ISMM Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Edited by Isalee





Gu Yiliang looked very obedient when he slept. Oh my god, how could this person be so good looking? He was so good looking that if a prince came riding by on a horse, even the horse would not be able to drag its hooves away.


His eyelashes were thick, his nose straight, and his lips plump. In other words, his features were bright and clear. With a pair of strong brows that were either trimmed or innate, they gave him a righteous air as he slept, the aura enveloping his whole body.





Why was my observation so thorough?


Because I happened to be holding up a light and was examining him with it.


With tightly creased brows, I borrowed the light from the screen of my handphone to study Gu Yiliang. Every few seconds, I would sigh faintly like an old mother sewing clothes for her child at night by the light of a candle.





It was already three in the morning. Yet my heart was unable to calm down, and waves kept crashing over and over again in my head.


As for Gu Yiliang, after he gave me a kiss out of the blue, without even waiting for the scrolling comments in my heart to finish, he had fallen asleep at ease within a second. He had completely not given me any chance to react at all.


This behaviour… How should I say it? It really, truly was Gu Yiliang.


Truly deserving of a beating.





Fucking hell, my hand — slowly raised up, then gently fell down.


In the end, it was my fault.


I should not have abused such weapons of magic.





Then, how else could I explain it? Now, my heart was with him, and my body was in his bed. Yet, he could still sleep so easily and peacefully under his blanket. It could not be because after feeling conflicted over it for the entire night, he then finally decided to give me a goodnight kiss, and so managed to sleep so well now that his burden over it was lifted?


Or was it that he was trying to use me as a subject to experience being what a father was like?


I dared not wake him up to clarify it with him, I was afraid that he would want to exchange pointers with me throughout the night.





In my heart, I signed a contract with myself to never use black magic as the first response again. Looking at Gu Yiliang’s face which was perfectly compatible with my aesthetic standards, a small wave of guilt gradually swelled up within me.


Not only did I secretly ship our CP behind his back, shipping myself bent, happily revelling in all his good as well as his flirtations, I also dragged him down with me in a moment of anger.


What if he wakes up tomorrow and feels regretful over his actions tonight, then deliberately distances himself from me, and posts an announcement to clarify our relationship, causing the Niangzi ship to sink? What am I going to do?!







Then, wouldn’t I no longer have any fluff to enjoy, anyone to flirt with, anyone to treat me well, anyone to play computer games with me anymore—


This goodnight kiss imbued with fatherly emotions could not be the last piece of fluff for me to enjoy, right?!


I felt tortured, I wailed my misery to the skies, and I carefully counted his three thousand points of merit.


Wailing and counting, wailing and counting, I came to a sudden realisation.


— Towards Gu Yiliang, I seemed to not be treating him as well as he treated me?


In fact, I had never treated him well at all?





It was clear that I would not be able to fall asleep tonight. Tossing and turning, it was all a torment.


I kept my phone, slowly lying back into the space that belonged to me. A hand on my forehead, another on my heart, they both felt very hot.





I wanted to treat him well.


With all my heart, I wanted to keep him with me.





With intense concentration, I planned throughout the night.


Facing the mirror, I encouraged myself, hoping to provide Gu Yiliang with the best possible service and the best attitude possible.


I could no longer interact with him for the aim of seeking and enjoying fluff anymore. From now on, I would no longer — Just today, I’d abstain from fluff just today!





The very moment Gu Yiliang opened his eyes, I placed his breakfast right in front of him.


He was stunned for over ten seconds. With bleary eyes, he sat up. “What’s…”


Me: “Here are your favourite millet porridge and salted egg custard buns. I personally went down to buy them. Hurry up, eat them while they’re hot.”


Him: “… I’ll brush my teeth first?”


Me: “Then please wait for a moment, I’ll help you squeeze the toothpaste out.”


With stiff motions, he brushed his teeth. I waited by the side with my hands down, and upon seeing that he was about to rinse his mouth, I immediately held up a cup with both hands, offering it to him.


He spat the foam out, asking hesitantly, “Your pelvis… Is it better?”


See, the second thing he says after waking up is to show me concern.


I replied, “Thank you for worrying over it. I’m completely fine now, there’s no problem at all.”


Looking at his face of disbelief, I twisted my hips around as though I was hula-hooping, and was about to jump a few times.


He caught me at once, his brows creasing lightly. “Don’t strain it again.”


See, the second thing he does after waking up is to show me concern.


I gave a small whimper internally. With emotions brimming in my eyes, I stared at him. Just as I was wondering how to continue treating him well, he picked up the bottle of cleansing milk by the sink.


With great enthusiasm, I said, “Let me do it!”





Gu Yiliang stood there, frozen. I did not know if he was going along with me or if he was shocked by me.


I foamed up the cleansing milk, making the bubbles dense and thick before carefully rubbing it on his face. While rubbing, I praised him. “Your skin is so good, so smooth. The pores cannot be seen at all, it’s just like a little light bulb. Oh, close your eyes for a bit. Alright, ai, your skin is so soft. You can rinse your face now. Tsk, that brand or something, not looking for you to be their spokesperson is truly their loss—”


Gu Yiliang rinsed the bubbles away himself, and I immediately handed him a towel.


He seemed to be at a loss on how to react. Accepting the towel, his expression looked very complicated. “You don’t have to do all these…”


You’re so good to me! If I don’t do this, how can I repay you?!


“It’s fine, it’s fine,” I shook my head. My answer was very firm. “These are all things that I should do.”





Why did his expression seem to look more and more complicated?


It must be because I was not working hard enough!





I handed him today’s outfit that I had selected, eagerly watching him change into it. Then I helped him straighten the collar, tug the hem down, then walked him over to the dining table and helped him take a seat. Next, I passed him the spoon and tissues, then helped him stir the porridge to cool it down a little before putting it in front of him.


