HSAV Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: This Novel is Really Cancerous

Edited by Tin


When Xiao Yu’an got his medical reports back, his face darkened for a long time. Then he went back to flip through all those harem tyrant novels, but he never found a plot where a president gets cancer.

Unknowingly he’d found himself a hobby.

And that was.

Reading novels! Reading! Web! Novels!

He couldn’t find his way in life, he couldn’t find a cure for his illness; with such a tragic existence, let’s just use novels to comfort ourselves.

Just when Xiao Yu’an was about to search for consolation within the world of novels, life slapped him viciously in the face once again.

The novel Xiao Yu’an was reading was at the top charts of that site.

Out of the many masterful pieces of writing in the world, Xiao Yu’an just had to pick this novel that made readers wants to bury the author alive.

This novel was cancerous. Despite it being like the author was feeding flies to the readers, it was addictive. And it was like one of those big spanish flies! 1

After reading it, Xiao Yu’an went to the comment section where, of course, the readers all demonstrated their abilities to insult.

[How the fuck did you turn a normal ass historical novel into a harem story!!! WTFFFFF!!!!]

[Come out, I swear I won’t beat you!! I’ll slice you with a razor!!!]

[The first half you’re like god and the last half made me want to kill you!! This novel is autistic!!!]

Within the comment section, other than those who were insulting the author, there were even some that were impersonating the characters and even fan fictions. Real fans vs black fans, chaotic as ever. In the end, most people don’t even know what they were insulting anymore. 2

Xiao Yu’an saw an interesting comment, it’s contents went a little like this: As a fan of historical novels, and a previously die hard fan for this novel. I have something to say.


First, let us look at the title: <The History of the Four Kingdoms>

Look at that! LOOK! So traditional! So elegant! So beautiful!

In fact, the beginning of this novel was very serious too. Let me explain to those of y’all that haven’t read it.

It describes a prince from Southern Yan Kingdom that was taken hostage to the Northern Kingdom. The prince that was once looked up upon was now abused, beaten and humiliated. But despite all this, he was still able to escape the north.

However, the home he once lived was now a battlefield where civilians suffered and it’s land conquered by the enemy. The male lead used his hatred for revenge, gathering his people into an army, successfully defeated the Northern Kingdom, and personally carved the teen emperor to death. Walking further and further onto the road of conquering the world.

My friends!!! Look at that!!! Look at this beautifully written novel!


Ever since the author finished writing about defeating the north, it’s as if he was on drugs!!! Complete nonsense! The western female general, the prostitutes from the south, the 12 singers from East, the main character was like a walking aphrodisiac, growing his harem as he goes to war.

Growing! His! Harem! As! He! Goes! To! War!

Why haven’t his people killed him yet?!!!

Literally, wherever he goes all the ladies just climb onto him for no reason at all. It’s like he suddenly conquered the world!

Writing a harem plot, I’ll let it go. Ten girls a night, I’ll get it go. Turning a historical novel into an adult novel, I’ll! Let! It! Go!

But wtf is with the soul stone??

There’s fantasy??


The Northern Princess is the male lead’s moonlight, the reader’s one and only goddess. There’s no debate that she is the female lead.

But! She died! Killed by the author!!!

She died for so many years!

It’s not a cold corpse, it’s a rotten one!!!

You’re still tryna return her soul stone?!

Wtf is wrong with you!!!

Author, does your conscience not hurt?!!

Does! it! not! hurt!?

On top of that! Even when the male lead is like this, why is he written like he’s deep in thought??? I don’t understand!!

As Xiao Yu’an looked at this comment, he thought for a moment and posted his own opinion.

「The male lead must really only love the Northern Princess. But she committed suicide because of him, and even in death wasn’t able to accept him. That’s probably why he turned into this. If the Northern Princess even gave him a glimmer of hope, I think the male lead would love her for the rest of his life.」

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  1. what can I say ~ karma always comes to those who … but let’s not discuss it ~ Anyway I can’t wait to see Xiao Yuan’s death ~ eh? will Xiao Yuan die in the next chapter? haahha somehow I became impatient kekekeke> w <# praise be oh my self.

    Thanks for the update~

  2. yaaay!

    just came across the manhwa, and was hoping someone was translating the novel.
    looking forward to this story!


  3. Omg, that comment at the end!! Our YuAn is so pure.😢 Also, no tlnote for “moonlight”? Everyone already knows it means first love? I’m the only one who only recently learnt this term? Ok then…😖
    Thx 4 the chapters!😘

    1. I think it’s just a term to romantize her as the main lead character.
      Meaning, she was supposed to be the only important love in his life.
      I guess that’s why the readers were update over the fact that it turns out to be a harem novel.

    2. Oh thanks! I though moonlight was kinda of “you are my sunshine” or something like that. Thank you for pointing it out!

  4. Even I would really hate that type of novel.
    But I think it’s admirable how he managed to see a positive side of the MC.

  5. a “walking aphrosidiac” hahaha most manwha/manga/manhua/novels who just want harem are like these.I don’t like it either,1 fl is enough if it’s not bl.Some author just literally want to put their unlimited diccus in their works.

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