HSAV Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: This President Is Really Normal

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Xiao Yu’an was a President.1

Due to the fact that his father and grandfather were all badass and tyrannical presidents, his entire family wanted him to be that way as well.

To be a tyrant, you must first be handsome and rich, attractive and seductive, and most importantly: being able to memorize by heart the 300 quotes of the past Presidents.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yu’an can only achieve the first.

But that’s ok, Xiao Family has always believed that he will be a popular man among women that will make any men jealous. The type that spreads scary pheromones!

Tyrannical! President!

Xiao Family had a few family rules.

There was nothing money cannot solve. If there is, then double the payment!

That’s why, having money is so important!!!

Just looking at those two sentences can make anyone excited. Everyone could understand why Xiao family wanted to make Xiao Yu’an into a tyrant.

But Xiao Yu’an himself did not really understand it, he was content with being a nice guy.

Others say that it was because he has yet to find his true love.

His true love must be someone who is neither rich nor pretty and must be from a small city, preferably a low-level employee from his company. She can not be too pretty, but she must be ‘kind’, the type with a saint halo who even during fights with a love rival would remain magnanimous and forgiving. Even towards her enemies She! Must! Not! Seek! Revenge! It is most preferable that she would pick up a stray cat or dog on the street sometimes as well. Perfect!

On this day, when Xiao Yu’an was about to get off work, he actually bumped into one.

Literally. Bumped. Into. One.

That girl was running around the company hallway when she bumped into him.

The girl stumbled to the ground, with tears glistening in her eyes, even the vase in her hand had shattered.

Xiao Yu’an hurriedly helped her up: “Sorry, how much is this vase, I’ll repay you.”

Who had thought that the girl would shake him off, and angrily said: “Who wants your money! You rich people think you can get anything you want with money? Apologize!”


But I did apologize, Xiao Yu’an thought to himself, and it was you who bumped into me.

“Sorry.” Xiao Yu’an thought that this girl might be slightly deaf, so he repeated his words and apologized, taking out his wallet, “How much is it?”

“Who wanted your money!” The girl hit his wallet out of his hands.


Wow, she’s so different from the others, she’s so true to herself~

Xiao Yu’an might have thought that, if he was a true tyrant.

But Xiao Yu’an only thought that this bitch was cray cray as he picked up his wallet. Thinking that her stupidity might be contagious, he quickly left.

After this incident, Xiao Family realized that maybe this ‘style’ was not suitable for Xiao Yu’an, and so threw a party for him.

At this party, he met a rich lady.

And this lady’s name was: Lin · MeiDieBingJingZiPoLiYeHuang · Ling.

Xiao Yu’an didn’t think much, but he just thought that a normal Chinese person wouldn’t have such an “interesting” name.

Being pressured by his family, he had no choice but to meet her.

Upon meeting this Lin · MeiDieBingJingZiPoLiYeHuang · Ling Lady, his first thought was: Wtf, people really aren’t scared to dye their hair like a freaking rainbow huh.

In this era where 20 year olds are balding, this girl’s action is too painful! Too shocking! Too horrible!

This Lin · MeiDieBingJingZiPoLiYeHuang · Ling Lady was truly high and mighty. She received her PhD at 14 years old, can play instruments and even make art. On her forehead was a symbol of a red spider lily, and when she smiles…

Eh, it seems that she was not pretty enough that flowers would fall when she smiles, or else materialistic men might cry and faint on their way to their bathrooms.

Having to meet with such a joyful, beautiful and intelligent woman, Xiao Yu’an has only one word to say.


Xiao Family’s heart hurts. It hurts. It hurts a lot.

Not even liking a girl like that, honestly, Xiao Yu’an what is your type?!


Xiao Family realized something!

Oh no, Xiao Yu’an…

He! Might! Be! A! Gay! 2


Xiao Yu’an originally wanted to say that he’d like someone normal, but since his family already made that conclusion, he started doubting himself too.

He had never liked woman or man before.

Maybe he really is gay.

Coincidentally, he met a shou.3

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  1. Coincidentally? As in his parents didn’t try to push a shou onto him hoping that he was actually a domineering and tyrannical gong?😂 Extra excited for this series, especially after seeing the art for it on discord. Thx 4 the chapter!

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    Oh gosh!! Im so excited for this one!!! Thanks for picking this up. Love u lots

  3. A New novel!! And it seems really Interesting and funny! Count me in for this.

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    1. Heya,
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    1. Heya,
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    1. I am so sorry, but someone else has already asked me ahead of you to TL this into spanish. If you’d like you can contact them and see if you two can work something out.

  7. Oh my god. That was such a hilarious first chapter! An MC who thought that the generic female lead in a tyrannical president type novel was cray cray hahaha. Looking forward to the updates. (*≧▽≦)

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  9. Hello translator. Really nice of you to pick up a novel that is so highly requested<3 I just wanna say in case you didn’t know but there is actually another translator who has started translating this already T.T And I don’t know I’m im just being confused but it’s uploaded by SmallStarkTranslation 🙂 And they have already translated up to chapter 62. And if u already knew this and you guys have reached an agreement then I’m really sorry to have intervened 🙁 I just think it’s a “waste” of your time and effort if there’s already an translation ongoing and maybe you can instead focus on another novel and get even more readers 🙂

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    1. Hi,

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  12. …. Even if he wasn’t gay, he wasn’t attracted because no one in real life LIKES Mary Sues or those “tsundere” jerk sues. They’re not meant to be attractive to real people, they’re meant to be power-fantasies for readers who “identify” with them to embody and want to be liked for being “special” and “true to themselves” and blah, blah, blah….

    The Xiao family might’ve had more luck actually introducing him to someone who wasn’t a sue, he’d at least make a new friend LOL

  13. His family is a bit ridiculous. They must be diehard office romance novel fans. But hey, they managed to attain success.

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