Throughout the entire process, he watched me stiffly, not daring to have more physical interaction with me.


I understood. He probably had reflected it already, and could not accept that he had done something so inexplicable last night.


A success or a failure, it was now at hand. I must keep him by me!


Holding up the bowl of porridge, I asked, “Shall I feed you?”





Him: “…”


Hesitantly, he held up the other bowl of porridge. “Then… I’ll feed you too?”


Eh? This was not in my script.


Me, “…”


Hesitantly, I agreed.





We sat, face to face.


With hesitation on his face, he delivered spoon after spoon of porridge into my mouth. Uncertainty written over my face, I delivered spoon after spoon of porridge into his mouth.


Mu-mutual aid? Ha-harmonious friendship?


The atmosphere seemed a little strange.


I scooped up a spoonful of vegetables. “Here, to go with the meat floss that you like.”


He scooped up a spoonful of vegetables. “Here, to go with the soybeans that you like.”


Me: “Slowly, slowly, be careful it’s hot.”


Him: “Slowly, slowly, be careful not to choke.”


Me: “?”


Him: “?”


I put the bowl of porridge down, picking up a piece of tissue to wipe his mouth.


He reached out with his hand, four fingers pressed gently against my chin as his thumb rubbed against the corner of my mouth.





Me: “…”


Why was this person like this?!


In heterosexuality, I could not compare against him; in flirting, I could not compare against him; in treating the other well, I also could not compare against him?!





Calm down, calm down. Since this road is blocked, we’ll just find another way.


I thought for a moment, then said, “Yesterday, the photo we took yesterday in the hospital still ended up being shared online. There were all sorts of comments, like people turning into anti-fans, posting malicious remarks, saying that it was deliberate fanservice, that it was a conspiracy and many others. However, don’t worry. I’ve already contacted someone to deal with it already. Don’t go look at the comments on Weibo yet, don’t let it affect your mood.”


He froze slightly, a little uncertain. “Why would it be a conspiracy among the anti-fans?”


Yes, you don’t know what you said yesterday. You can’t be blamed. Just blame me, blame me for keeping quiet when I shouldn’t, for being weak when I should be brave, just blame it all on me.


I gave a small but sincere smile. “In a line like this, fans just like to gossip and fantasise. This is good too. We’re getting publicity for free, and it’s just in time to hype up your attendance on the variety show next week.”


He took his phone, looking at his schedule. “… But I don’t have a variety show to attend next week?”


Me: “Now you do.”


Him: “…?”


Me: “It’s the best variety show now, and you’ll be attending it with the prettiest actress from Xinjin who has been recently very popular. Also, there will be two other recently popular CPs attending. You know it right? This—”


He interrupted, “Is this a newly-added arrangement by the company? Then why aren’t they letting you attend it with me?”


I froze.


That was right, he previously had no interactions at all with that pretty actress. On a variety show which required great participant interactions, it would be a little awkward, and it might also cause the fans who viewed themselves as partners of their idol to object. Between the recently popular CPs, there was also one who was focused on gaybaiting, and to let me attend it with him—


Me: “Do you want me to attend it with you?”


Him: “Mm-hm.”


Me: “Sure! Then I’ll let the company know, and I’ll definitely serve you well!”


His face suddenly darkened by a few degrees.







I had already landed a spot on the top variety show for him. Could he not look a little happier?


Was he thinking that it was an increase in workload? Was he not the career-minded type?


Looking at him in incomprehension, I calmed myself down and steadily held out my next offering. “Right. This is the address you commonly use, right? In a couple of days, a parcel will be delivered there. Remember to get someone to sign for it.”


He asked, “What parcel?”


I replied, “The last time, you posted on Weibo about the pair of sneakers that you wanted to collect but didn’t manage to get. My friend happens to have a pair.”


He asked, “… For me?”


This time, it should be able to make him happy! Excitedly, I nodded. “Mn mn!”





Gu Yiliang gripped my wrist, the expression on his face somewhat negative. “In the past, to … you were like this too?”


Why was he speaking so incoherently? To who? I was confused. “No? It’s only you.”


I would not be able to find a second pair of those sneakers again. Even if I wanted to gift another person with them, it was impossible.


His face was like the sky after rain. He grinned at me, and his eyes were filled with soft and gentle emotions.


Eeee, great, I got it!


So it turned out that he went for the sort who was good at speaking!


Just as I was searching through my mind for more good things to say, his phone rang.





When Gu Yiliang returned after the phone call, his expression was quite interesting.


I could probably guess what it was about, but I still put on a questioning and concerned expression. “What happened?”


He did not hide it. “It’s about my family. The old man is about to bring his wife overseas, and he asked me to never contact them again.”


Me: “…”





I only asked Old Huang to think of a solution. Was he thinking of getting rid of them entirely?!


Why did I not inherit a single bit of his proactiveness?! He also did not tell me anything about it?!


Anxiously, I asked, “On the phone, the two older people… Are they well?”


He looked at me strangely. “Mn. Out of the blue, they received a sum of money. That car accident in the past is about to be looked into again, so they ran off.”


All good, all good. Old Huang was still reliable. In my heart, I released a breath in relief, and laughed, “So, does it feel good?”


His reply was hesitant. “Mn, it’s just that the way they received the money was a little odd.”


Me: “?”


Him: “The window at home was shattered, and a bag of cash was tossed inside along with an atm card that had a note attached to it. On the note was the pin as well as the sender’s name — Your father.”


Me: “…”


Him: “They thought that it might have been some brain-damaged criminal stashing their money in the wrong place. Without even waiting, they took the money and ran.”


Me: “…”


Him: “I wonder what sort of person did this, they’re so stupid.”


Me: “… Mn.”

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