated. In the room, only Han Jiang and Yun Jinshu were left.

After a moment of silence, Han Jiang broke the ice, asking evenly, “You don’t seem very anxious despite knowing that your manager has sold you again?”

I’ve already experienced all these once before, do I still need to feel anxious?

In his heart, Yun Jinshu curled his lips self-mockingly.

He remembered, at that time when he found out he had again been sold, that panic while facing Han Jiang alone made him wrong-footed. He did not know this person’s background and did not know what he would do to him. In a room with no one else, he had nowhere to go.

Although he was overcome with dread, he still held on to his last shred of dignity. But thinking about it now, it was really quite funny.

He had somehow blundered back to this moment. Seeing this face that had shared his bed and dreams for the last five years, Yun Jinshu could predict everything that would happen next. His heart was long stagnant and dead. Other than a calmness, he could not find any other emotions within him.

“It’s not like this is the first time Li Tianhua has acted as my pimp. Why do I have to be surprised?”

The calm voice made Han Jiang give him a sidelong glance. His eyes curved up, and he picked up the teacup in front of him, sipping from it and chuckling, “You’re pretty direct. Then, why don’t you take a guess as to why I looked for you?”

“Sex, flirtation, SM or others, which one do you want to choose?”

Yun Jinshu could not help provoking him, saying things that would have never come out from his mouth in his previous life. His tone was indifferent, as though he was asking Han Jiang if he preferred stir-fried beef with potatoes or tomato-stewed beef brisket.

Han Jiang was slightly stunned, then laughed wildy. Reaching out to the table next to him, he picked up a folder and tossed it in front of Yun Jinshu. “Your open-mindedness has really put at a loss for what to do. I should really question my subordinates and check if the information they gave me was wrong.”

Yun Jinshu remained unmoved. He casually flipped through the folder whose contents he had already known. The information within, pertained to his family situation as well as the plight he was currently in, was so detailed that it listed what he did every hour, and even included that incident when he was nearly raped by that beast of a director.

“I don’t understand. If you’re only looking to keep a little movie star as a pet, why did you choose me?”

This was something that Yun Jinshu had always wanted to ask. In his previous life, he never said it out loud, and even until his final moments, this question still hung in the air.

Actually, if he could, he really wanted to ask, since you wanted to look for a cannon fodder as a shield for your mystery lover, why did you look for me? Why should I die in place of him?

The moment he asked that question, Yun Jinshu regretted it. This was not something a little movie star should ask after knowing that he was about to become a kept man. It was too rational and too calm, and it would arouse his suspicions. Furthermore, with Han Jiang being so clever, his carelessness might have lost him this entire game.

However, Han Jiang only curved his lips mysteriously. That pair of deep, black eyes narrowed slightly, a little devilishly. “Because you… are very suited to my tastes, whether it’s your face or…”

He wickedly swept his eyes past Yun Jinshu’s exposed collarbones and did not finish his sentence. However, his lustful gaze was as plain as day.

Yun Jinshu burst out laughing. “I don’t think my face is that attention-grabbing. There’s so many more in the industry that are better looking than me, and many other people with better skills in bed can be found everywhere.”

“However, I met you, and you have no other choice.”

Han Jiang’s words stabbed at his weakness, and he followed up on his victory, saying, “The good looking ones don’t necessarily need a backer, and the ones who need a backer may not have an appearance that caters to my taste. A person like you with no other choice and is able to interest me, tell me… do you think I’ll give that up?”

Han Jiang’s voice got lower as he spoke, his handsome face looked extremely deceiving under the chandelier. If a naive, innocent boy who had never been in a relationship before was sitting in front of him, he would definitely be unable to resist this man’s seduction.

The scene having diverted from the script of his previous life, made Yun Jinshu a little bewildered on how to continue. Despite having seen him every day for five years, and even experiencing death, he had to admit that he still had no resistance against this man. After all, five years worth of feelings were not something that could be erased that easily.

Yun Jinshu averted his eyes, trying his best to ignore Han Jiang. He remained silent for a moment before proceeding accordingly with the original script. “I… understand your meaning. True, I have no other choices right now, but what can you give me? If it’s houses and cars, fame and status, I don’t need them.”

“Naturally. I like negotiating with people who have voracious appetites, however…” Han Jiang leaned forward slightly, his eyes glowing at him. “I’m very curious. The information clearly states that you’re willing to die protecting your chastity, so why are you so decisive today?”

Yun Jinshu smiled for the first time tonight. His eyes glittered, “Even a product has the right to choose its owners, right? You yourself said that I have a voracious appetite. If I want to sell myself, I would obviously want to get the best price.”

Han Jiang held his breath. That smile was like little claws scratching at his heart. He could not help laughing lightly.

He had thought that this was a fragile and sensitive rabbit, now, he knew he had made a mistake. How was this Yun Jinshu a rabbit? He was clearly a complicated and enchanting fox, and subjugating a character like this would be more than interesting.

He stood up and walked over to Yun Jinshu, his two hands on the back of his chair. Leaning down, he spoke with a low voice, “I can of course give you everything material, but I can also grant a dream of yours. No matter how this entertainment industry will change in the future, you will always be the one standing right at the top.”

Their distance drawn closer, Yun Jinshu tensed up. Towards such an “earnest” promise, his previous self had truly been moved, but now he was only left with a wry smile.

Everything was a candy wrapped up in lies. It looked sweet and alluring but would demand his entire life. He no longer wanted a taste of this hardship.

Han Jiang seemed to treat his silence as being swayed, and picked up the contract next to them, placing it on the table. His left hand caressing his hair gently, he said, “Once you’ve signed this, other than giving you an official status next to me, I can give you everything else.”

The exact same scenario was replaying, and Yun Jinshu only felt his heart twist and turn. His eyes ached a little, but he still remained sitting there, bracing himself.

He knew that in the contract was written a complete plan to becoming a star, as well as an overbearing clause that would bring forth his doom: “Before Party A proposes to terminate the contract, Party B Yun Jinshu has no rights to stop complying with his obligations.”

Hah, obligations, what obligations? To die in place of Han Jiang’s secret lover?

Yun Jinshu could not refrain from sneering inwardly, but he still decisively signed his own name on the contract.

Even though his feelings were deep-rooted, he would dig out the heart of this man. With a second chance at this life, they would only be using each other.

When Yun Jinshu put the pen down, Han Jiang’s warm and broad hand was already extended towards him. Just like five years ago, it seemed to have a charm that could pull a person out from the mud.

At that time, he had spoken lightly next to his ear, “I’m Han Jiang.”

This time, Yun Jinshu shook his hand and smiled. “Happy cooperation, Mr. Han.”

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