ISMM Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Edited by Isalee



Even after I was seated in Gu Yiliang’s room, he still looked very solemn.

Solemnly, he opened the small refrigerator. Solemnly, he surveyed the contents inside. Solemnly, he turned his head and asked me, “There’s no honey tea, only mineral water. Is that fine?”

I quickly nodded, saying it was fine. Then I could not help but laugh. “Why are you making things so serious?”

He shook his head, taking out a bottle of water and a glass. After placing a coaster in front of me and filling my glass, he coughed lightly. “After all, now… our relationship isn’t quite the same.”

I was first a little puzzled, then I understood, and hurriedly nodded my head to thank him.



Yes, we were now a company-sanctioned professional ship that Gu Yiliang personally acknowledged. I got it.

However, was there a need to feel so conflicted over this issue that he needed to smoke three cigarettes in a row? He truly was the professional and responsible Artist Gu.

No matter what, since he had already decided that he would properly play this role of being my fanservice partner, and also wanted to help me improve my acting ability, this was a win-win situation for both of us. Of course, I would give my best and cooperate with him, and never disappoint him!

Also, I could not disappoint that Wei Yanzi who was howling for more fluff to enjoy!



Gu Yiliang sat across me, taking a few moments to compose his thoughts. “Previously, I’ve never tried… Mn. So, I might not be too familiar with what I’m supposed to do, or about the general rules for this. Is there anything I should take note of?”

He was not very familiar? How modest! Then who was the one saying all those things during supper? Were you just talking nonsense?

Without waiting for me to answer, he asked, seemingly with some difficulty, “Is it just… treating you like how a boyfriend would treat you?”

He sounded very stiff and robotic when saying the word “boyfriend”. It must be very embarrassing for him. I hurriedly shook my head, “There’s no need for that, that’s too exaggerated. Us being like this now is enough already, you’re doing a very good job.”

He froze slightly, and while looking at me, in his eyes there seemed to be some pity and… distress?



He asked, “… Just like this is considered very good?”

I looked at him, uncomprehending. “It’s still not good enough?”

He spoke seriously, “I’ll try my best to do even better.”



Wait, how did we end up talking about this?

Struggling to follow his pace a bit, I could only nod along muddleheaded. To be able to end up with such a responsible bias, the Niangzi Army was really fortunate. It was the sort of fortune that they could only cultivate over their past eight lifetimes.

He again asked, “So I just have to treat you like how a boyfriend would?”

Why does he keep on turning around the “boyfriend” thing?!

As a straight man performing fanservice, he probably does not know how he should behave. Fine, fine, I just have to pay attention and hold him back a little in front of the cameras.

Again, I nodded, “Mn, that’s fine.”

He exhaled, looking as though he was adjusting the shift in his feelings. From a basket on the table, he retrieved a folder and opened it in front of me. “I may not be able to help with other matters, but this is my work schedule for the next half of the year. Take a look and see if there’s anything you’re interested in, and I’ll get the company to arrange it for you.”

Me: “?”

What script was this now? Was he practicing ahead of time? Was he getting into the role too quickly?

He contemplated for a moment, and then spoke earnestly. “Do you have enough spending money? Is there something you want to buy? Shall I buy it for you?”



I had only seen him fluently reciting lines from the script before. It was rare to see him speaking so unnaturally, so jerkily like this.

I paused and looked at him strangely. “Did you take the wrong script?”

Him: “Hmm?”

Me: “This has already exceeded the role of a boyfriend, isn’t this more like a godfather1?”

He too paused, and replied doubtfully. “If you want to see it this way… Sure?”



Who was he trying to take advantage of here?! I slapped the table, “And I’m your father!”

He choked. “… Do we have to go to this extent?”



Cool wind swirled in from the semi-shut window, giving me a headache.

Just as I pressed my palm against my forehead, Gu Yiliang stood up to shut the window, and considerately handed me a blanket.

