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4 — Enjoying The Hole Night (1)

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That night, Han Jiang brought Yun Jinshu to the Jade Villa on Huai Nan Xi Road. It was their home, but it was just that during the first time they met before, Han Jiang did not directly bring him here like he did now. He had only randomly found another place to settle their business on bed.

Although the plot was a little different from what had happened in his previous life, Yun Jinshu did not have the extraneous energy to think about Han Jiang’s actions. Something even more troublesome was awaiting him — that was, how was he supposed to go through the night?

The sound of running water from the bathroom had stopped for a very long time already. Yun Jinshu, who was done showering, was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking carefully at his own face.

The current him still had a young and youthful look. His facial features had yet to fully develop, and his cheeks still had a little baby fat. He was a lot shorter than before, and with one look, it was obvious that he looked like a green, young lad fresh out of university.

Five years had just slipped idly by like this, leaving behind a pair of deep, reserved eyes, which did not belong to a person of his current age. He barely managed to see his “advanced age” of twenty-seven years through them.

His mouth curved up, laughing wryly for a bit. He turned on the tap, splashing cold water onto his face before taking a deep breath and started to brush his teeth.

He brushed very thoroughly, not missing a single spot. After rinsing his mouth, he even huffed his breath, confirming that he was entirely clean both inside and out. Trying his best to control his slightly trembling fingers, he opened the bathroom door.

He knew what was coming once he stepped out of the door. He did not need to be similar to how he was in his previous life, lying on the bed, stiff and nervous, like a dead fish. This time, he had lubed himself up. Later on, he only had to spread his legs and close his eyes, and this game would officially start.

In any way, this was a body he had interacted with every day and night for the past five years. There was no need for him to hold himself up with honour as a whore. Since he had a chance to redo this, and he had already decided to make this transactional, without any emotions. He had to be a qualified bedwarmer to make his employer happy.

He took one step after another, his wet feet leaving footprints behind on the white carpet. Leaning against the headboard, Han Jiang put down the finance magazine in his hands and stood up, walking towards him. He took up a clean towel on the couch and placed it over Yun Jinshu’s head.

“Why did you come out with your hair still dripping? Although there’s heating here, sleeping with your hair wet would give you a headache.”

He rubbed his hair gently with the towel. Through his fringe, Yun Jinshu could still see the mildness in his eyes, and he was momentarily a little dumb.

They would be getting onto the bed in a bit, why was he pretending to create this romantic setting?

Grabbing the corner of the towel hastily, he smiled awkwardly. “Mr Han, I can do it myself.”

Han Jiang paused before speaking, “Call me Han Jiang. There’s no need to refer to me as Mr, that sounds very distant.”

Yun Jinshu took advantage of the moment, flawlessly taking a few steps back, rescuing his hair. He politely said, “Yes Mr Han, I understand.”

Han Jiang could not help laughing lightly. “Hmm? You haven’t changed it despite understanding?”

Unknowingly, a frown appeared on Yun Jinshu’s face. He felt that once he called him Han Jiang, he would have broken some sort of taboo. The memories he could not bear to think about would crash upon him and drown him, so he had always tried his best to avoid it. However, now, there was no longer any reason for him to evade it.

Breathing out lightly, his lips curved. “Han Jiang.”

Han Jiang laughed, and his tall figure bent forward and he laid a kiss on his hair whorl. Patting his shoulder, he said, “I’ll take a shower first. If you’re tired, you can go to sleep.”

Yun Jinshu nodded, but he was thinking, as a bed warmer, how could he just sprawl across the bed and sleep as he neglected his employer?

“Then I… I’ll wait for you on the bed.”

This sentence that was laden with meaning made Han Jiang really want to laugh out loud. His eyes were full of mischief, and he said, “Sure. I really like the feeling of unwrapping presents. However, you first have to tie a butterfly knot on yourself.”

Yun Jinshu realised what was going on, and his ears tinted red. Han Jiang laughed as he walked to the bathroom, leaving him awkwardly standing there alone.

The sound of running water filled up the vast bedroom. It seemed to be counting down to something, knocking upon Yun Jinshu’s body.

He climbed under the blankets, huddling. His heart pounded wildly, his lips extremely dry. All his hair on his body was standing up, and he felt like a prey trapped in a cage waiting for its slaughter.

Although Han Jiang and him had had sex countless of times over the past five years, at this moment, he was still very nervous. For him, this was not only his first time in this body, but also his first time since his rebirth with this “murderer”.

In the past, no matter whether it was painful, passionate, or gentle, he had thought that the two of them were mutually in love, and so he was willing to go along with anything. However, he now understood that this man, whom he had used all his energy to love, was only seeking temporary pleasure in his body. In the warmest, softest part of his heart, there was someone else living there, and this was even more difficult for  Yun Jinshu to accept than having a one night stand.

