HSAV Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: You Can’t Just Pretend To Be Asleep

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Early morning the next day, when Hong Xiu came to dress Yu’an, he was found sitting on his bed stiffly, his dark circles glaringly obvious as he stared into nothingness.

“Your Majesty?” Hong Xiu almost dropped the tub of water in her hands in fear.

Xiao Yu’an came back to his senses, “Huh?”

“What’s wrong Your Majesty? Did you not sleep well?” Hong Xiu asked, concerned.

Xiao Yu’an didn’t just not sleep well, he didn’t sleep at all!

He couldn’t do it. Without the sound of breathing beside him, he just couldn’t fall asleep.

Staying up late is bad for the body, he thought as he rubbed his temples, as he let Hong Xiu dress him.

Xiao Yu’an was good at managing his emotions. Staying up made him anxious, so he decided to do something to distract himself.

Like checking out the male lead, or checking out the female lead. Experience what it is like to be protected under the main character halo.

The male lead, Yan HeQing was getting treated by the royal doctor. Finishing his breakfast, Xiao Yu’an happily went to the royal hospital.

It was the break of dawn, the cold morning air was thin and crisp. The scent of medicine from the Royal Hospital was thick. Medicine cabinets lined down the main hall, and an old royal doctor wrapped himself in a thick robe as he nodded off.

Hearing a sound, he quickly snapped to look, only to see Xiao Yu’an, and quickly knelt to greet the emperor.

As the old royal doctor kneeled, his old arms and legs started cracking. Xiao Yu’an hurried to help him up, “Where’s the person from the jail yesterday?”

“He’s inside. He was just given some anaesthesia, he should be sleeping.” The old doctor answered.

“Bring me to him.”

The royal doctor took a look behind Xiao Yu’an to see the crowd of guards and servants, and made a conflicting expression, “Your majesty, the room is small. I’m afraid it won’t be able to fit that many people.”

Xiao Yu’an pulled out Hong Xiu and Yang Liu’an, “I’ll just take these two.”

The doctor didn’t dare to make him wait, and hurriedly brought them to the inner rooms.

The room was small, the bed took up almost the entire room, but on it laid a person. Xiao Yu’an fought back the excitement in his heart, and walked slowly towards him.

It’s the male lead! It’s Yan HeQing! He can pick up ten girls a night, and even if he can’t pick up any girls, he was on the right track! The Male! Lead! That can pick up any girl in this entire world!

But when he saw his face, Xiao Yu’an stopped in his tracks.

The person didn’t look as terrible as he had in the jail cell. He was changed into a clean robe, and the wounds were treated. He looked fresh and clean, but for some reason, his face was covered in a layer of charcoal, there was just no way to see his features.

The Royal Doctor saw Xiao Yu’an’s confusion and tried to explain, “He insisted on putting it on.”

Xiao Yu’an reminded himself of the original work, then came to a realization.

In the original novel, the teen emperor did something similar to Xiao Yu’an, and let Yan HeQing out from the prison. But Yan HeQing knew what his intentions were, so he insisted on covering his face with charcoal. One day, the teen emperor finally remembered Yan HeQing’s existence, and in curiosity came forth. Upon seeing Yan HeQing’s ghostly charcoaled face, disgusted, and never asked about Yan HeQing ever again.

That was how Yan HeQing avoided the consequences of being a hostage.

Hong Xiu was sharp. Seeing Xiao Yu’an’s face of disappointment, she asked in a clear voice, “Should I get some water to clean up his face, Your Majesty?”

“No, it’s fine,” Xiao Yu’an waved his hand.

He wasn’t in a hurry. He will see Yan HeQing’s face one day anyways.

The person on the bed, though his brows slightly furrowed, but his breaths were soft and long.

Xiao Yu’an thought to himself, Maybe in a year, the person that is sleeping in front of him could peel him alive, and felt very grateful. But that feeling was washed away quickly with dissatisfaction.

Why is he sleeping so deeply! He didn’t get to sleep at all last night!

Inequality rather than want is the cause of trouble, Xiao Yu’an didn’t want to feel jealous, but he was. He let out a long sigh, and thought to himself if he never have the sound of breathing next to him ever again…

Wait, the sound of breathing?

Xiao Yu’an looked at the sleeping Yan HeQing, and analysed the size of the bed. Nodding in satisfaction, he nudged Yan HeQing sightly, and laid down.

He laid down !!!!

The 3 others were in shock. The royal doctor was so scared he knelt down for Xiao Yu’an, “Your majesty?”

“Don’t be so surprised, haven’t you seen someone so tired they can sleep anywhere?” Xiao Yu’an tried to calm the old royal doctor down.

But the royal doctor screamed in his head, No! I really have never!

“Your Majesty, T-t-this?” Yang Liu’an didn’t know what to do either.

Thank goodness Hong Xiu was understanding of the situation, she helped the old royal doctor up and faced Yang Liu’an, “Guard Yang, the emperor didn’t get much sleep last night, and wants to take a nap and rest. You can stand guard outside the door.”

Xiao Yu’an couldn’t help but to express to himself, No wonder he was the teen emperor’s personal servant! She’s so perceptive!

Yang LiuAn looked at Xiao Yu’an, and seeing a nod, he quickly understood and walked out of the room.

Meanwhile Hong Xiu also lead the royal doctor out as well, helping Xiao Yu’an undo his outer coat, she asked, “This bed is very stiff, if Your majesty wants him, why not take him back to the chambers?”

Xiao Yu’an “……”

…..Girl!! I’m sorry, I take back what I just said! I really just want to take a nap, that’s all, please stop bringing up the hostage thing! This is the male lead, I’m scared he won’t be satisfied with peeling me alive, I would be sliced into a meat stick!!

Xiao Yu’an suddenly felt the tiredness in his heart, and started getting drowsy. Being too lazy to explain, he laid down and slept as soon as he closed his eyes.

Hong Xiu didn’t think that Xiao Yu’an really would fall asleep. After staring for a while, she covered him with a blanket, and quietly left the room.

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