I twisted the soft blanket in my hands, and could not bring myself to reproach him for throwing out these sudden wild cards. A moment of silence, and I said earnestly, “There’s no need to make it so deliberate. We can just go with the flow. This is too over the top, and others will notice something.”

“Oh, I’ve overlooked that.” Gu Yiliang nodded understandingly. “Then, if there’s anything you need, just tell me anytime.”

What more could I need? The fluff you threw out randomly was more than enough to satisfy me for the next six months.

I agreed casually, and then heard him ask hesitantly, “So, now, we…?”

Now? I looked at the time, and then took the Song of Waves script he placed on the table. “We’ll practice our lines? We’ve delayed this for many days already.”

His tenseness suddenly vanished, and his entire person relaxed, leaning back in his chair. “Sure.”



With the eager hopes of the entire Niangzi Army and my fanservice partner on my shoulders, I put in my utmost efforts. I had never even been so serious during the acting classes in school.

I had already memorised all the lines. It was just that I could never express the correct feelings and expressions. I would either recite the lines and end up looking blank, or recite the lines and go overboard with my expressions.

Gu Yiliang constantly reminded me about how to adjust my mood, going through a small scene with me a dozen times. Finally, I could be considered to have somewhat improved, and was even complimented by him for having some life in my acting.



After practicing all the scenes to be shot tomorrow, I noted down Gu Yiliang’s reminders, and repeated them for him.

Gu Yiliang closed the scriptbook, placing his hand on my shoulder in gratification. “Mn, maintain the speed of this improvement, and after this drama is done, you won’t have to rely on others. You’ll be able to land dramas by yourself.”

The second half of his sentence was a little muffled, and I happened to have my head down, looking at Wechat. Vaguely hearing, “rely on others… drama”, I thought he was still talking about practicing our lines. Without looking up, I said, “But you’re not considered as ‘others’ to me.”

His hand on my shoulder stiffened. He kept silent for some time, then slowly patted my shoulder, solemnly acknowledging it.



I waved my phone in front of him. “Little Chen is urging me to go back to sleep, I’ll go first.”

He paused, and took a while before he nodded back. “I’ll bring breakfast for you tomorrow?”

Me: “Huh? There’s no need, Little Chen will prepare it for me.”

Him: “Then… I’ll get a drink for you during the filming break? Do you want honey tea or milk tea?”

Me: “Huh? There’s no need, just get Little Chen to buy it?”

Him, “Then… I’ll drive you to the city at night for grilled fish?”

Me, “Huh? There’s no need, it’s so far to travel back and forth. Furthermore, we might bump into fans. Just get Little Chen to make a call and ask the restaurant to deliver it.”

Him, “Then….”



Gu Yiliang was unable to continue. He looked at me with slight grievance, “Then, why do you still need me?”

? No, wait, when did I need you?

I looked at him baffled. “Isn’t Little Chen around… I’m paying him a salary as well. Your time is very precious—”

He gave the final word. “Fine, then I’ll pay his salary. All his duties will be under my account, and you take it as though I’m the one who did it.”

I was even more confused. “Then… I’ll pay your assistant’s salary?”

He looked doubtful. “How can I let you pay for that? Shouldn’t this be something I’m supposed to do?”



He… really was acting like a boyfriend.

I thought over it deeply, and speculated that he was probably too dedicated to his role. Whether in front of the cameras, or away from them, he would continue this shipping relationship so as to maintain the feelings, such that he would be able to get into the role anytime. That was probably why he said the words he did.

Then I definitely had to cooperate with him.

Touched, I patted his shoulder. “I can’t just take everything from you for free, it’s enough that I understand your intentions. We’ll do it like this then. Give me your assistant’s Alipay account.”

He again looked at me with pity and distress, then sent a message on Wechat. Not too long later, he sent me a QR code.

I clarified his assistant’s salary with him. It was the same as Little Chen’s, and I sent the money over.



A notification from Alipay came in, and I glanced down at my phone.

It was a reply from Gu Yiliang’s assistant. “I’ve received it!! Thank you, Lady Boss!!!”


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