He could not help but take in a deep breath. Opening his eyes, he looked at the ceiling that had been lit up by the desk lamp, and he buried himself further into the blanket.

Was there a problem with the heating? Why did he feel like his entire body was so cold?


The bathroom door opened. Han Jiang had a towel wrapped around his waist, and he walked out, the top half of his body bare.

Yun Jinshu tensed up immediately upon seeing his muscles, quickly closing his eyes so as not to recall his past with this person.

A portion of the king sized bed suddenly sank down, and Han Jiang pulled the blanket back up to slide in. His body was still damp, and the scent of the soap lingered. Leaning over slowly, he stopped less than half an inch away from the tip of Yun Jinshu’s nose, and his warm breaths left goosebumps scattered across Yun Jinshu’s skin.

“Jinshu, are you asleep?” He asked softly.

Yun Jinshu kept his eyes tightly shut, motionlessly. Although he knew that what was about to come would come, and that having prepared himself mentally, he could not avoid it. However, at that moment, he would take any chance he could get.

Han Jiang stared at his trembling eyelashes, the amusement hanging around his mouth deepening. The previous Yun Jinshu who had negotiated the contract with him looked smart and somewhat overbearing, like a little beast with its claws out. However, once he lay on the bed, his true nature was revealed, and in the end, he was still a child who had just graduated from school.

Looking at those thick and neat eyelashes, he could not help but touch them lightly with his finger. Following his eyes, his finger slid onto his straight nose, then those thin, pale-coloured lips, and it surprisingly made him feel a little addicted to Yun Jinshu.

Yun Jinshu was clearly scared, but continued pretending to be asleep. Han Jiang did not know if he was sulking at him or sulking at himself.

Smiling as he shook his head, he wanted to lean over to kiss him on his forehead. At that moment, a water droplet from his hair slid down, and happened to land on Yun Jinshu’s lips.

It was as though it had scalded him. He could no longer go on pretending, and his eyes opened, meeting Han Jiang’s eyes directly.

“You’re awake?” Han Jiang asked casually, not tearing apart his pretense.

“Mn. I’m really sorry, I accidentally fell asleep. It’s probably because I’m too tired after training at the gym today.”

Yun Jinshu who did not know how to continue the conversation could only weave a lie. Only the heavens knew that he had been tied with a rock and thrown into the sea, when had he even gone to the gym?”

Han Jiang chuckled, and did not expose his lies. He reached out to remove his towel and tossed it on the ground, then turned and pressed himself down on Yun Jinshu’s body.

“You seem very scared?”

Having their bodies plastered together, as well as having that organ nudging against his belly, Yun Jinshu’s hair stood on its end. However, he was unable to escape, and so he said, “… No, I’m just not very used to it.”

He tried his best to steady his breaths, looking up at the ceiling. It was as though he could make flowers appear from those carved beams.

“Oh—” Han Jiang dragged his voice out, sounding amused as he nodded. With his index finger and thumb, he slowly undid the belt on Yun Jinshu’s sleeping robe. Leaning down, he whispered, “You took so long before coming out from the bathroom just now. What were you doing in there?”

“Just showering and brushing my teeth.” Yun Jinshu reddened. Having known this man for five years, he was well aware of his methods before sex. Every time he spoke with such a low and husky voice, it meant that he was already aroused.

“What else? You didn’t do anything that would make you feel comfortable?” Han Jiang came even closer, his sharp handsome face very seductive.

“No!” Yun Jinshu turned his face away, anger layering upon his face.

Even if he used all his strength, he might still not be able to shake Han Jiang. Also, as he had now been forced to this step already, there was nowhere else to go. Han Jiang placed his hands on both sides of Yun Jinshu’s head, speaking with genuine interest, “The comfortable thing I’m talking about is having a warm bath or something, what exactly are you thinking? Seeing how shy you are, did you… already slick yourself there?”

His voice unexpectedly deepened even more, and made his words sound even more wicked and lewd. Yun Jinshu took in a few deep breaths before composedly looking at Han Jiang. “Mr Han, I understand what you mean. Actually, you don’t have to seduce me. As long as you say things clearly, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Hmm?” Han Jiang raised his brow over the abrupt change in his attitude.

Yun Jinshu bit his lip, seeming to bolster his courage. He flipped both of them over, twining his hands around Han Jiang’s neck and sitting on his body. His loosened belt fell away, and his robe slid down to around his waist, revealing his slender, elegant back and two reddened nipples on his chest.

“Mr Han, what position do you like?” Yun Jinshu deliberately asked this question. He knew very well that in the past, Han Jiang liked him like this, riding on him in the buff as he moaned and panted shamelessly.

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