ISMM Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

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Not only had my fluff returned, it even brought its wife and child along.

If I didn’t see wrongly, this ring was Gu Yiliang’s own personal belonging. Also…

Gu Yiliang was personally putting the ring on me?!



The me yesterday had even arrogantly thought that I would be able to accept such fluff without a change in my expression.

I’m sorry. I had an extreme lack of self-awareness, and I overestimated myself.

Also, I didn’t understand Gu Yiliang properly, and underestimated him.

Looking at Gu Yiliang who had his head bowed while putting his ring on me, I held my breath for a long time.

What was air? What was breathing? These were all unnecessary. All I needed was to enjoy this fluff, and it was enough to sustain my body functions, allowing me to thrive on healthily to a great old age.



Enjoying fluff was too advantageous in preserving one’s health!

I really wanted to promote this sort of new way of living, offering such Niangzi fluff to everyone, and giving all citizens a true and honest delight!

This was definitely for the well-being of all people, not because I wanted to show off.



He first placed that ring on my index finger. Twisting it slightly, he gave a small frown. “It’s too loose.”

He then placed it on my middle finger, and before it even passed the second knuckle, he shook his head. “It won’t fit.”

Then he placed it straight onto my ring finger.

He no longer nitpicked at it, and spoke like an honest, proper man. “Mn, it’s done.”

Me: “…”

May I ask, how wildly have my hands been growing to have such uneven thickness?

In your eyes, do I have a pair of hands like Zhang Yide1, my fingers varying in size?

I suspected that he was actually called Zhang Yiliang. Specifically the Zhang from the phrase that meant the harder one concealed matters, the more conspicuous they became.



The fluff, just present the fluff! Don’t hold back! Just do it! I can handle it!

As my thoughts ran away, Gu Yiliang even smirked craftily at me, a damn look as though he had expressed everything he wanted to already.

I’m sorry! I overestimated myself again! I cannot handle it!

What happened to Gu Yiliang today? Was he made out of cotton candy?!

There was one moment when I really wanted to lunge over and lick him to see if he actually tasted sweet.



I was left struggling to survive in this boiling sugar syrup. Fortunately, the heavens shone down upon me, and Gu Yiliang was called away by his assistant. I was left alone in the makeup room to delight in my survival amidst this chaos, as well as Niangzi’s astounding confirmation that my ship was canon.

That Mr. Chen, who had witnessed the entire process, elbowed my waist. “Yanyan, you guys… what stage have the two of you progressed to?”

Words woke up the dreamer — I could not let Little Chen continue this misunderstanding!

I immediately turned back from being a crazy ship fan into the rational Wei Yanzi. Breezily, I explained, “Actually, there’s nothing between us. It’s only pure diplomacy.”

Little Chen: “…!”

Me: “…?”

Little Chen: “Uhh, I’m uneducated and unlearned. May I ask, what is the base of pure diplomacy?”



Me: “… Little Chen.”

Him: “Hmm?”

Me: “Once we finish shooting the Song of Waves, you should sign a long-term contract with me, and become my permanent assistant.”

Him: “! Really?! Yanyan, you’re the best!”

Me: “Mn. It’s real. I’m afraid that if I were to let you out, you’ll bring harm upon the world.”

Him: “… Is this a compliment?”

Me: “It is.”

Little Chen crowed.

Him: “So, exactly what is pure diplomacy—”

Me: “Scram!!!”



The photoshoot was progressing very well.

My acting ability was incompetent, but I was really proficient in being part of a photoshoot. If movies were made using powerpoints, then I would definitely be able to win a best actor award.

During the interval for the touching up of our makeup, I sat down properly on one of the props. Allowing the makeup artist to fiddle about with my face, I engaged with Gu Yiliang, next to me, in a series of useless, mutual flattery.

As we chatted, from the corner of my eye, I saw female lead-jiejie walking past in high heels.

She was dressed in a bodycon miniskirt, and her toned, tanned legs could reach the sky.

Suddenly, I recalled that during the livestream that day, Gu Yiliang had said that he liked long legs. I secretly peeked a few times at her legs, then turned to look at Gu Yiliang.

As expected, he was looking at female lead-jiejie.



Such a foolish, direct gaze. Doesn’t he know how to restrain it a little?

In my heart, I pursed my lips. Gu Yiliang then turned his head back abruptly. “My legs are straighter than hers.”

Me: “Huh?”

His tone was hard, and a little threatening. “In the future, just look at mine.”



What fierce and tyrannical words! There was completely no restraint!

Was there a need to be so professional all the time? Was the Niangzi shop open 24 hours?

To sell fanservice so obviously, how could that be any good? The makeup artist was already holding back her laughter!

We should pull back a little, and just pretend that we were only friends teasing each other.

I laughed out loud, and jested, “Then my legs are long too, so you’ll just look at mine in the future.”

His eyes narrowed slightly, and his tone was laden with meaning. “Sure.”

The makeup artist: “Pfft.”



He really deserved the name… Niohuru Yiliang.

I again lost my breath, my little heart trembling violently, and I nearly lost track of the days.



Wait wait, this was wrong.

