ISMM Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

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This afternoon, all actors had to participate in the promotional photoshoot for the drama. The filming schedule for the day was adjusted to start earlier, and everyone crawled out of bed at 4.30am in the morning to quickly film their scenes. Scanning the surroundings, tired and sleepy faces were everywhere. Those not in the know would have thought that they were filming a zombie movie.



But I was different. I was still cheerful, optimistic, and I faced the world with a smile.

A piece of fluff could extend one’s life for half a year. With Gu Yiliang, a daring, walking extreme fluff producing machine, by my side, extending my life for a conservative estimate of another five hundred years was not an issue.

The first scene was completed successfully. I sat in the lounge, playing Arena of Valor on my phone while waiting for them to set up the next scene. Around me was an aura of refreshing brightness.

Little Chen yawned as he prepared my breakfast, looking at me lifelessly. “Yanyan, how are you so energetic?”

I reached out and had a spoonful of porridge, feigning profoundment as I shook my head. “You won’t understand, this is the result of being fed and filled by love.”

Little Chen stared at me with round eyes, speechless. Gu Yiliang suddenly pushed the door open, walking directly towards me and placing a bottle of iced honey tea next to me.



Yo, Old Gu, you’re opening your shop so early in the morning?

On the plastic bottle was a post-it note, and I glanced at it curiously. When I saw the heart drawn on it, my astonishment led me to fumble with my phone, and I handed the victory over to the other team.

My qualifying match!

Gu Yiliang watched in amusement as my eyes bulged out in anger. He sat down next to me. “I’ll help you, and guarantee you a win. Finish your breakfast first?”

“You said it yourself that you’ll win. If you lose, you’ll have to pay me 3 sets of skins!” I handed my phone over to him, and picked up my bowl of porridge.

Cocking a brow, he smiled. “It’s a guaranteed win. If I lose, I’ll buy you all the sets of skins.”



Pricked by that raised eyebrow, I ate my porridge slowly. Pretending to watch his movements, my eyes kept drifting over to that bottle of honey tea.

Why did it feel like I had been transported back to being a student? The misconception that the target of my affections had brought me a drink–

And he…

I sneaked a glance at Gu Yiliang with a nagging feeling that there was something different about his bearing today. It felt as though he had been remodeled, and every inch of him was exuding pheromones of extreme boyfriend material.

That Gu Yiliang who awkwardly asked me in embarrassment on how to perform fan service was already dead. Now, standing in front of me was Niohuru Yiliang1?



weak and helpless and scared.jpg

weak and helpless and scared but secretly excited.jpg

weak and helpless and scared but secretly excited with a strange smile.jpg



Honestly speaking, ever since last night where for the second time, he tossed me a huge piece of fluff just as I was feeling despondent, whenever I see him about to throw me another piece of fluff now, I only want to lie down and shout, “Throw it! Throw it everywhere! Throw it on my face! Throw it more accurately! Don’t only throw a little at me because you think I’m weak and fragile!”



As I was lost in my thoughts, Gu Yiliang placed my phone back in my hands, showing me the image of the opposing team shattering into small crystals.

As I was about to lick his boots and give him a few compliments, he revealed a pleased and proud smile. Leaning into my ear, he whispered, “So, ain’t I impressive?”



Referee, he– he– he– he’s going out of bounds!



My senses trembled in the quake of his low and flirtatious tone, and I nodded in a daze. “… Very impressive.”

He laughed gently, lifting his hand up and stroking my head.

… Was he only being very conscientious of his role, fulfilling all duties? Or were we currently on some prank show right now?

As I looked around in search of hidden cameras, my phone vibrated in my hand. I took a look at it.


OrangeWarmSun: I’m begging you guys, outside the filming location turn left and walk 400m. The nearest hotel is only charging 180 per hour for a room with a king-sized bed!



William: …

William: How did you know about this?

Little Chen laughed as he stood up and mumbled to himself, “Are you guys thirsty? Would you like some milk tea? I’ll go buy some for you? Less sugar no ice with only grass jelly for the topping? OK!”

While laughing, he shot straight out of the door.



Gu Yiliang looked questioningly at Little Chen’s fleeing back. Unbothered, he shrugged, turning towards me with smiling eyes. “Let’s go, we’ll go to the film site and practice our lines and capture the essence of the scene. Let’s work hard and succeed in one try.”

I grabbed that bottle of honey tea. “Mn!”



I was not exaggerating at all. When we practiced our lines last night, Gu Yiliang really dissected and explained all my lines to me, and the only thing that he did not do was chew it up and feed it to me in easily digestible pieces.

How every line should be spoken, how each emotion should be displayed… I conscientiously remembered his every explanation, and acted accordingly to what he taught me. Although it was not excellent, it was much better than my performance in the past.

There were some emotions I did not grasp properly, and the director yelled “cut” a couple of times. Gu Yiliang was never impatient, and each time, he would smile as he encouraged me, and again taught me how to adjust my acting according to the limitations of my ability.



The power of this boyfriend material was too much!

He really did not look down on me, and even tried his hardest to help me improve!

With such a professional fanservice partner, what more could I ask for?!

Your eyes, your smile, Idol-sama, they are the brightest and most beautiful sights I have ever seen!



With the thought that I could not disappoint him, I put in all my zest into my acting.

