ISMM Chapter 15

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<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 4 >>

Wei Yanzi. This name has too many character strokes. I might as well replace it with my adversary.

Only I know that he’s not my adversary at all. The implication I had in calling him my adversary and other people’s perception of it was completely different. Quite amusing indeed.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 5 >>

How wonderful! In the days before yesterday, we rarely communicated. He was also rather shy and awkward when we met yesterday too, but today he was finally able to pinch my face to force a smile out of me.

It felt wonderful so I posted a picture to commemorate the special occasion.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 6 >>

In order to conduct an early publicity stunt, the production team opened up a thirty-minute window for a fan meet. My adversary’s fans would come too and it was a good chance to break the ice in person. (Things weren’t that cold between us in reality.)  So, I called him to go with me, even going as far as to purposely ask him to share his snacks with me in front of everyone, hoping that the fans could understand my intentions.

How is he still this thin with so many snacks hidden in his resting room?

A little-miss-head-of-fanclub of mine….I mean, a big-name fan of mine. When we were eating, my adversary told me that little-miss-head-of-fanclub sounded strange and unpleasant and said it would be better to call her my big-name fan instead. So be it. I’ll go according to what he says.

A big-name fan of mine said she wanted to take a group photo of me and my adversary together. He was very cooperative about it.

My big-name fan’s photography skills were great, looking as though she had specialized in it before. The composition of the image and the lighting were incomparably penetrating and harmonious so I was very satisfied. I ended up choosing two of them for my Weibo posts later.  

I paid attention to the look on my adversary’s face. Like me, he seemed to be very happy with the two pictures as well. That made me more pleased than ever.

One of my adversary’s fans wanted him to sign a banner with a drawing of me on it. He seemed to look a little troubled and especially went out of his way to ask for my permission. He was probably afraid that I minded the whole ‘adversary’ business. He’s too adorable for words!

The banner’s art was nice. The art version of ‘us’ on the banner looked as though we were good friends and she made us look super cute too. The colors matched well and were comfortable to the eyes. I liked it very much. Too bad I couldn’t ask her for a copy of the original artwork.

There were a lot of fans around who drew chibi art of me, but this was my first time seeing a chibi artwork version of me and my adversary together. I wonder whether this was drawn by a fan who’s a fan of us both or a fan of his who belongs in the dove faction? Were they trying to express that they hoped to see us both getting along well with one another?

Great. Here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to see more fanart like this in the future.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 8 >>

When we were filming, my adversary kept shooting me nervous looks. His burning gaze was so fervent that it was impossible for anyone to ignore, especially when I was in the middle of acting out a dangerous stunt.

He stood for as long as I filmed and never once did he complain that he was tired. This wasn’t my first time filming. Did he really need to be this worried? Haha ^^.

Being watched by him seemed to strangely put a lot of pressure me. I did my best to clear every scene perfectly in one take. I was so efficient that I even shocked myself. I really hope he’ll come and watch me again many, many times in the future. I also hope he finds a chair while he’s at it too.

Although his concern towards me warmed my heart, I didn’t want him to over-exert himself either. When we were eating, I even went out of my way to emphasize the safeness of our production team, yet he still didn’t seem to be completely persuaded by it.

And here I am wondering who was the one who twisted their ankle during filming last time.

Speaking of this, to my surprise, he’d actually seen the video. Now that was a little embarrassing. In the end, he didn’t even understand what was up with the video. What a load of misunderstandings.

However, I’m sure he must be able to guess what that treat means for the fans now. Haha.

I asked him how he came across that video. He blushed, and fell silent. Was it really that hard for him to admit he’s a fan of mine? Seriously… But he still admitted it in the end, and he even asked me for my autograph.

I have absolutely zero clue as to why I’m feeling so exceptionally happy right now.

The effects of signing my autograph on his cell phone case came out rather nice, so I asked him for one too. Placing the two phones together made them look like a perfect match.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 9 >>

No matter what Wang Huanxu says, it’s always the same old stuff. I’m fed up.

Honestly, I’d gotten used to it so I didn’t feel anything at all, so much so that I felt like laughing a little. But right at that moment when she said she wanted to show that thing to my adversary, I was unexpectedly somehow panic-stricken, afraid that he would believe all the cock-and-bull stories they’d concocted in there.