I could not allow this syrup to blind my eyes!

This fanservice had to be appropriate, with a sense of propriety. Selling such fanservice had to be according to the time and place. If not, there might be a risk of this business folding!

When the photoshoot ended, my anxiety did not end. Sitting down like a tyrannical king on the couch in the lounge, I waited for Gu Yiliang to come over, ready to discuss with him the levels of fanservice we should commit to.

In the end, when he appeared, I immediately wilted.

There was no other reason—

Gu Yiliang, can you not use such a perfect, handsome smile at me? My hp bar is very short!

Did he take some sort of strange medication today? Why did he keep giving me the feeling that something was wrong?

His smile made my tailbone, no, my spine tingle. My aggression diminished, and I asked, “What’s with you today?”

He tilted his head, very puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

You’re even asking what’s wrong? I inhaled deeply, about to list out each and every one of his crimes, but realised—

He really seemed to not have done anything?



Away from the lenses of being a fan of the ship, as well as performing fanservice, there was nothing wrong with bringing a drink for a friend, right? There was nothing wrong with bragging about their gaming skills, right? There was nothing wrong with giving some friendly advice on improving my acting skills, right? There was nothing wrong with voluntarily helping a friend with his wardrobe issues, right? Also, how could his good-looking smile be his fault?

As for those subtle actions, quiet words and tones, not only could they be considered within the limits of fanservice, but they could even be brushed off as jokes between straight boys.

So, at the end of the day, my emotions were stirred so badly because…

It was too easy to flirt with me?



I was extremely depressed, and even started to doubt life itself.



It was fake! Everything was fake!

So it wasn’t that the enemy was too cunning, but me that was too disappointing!

I fell onto the sofa in an inexplicable bout of anger. My eyes drooped in despair, and I caught sight of the ring on my finger—

This was a true, real, wonderful, memorable, and sweet stimulant!



Gulping down that piece of fluff, I immediately sat up, full of vitality. Then, I started a discussion, “How about selling me this ring?”

He was baffled. “Huh? Why?”

Of course it was because I wanted to have this piece of corporeal fluff as a keepsake.

I randomly found an excuse, “I quite like this brand, and didn’t manage to buy this ring, so—”

He immediately interrupted me. “Then I’ll just give it to you.”

“Huh? No, no.” I was shocked, and wanted to remove the ring in a hurry. “This thing costs thousands, and I also didn’t prepare anything for you. How can I—”

He caught hold of my hands.



I looked at him, and he was looking at me too. Holding each other’s hands, we were both silent.

I was about to say something, and a sudden light seemed to flash in his eyes as though he recalled something. Releasing my hands, he turned and ran out of the room, before running back with a bag.

Perplexed, I watched as he opened the bag, and pulled out a jewellery case from within.



Under my perplexed gaze, Gu Yiliang took out two necklaces from the case, and put them on me.

Again, from the case, he took out a bangle, and put it on me.

Again, from the case, he took out a bracelet, and put it on me.

Again, from the case…



Was he… decorating a Christmas tree?

Or was he preparing to marry me off in style?

Or was he preparing to send me off during my funeral in style?



Dumbstruck, I watched him gamely hanging the accessories on me. A beat slower, I held up one of the necklaces and asked, “This is…”

He glanced at it, and answered matter-of-factly, “Oh, this is the 2017 autumn’s—”

Me: “No, I know that, I recognise it. I’m asking — what are you doing?”

Him: “You said you like this brand.”

Me: “No, yes, n—”

Him: “These designs are not readily available.”

Me: “Yes, but…”

Him: “I’ll give them all to you.”

I was about to breakdown, and I turned incoherent. “No, I, you…”



The corners of his lips quirked up slightly, and with shiny eyes, he looked at me. In his tone was a 30% earnest request and 70% gentle amusement as he solemnly asked—

“I’ll give them all to you. Could you just sing solely for me alone?”



Ah, I can’t breathe. Am I drifting about in space?

Ah, my heart cannot bear it. Where’s my instant heart recovery pill?

Ah, my hp bar is empty. Did this person take it to sell it or use it to cook mao xue wang3



I felt that Gu Yiliang was working as the Pied Piper on the side. My vision became blurry, and my mind blanked out. By the time I recovered, I had already given him my money — no, I had already agreed to his request.

Gu Yiliang seemed ecstatic. “Alright, it’s a deal.”

I rested my forehead on my palm. “… No, wait, hold on.”

The corners of his lips immediately drooped down. He blinked, looking rather aggrieved. “Are you going to go back on your words?”

Me: “Please be a little more normal!!”



I descended into 3 minutes of contemplation, going through all his actions today.

Finally, I discovered where things felt wrong.

Within a day, with the strong foundation of an immense boyfriend material energy, he had displayed the pure and innocent love of youths, a gentle and responsible patience, a decisive adaptability when faced with problems, a behaviour like a crafty little imp, an overbearing firm possessiveness, an insolent flirtation mixed with gentleness…

From an overbearing president with a wicked charm to an adorkable puppy, how many roles had he successively gone through?!



I asked, “Have you been reading novels.”



He rubbed his nose.

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