ISMM Chapter 5

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Premise: A not-so-famous film star who sucks at acting is caught red-handed by his adversary watching a fan-made BL video about them.

Question: Is there anything more awkward than that?

Answer: He then has to finish acting a scene under his adversary’s serious, piercing, and benevolent gaze, who is eyeing his every move like an old and experienced artist.



I was on the verge of forgetting how the word ‘awkward’ was actually written. My entire back went limp as I cast a mournful gaze at the male lead in a daze, forcing myself to act out the sentiments which should belong to a female lead.

After the male lead was done, he didn’t even dare to look at me. He would run away the moment I called out to him with a red blush on his face.



I truly regret the fact that I haven’t honed my acting skill.

But that adversary of mine who was fully equipped with both talent and virtue said he would teach me how to act when there was a chance.

My adversary is so nice. Like my home, he’s the gentlest harbor, the most solid supporter behind my back…



…my ass!



I was on tenterhooks the whole day, fearing that my adversary would take me as a sick pervert lusting for his flesh and soul. After I returned to my hotel room, locked the door, turned off the light, and drew the curtains to a close, I watched that video again and then found that the scene I was watching when he came in was, in fact, his solo act. Turns out, I didn’t expose jack shit!

Then why the hell was he acting all awkward around me in the break room earlier?!

Acting frozen stiff, cringing and twitching, hesitating and sputtering all over… Was that all an impromptu performance just to play along with me?!



I was trapped in an awkward state for so long! For nothing!

I’m so pissed!

Fuming with rage, I removed my makeup and took a shower before plopping on my bed with a face mask on to scroll through Weibo.

Due to my ‘accidental like’ slip-up on the Weibo post earlier this morning, I successfully reaped a ton of curses and personal attacks bestowed benevolently by the fans of my adversary with passion. The more I took in, the more wisdom I gained, eventually learning to conceal my tracks—by commandeering Little Chen’s Weibo account with brute force. 



I had only managed to sail my ship for barely an hour earlier in the day. Before I could even bath in the wholesomeness as well as the beloved atmosphere, the other character in the ship had unexpectedly barged in, shattering it into pieces.

I must recover my lost fluff!

I haven’t caught up with the class yet! I’ve yet to savor all the fluff! I’ve yet to clearly figure out the key premise, as well as the plotline for the ship! I’ve yet to understand the ship in great detail!



My adversary’s fans taught me how to become mature.

The Niangzi Army taught me how to love.



After checking through Little Chen’s list of followings as well as his followers, I went through Little Chen’s Weibo posts. Good. Not even a trace on there had anything to do with me.

Little Chen is a true genius. His whereabouts are unknown, identity a mystery. Even I myself couldn’t tell that he was my life assistant at all.



If I’m going to do it, I have to take on the full course.

I looked up a guide for joining a fandom. According to the guide, I first downloaded the Super Fans Club app and added Gu Yiliang and myself to my list of followings. Then I followed Niangzi’s discussion board with Little Chen’s Weibo account, scrolled down, and followed a few popular and big-name fans. In the end, I added an anonymous forum to my Favorites after downloading the app for Douban Group.

Clapclapclap! The wild single-person fluff party has now officially begun!

I’m so excited! HoHoHo!





After skimming through it briefly, I found a well-organized, hardcore brainwashing package about the storyline that really deserved appreciation. Its content was very complete, accurate, and well-illustrated with pictures and links, including video clips of all of our interviews, variety shows that we each attended, and audio clips of our radio station talks etc. — making it a 139-page long PDF in total.

It is simply too long to talk about in detail, so let me summarize the main plotline for you.



The Beginning: A pair of young boys who had just entered the entertainment industry, one of them cold, skilled, and responsible, while the other was soft, innocent, and inexperienced. Their first meeting determined their everlasting fate. One gaze alone set millions of foreshadowings in stone. A myriad of threads spread out from a line of jest. Was it destiny? Was it love? It was the thread of fate that connected us, binding us tightly together.

The Course of Events: We stumbled as we walked together. On the pathway to growth, blood, sweat, and tears were the common colors we shared. We relied and depended on each other for survival. When our gazes met, colorful and radiant hope, as well as reflections of the other, appeared in our eyes.

The Twist: The strong emotions reflected in our eyes couldn’t be masked as the days went by. We weren’t capable enough to bear any of the consequences that were thrown in our direction. If we continued down on this path, we would only hurt ourselves terribly. Thus, one look alone was enough to affirm that our love was already meaningful. We raised our glasses, wishing each other a bright future ahead before turning around, deciding resolutely to let go of each other. As we stood at opposite ends, we hovered in our respective heights from then on, only displaying a calm front when we meet again. Hidden underneath the layer of facade was a burning ember, or the turbulent undercurrents.