Especially in regards to that incident.

In the end, without sparing it any thought whatsoever, my adversary chose to believe me and he even angrily stood up for me.

My adversary protected me.

How strange was it that no matter how bad of a mood I was in, even when that Wang Huanxu was standing right in front of me, so long as my adversary was there, he was able to bring my good mood back.

Watching him talking back to Wang Xuanxu by clearing up everything one by one in a rational, well-founded and orderly manner until she was utterly rendered speechless…Mhmm. An inexplicable, wonderful feeling bloomed in my chest. It was a positive sort of feeling that was akin to bubbles being blown in my heart before popping again and again, like ‘Pop!’ ‘Pop!’ It was hard for me to describe that feeling. You have to feel it to know it.

He had always been a softie before me. I never expected that a strong and harsh side of him would emerge for my sake. He even added fuel to fire and got rid of the problems in one go.  

He wasn’t that good at acting, but he seemed to be doing a remarkably fine job of impersonating an overbearing president. This special trait of his really rocketed his adorableness to another level.

After Wang Huanxu left, I kept my silence. Yet he appeared even more worried about me than myself. The smile he put on looked so forced.

This guy…is basically like the embodiment of the term “adorable” itself.

For the first time ever, I wasn’t troubled by Wang Huanxu at all. Instead, what made me slightly annoyed was the fact that I made my adversary be on the receiving end of Wang Huanxu’s glares.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 10 >>

Right. As for my adversary’s assistant, Little Chen, was it? I think I heard him call him that before…

My adversary had been watching me film for a long time. I was going to go find him right away once I was done, but a crowd surrounded me so I wasn’t able to escape. He had probably stood for a long time as his footsteps were swaying before Little Chen led him away.

I should be the one to lend him a hand. After all, he stood so long because he was worried about me.

When I invited my adversary out to dinner, the conversation they had with each other sounded off. The atmosphere that lingered between them was very light and cheery, yet there was no room for me to butt in which made me a little upset. Soon, my adversary willingly cast him away and didn’t bring him along, dispelling my foul mood.

…Why do I feel like the one that’s weird is me now that I’ve written it out?

Whatever. Let’s continue writing!

Wang Huanxu was still causing a ruckus but was hauled away by the security guards that Little Chen had called. I had to thank him there, otherwise I seriously have no idea how big of a scene she could cause.

Although…my adversary came to hold my wrist, he soon let go after Little Chen said something to him before he left. My adversary even walked faster to get ahead of me.  

Maybe Little Chen had said something along the lines of pay attention to the public or something… But I myself didn’t even voice out anything yet, nor did it affect anyone for that matter.

My adversary commended him for being more than interesting.

And he seemed to call my adversary “Yan Yan” often.

If I knew, I wouldn’t have pronounced his name sound like Viagra that time. Wouldn’t everything be great if I had pronounced Brother Wei’s name properly instead?


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Small Excerpts about My Adversary >>

The way he speaks is so amusing. I wouldn’t be able to learn how to speak like that as I would only fail terribly at it. What an embarrassing mess.

My adversary is so naive! He has no awareness of danger at all such as drinking the stuff his fans sent without bothering to check. Sigh, I might as well look out for him more in the future.

I can’t believe that my adversary wanted to learn to smoke like me. I seriously have no idea what goes on in that brain of his! Trying to pick up bad habits instead of the good ones. I purposely handed the cigarette over to him without giving him a warning. His eyes turned red from coughing too hard… Right, his eyes looked so gorgeous too.

Also, my adversary’s memory is too astonishing to the point that he could practically participate in that The Brain reality show [1]! He remembered all my lines, my preferences, and my schedule, giving me the illusion that I had a special place in his heart. Yet, I don’t know much about him. Hmm. That won’t do. I should get to know him better.


<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Extracted Excerpt >>

I came across a poem. For some reason, it oddly touched and resonated with me. The extract is as follows:

I can resist everything
but temptation.” (Wilde)
I can resist every temptation
Until they were seduced by me

Translator’s Notes:

The Brain [1]: A Chinese scientific reality and talent show originating in Germany. The show’s aim is to find people with exceptional brainpower.

About Excerpt 7, there’s no 7. End of story. 😀

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