In the end, as I had too much zest, the other main leads, including Gu Yiliang, all got into the cars and headed to the magazine’s studio. Only I was forced by the director to stay back. He asked me to maintain my current condition, and continued filming a few more of my solo scenes.



By the time I finally bade the director farewell and removed my makeup, bringing Little Chen along with me to the studio, I was one hour late from the arranged timing. The other actors were already styled and testing out the lighting.

Ah, for a third-rate actor like me, being late was a huge taboo.

After greeting the other main leads, I sat down in the makeup room. Watching Little Chen apologise profusely to the angry-looking stylist, I felt even more contrite, and I so stood up as well and made my apologies.

The stylist looked disdainfully at me, and tossed Little Chen a set of clothes. “Only this set is left now. Hurry up and change, then get to makeup.”



Looking at the clothes, I was shocked.

Little Chen too was shocked. He opened the door to look for the stylist, but could not find him.

Stunned, I changed my clothes.

Still stunned, the makeup artist applied some makeup for me, and styled my hair.

As I continued feeling stunned, in a daze, I sat in front of the mirror for a long time.



Even if my butt replaced my brain, I would also know that they were purposely making things difficult for me. What the stylist gave me was a set of extremely bright, extremely eye-catching clothes – it was a neon green.

Just like a highlighter pen, I sat there in front of the mirror in a trance. I was so conspicuously green, glowing a bright green.

It was not an issue of whether or not I could carry off this colour. It was just that this set of clothes completely did not match what the other actors wore, so, what was going to happen to the composition of the photo? How would they edit it later?

Everyone else was dressed so very stylishly, looking very cool and rugged, like a biker gang. Standing amongst them, was I cosplaying the Green Man? Reminding everyone to watch out for the safety of the traffic while racing down the streets?

My face turned green with worry.

Or that might have been due to the light reflecting off this set of clothes.



Just as I was wondering whether to just give up and go for the photoshoot like this, Gu Yiliang opened the door and entered. “Are you ready? –“

It was likely that he had been shocked green by me. Frozen for a moment, he swiftly reacted. “Did you bring an extra set of your own clothes?”

He had actually reminded me specially about this before. My reply came slowly, “I was in a hurry to get here, so I didn’t bring any…”

He did not blame me for forgetting his reminder, only nodding and heading out of the door. Not too long later, he returned with some clothes and handed them to me. “The pants are fine, as for the top, change to this one. It’s quite similar to what the others are wearing.”

Hiss, the power of this boyfriend material was really leaving me breathless.

Time was tight, and I did not ask where these clothes came from. Hurriedly accepting it, I just changed right in front of him.



The entire time, his eyes were fixed on my arms, trailing up and down. He then looked as though he just exhaled in relief.

Adjusting the shirt, I asked, puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head, and looked at me with inexplicable gratification. “It’s nothing.”

He wasn’t suspecting me of abusing drugs, right? I glanced at him doubtfully, then pulled on the leather jacket. Standing in front of the mirror, I twisted about, studying my reflection. “It seems a little big, the shoulders don’t fit quite right.”

“Your shoulders are a little more narrow than mine, of course it wouldn’t fit properly.” He straightened the collar for me. “Just wear it as though it’s meant to be oversized, or during the photoshoot later, remove it and sling it over your shoulder.”

Me: “… This is yours?”

Him: “Yes, why?”



Nothing! Don’t only throw a little at me because you think I’m weak and fragile! Throw them! Throw them all!



I calmed myself down.

I too had a jacket in the same style, and a photo of me wearing it at the airport had been captured by the Pretty Yans before. This could be explained as me wearing my own jacket, and even if the shippers ran away with the truth behind this jacket, it should still be within the limits of our fanservice.

So… I’ll accept this fluff with open arms!

Little Chen who could not find the stylist happened to return, and he was surprised to see the clothes on me. “You’re just going to wear Gu-ge’s clothes like this?”

??? Wait, how did you recognise this?

Me: “… Ah, is it very obvious?”

Little Chen replied, “The collar of the shirt inside is a little too wide, and the shoulders of the jacket doesn’t fit. It’s obvious that it’s too broad for you. If you wore it properly, the sleeves would definitely extend over your wrists. The edges of the right pocket are a little scuffed as well, and you’re left-handed. It’s evident that these aren’t your clothes.”

Me: “…”

Where did this boy with a magnifying glass come from?! Did you get the piercing eye ability from Taishang Laojun?! Is it you, Sun Wukong, is it you?!



I was a little affected, and asked hesitantly, “So… would doing this not be ok?”

Gu Yiliang’s brows creased. “Why would it not be ok?”

Swayed, I was swayed.

Before you start your fanservice duties, can you at least conceal your pheromones first?

Little Chen eyed Gu Yiliang who was standing there like a real-life cutout, then turned to study me. He shook his head. “It’s not very ok…”

F… i… n… e…

Goodbye, my fluff.

Reluctantly, I sighed internally. About to remove the clothes, I heard Little Chen speak. “Your hands look too empty, and there are no adornments at all. Let Gu-ge pass you one of his rings and if you wear it, then it should be ok.”

Me: “……………….”

Are you two ganging up to sway me?



Without a word, Gu Yiliang removed one of his rings, held up my hand and put it on for me.




Welcome back, my fluff.

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