The Ending: A rich and colorful story set to be continued.



I fucking gaped at it.



Like seriously, staring at it with my mouth agape. Isn’t this a little too real?

Hello? Is the station’s DJ available? I would like to request Truth is Real for this couple.

Especially when I saw that part in a video clip where I was asked to describe the type I liked. I laughed, saying that I wanted a cold beauty that was tall, thin, and enterprising, but only treated me gently. Immediately following it was an interview clip of Gu Yiliang. The host asked him about the changes he would make if he were to fall in love, and he said, his eyes brimming with tenderness, that he would only change in front of his beloved and remain the same to others. In addition, he would not let the relationship get in the way of his career. It almost scared the facial mask off me. Luckily, I held it up in time, thus avoiding wasting this sheet of SKII for nothing.



Ever since our debut, there were simply too many “crosstalks” like this.

I thought they were just shipping two random guys together at first, but it turned out to be a well-founded argument actually?



I was born in a coastal city, so I made a joke when I was on the show, saying I was the ocean’s son. And over there, Gu Yiling posted a Weibo right afterwards recommending his favorite fairy tale: The Little Mermaid.

Gu Yiliang said in a radio talk show that he always wanted to go Amsterdam, but he was too busy with work and just didn’t have the time. Coincidentally, I happened to post an old picture of me taking a vacation in the Netherlands on Instagram around the same time, together with a line from a song: I took the train from Brussels to Amsterdam…

Also, I once sprained my ankle while shooting a scene and posted on Weibo about it to harvest the fans’ pity. One of Gu Yiliang’s friends in the industry happened to post a short video of him. In the video, Gu Yiliang caught a little kitten who accidentally fell off the bed and said softly, “Why are you so careless, hm?”



Some people die before their death.

Meanwhile, some live on even after their days.



Some people are never together, but they’ve been in a relationship for three years already???



So how did it happen?

We had only debuted for three years, barely coming into contact with one another in reality, let alone in front of the mass public. Yet, there was a large, impressive number of fans on our ship, and the works they gave birth to was extremely abundant, stretching up to 1,800 yields per plot of land. But for what reason exactly?

To the best of my capability, I made an analysis and came up with two reasons.

  1. Our beauty is just such a magnificent sight to behold.
  2. The power that this band of people had in tearing into materials and fluff, as well as their brainwashing capability, was just too OP.

Even I almost swayed to the other side.



Overdosed with all the fluff, I sank into fatigue and emptiness that came after a feverish excitement and started to nod off while holding the phone in my hand.

Suddenly, my phone started vibrating off and on, forcibly waking me up from my drowsiness.

I tapped the screen and glanced at it.



Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam is online [Weibo]

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam is online [Weibo]

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam is online [Weibo]

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam is online [Weibo]

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam followed @WeiYanzi_William

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam made a Weibo post

Your baby @GuYiliang_Liam tagged @WeiYanzi_William on his Weibo



With a poker face, I unlocked my phone, checked my Weibo, typed something, tapped repost, locked the phone, calmly stood up and walked into the bathroom, peeled off the facial mask, threw it away, washed my face with water, brushed my teeth for five good minutes, and finished it off by applying some moisturizing cream at the end.



Then I dived head-first into my bed.


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    Too poetic, I almost lost my patience.
    And then come those crazy theories..
    I just can’t stop grinning.
    The power of Fujoshis

    Thanks for the update.
    I’m really excited to see what happens next.
    The reason why ML suddenly become so awkward with him.
    Maybe those stories are true?
    Maybe he also accidentally just read those fan theories too?
    Ah, I’m curious…

  2. Omg, what MC read describes how the brains of RPS (Real Person Shipper) work. I know this because I’m one of them, hahaha. My Ship Couple get related-themed tattoos, “they’re a couple” . He says something, the other guy posts something related in Twitter, “it’s a sign!!!”

    This chapter is a big call out, lol.

    Anyhoo, the MC is truly adorable. He actually jumped into his ship with such glee and I’m loving his reactions, lhaha.

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    Him fanboying over the CP created for him and ML is just… (。’▽’。)♡

    I also can’t help laughing for managing to dig deeper into the fujoshi world and unearthing those fan theories. What a crazy coincidences they are. Lol.

  4. If the author didn’t provide Wei Yanzi’s thoughts, I would’ve believed those fans too. They’re too convincing with their so called evidence.

  5. Thanks so much for the TL!!! It’s great to have this amazing story translated flawlessly!

    Also, it’s hilarious how WYZ says he is almost convinced when he totally already ships them
    You are not fooling anyone dear! Please go out of de Nile…

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