ISMM Chapter 6

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Gossiping vigorously doubles one’s happiness, while camping as a netizen makes one’s face glow with delight. But shipping a couple is the ultimate combination of the greatest essence of those two above catered with the extra-sweet delusion of being in love.

I don’t know what others feel when their ships are sailing, but right now I feel like an old immortal with white hair and a rosy complexion surrounded by so much bliss that I’m burst with energy even when I go out.



There was still some time before filming. I changed into my costume and aimlessly roamed amongst the production crew with my clothes fluttering around like a happy little steel-gray butterfly, greeting everyone I saw with smiles. The pleasantries ranged from the weather’s so nice today to how should I move in this particular scene and chatting about whether there should be a team dinner tonight for the entire crew and cast, stunning everyone with the sheer cheerfulness of it. I then flung my sleeves and went on to the next target.

Ah, there’s no end to happiness.



Little Chen was hugging a thermos lunch box. He grabbed a hold of me with one grip and said, “Yan Yan, hurry up and eat your breakfast. Don’t flap your wings and flutter around aimlessly like a moth.”




I’m in a good mood, so I won’t squabble with a motherfucking genius.



I bit into a slightly hot steamed dumpling before fishing out my phone to check Weibo, refreshing my own feed repetitively as I stared at the Weibo post I reposted last night again and again.

Everyone must remember to eat your meals on time! Don’t kill your tummy! [hmphing to the right][hmphing to the left]! I can’t wait too [heart for you]//@GuYiliang_Liam: @WeiYanzi_William Thanks for saving me from low blood sugar. I’m looking forward to working with you!


And the attached picture was the cup of bubble tea which was so rich in ingredients that it looked like a mini Mount Fuji stacked in the cup. He even used a filter that made the drink looked very appealing. I have no idea about when he took the picture though.

He probably took it when I was annoyed with Little Chen to the point that I couldn’t even think straight.



I briefly glanced at the comments on my own Weibo post and didn’t have the gall to look at Gu Yiliang’s.

Fortunately, my acting skill was just a fan-filtering machine. A majority of those in the fandom only fancied my looks, treating me as their boyfriend, brother, son, and nephew. Regardless of what I shared, they would always shower me with ‘Why is my baby so striking and so adorable to the max?! You’re suffocating Mommy here! Stop playing with your phone and go fool around with the neglected waifu in your bedroom and please pay attention to your obedient and adorable son!!’

What a loving and caring family.



Naturally, discord would exist too among the comments. They were all accusing me of sucking up to his ass so I could bask in his limelight, and etc. In any case, regardless of whatever they said, they would eventually reroute the discussion back to square one: my horrible acting skills. I was already used to it. They wouldn’t be able to stir up any more shit.



However, the scene on the discussion board was different. In that world, true love existed alongside humanity. The beating of drums filled the air as firecrackers sounded out in unison, while the red banners swayed in the wind amidst the sea of people whose faces were brimming with supreme happiness. Their eyes flickered brightly in excitement. The sound of their voices fluctuated as they greeted and offered their blessings. What happened today was sealed as the lawful wedding anniversary of Niangzi. Every post on the discussion board ended with a string of ‘lock’ emoticons.  

I didn’t understand what it meant, so I went out of my way to look it up. Only then did I realize the lock meant that their ship was canon.

Here, I couldn’t help but feel deeply moved by the prosperous fandom culture.

I scrolled down casually, and to my surprise, I realized that they had dug out more fluffy material from the two innocent Weibo posts we made.



Let’s skip over the obvious mentions of the concerns we held for each other and the display of our affection.

First of all, Gu Yiliang logged in and out of Weibo four times last night. No activities were done the first three times, but during the last login, he followed me and then immediately made that Weibo post. It clearly proved that he was completely nervous, hesitant on whether he should do this at first, but then he finally made up his mind. Thinking that since we were going to act in the same play anyway, it would not be weird for people from the same cast to follow each other on Weibo. Not to mention, he could also take the opportunity to openly interact with me.

Next, the filter he used for the photo came from an app called ‘Pudding’. The name of the filter was ‘You’ll always be there for me’.

Moreover, the two hmphing emoticons in my Weibo weren’t pouting angrily back to back. Instead, they were facing each other, and it became a kiss.

Finally, he posted that Weibo at 1:25 a.m.. If you read the timestamp backwards, the numbers became 521, which sounded like ‘I love you’ when pronounced out loud. This signified that there was a possibility that he had been logging in and out for the sake of waiting for this particular timestamp. On the other hand, I reposted it at 1:26 a.m., which showed that I practically followed his account too in return and reposted it almost immediately.

There was a great possibility that we were still together even in the middle of the night.

The conclusion is, if this is not love, then what is?



They win. I give up.  

Even if I die and am nailed inside a coffin, I will still cry out with my rotten throat from the other side of the grave: Niangzi is rio!



There was no way to whitewash the instant reposting and the instant following. But those two emoticons. They were really just two emoticons that I tapped randomly off the list! They appeared next to each other in that order on the keyboard!

Just as I was hesitating on whether I should edit the post and replace those two emoticons, someone knocked on the break room door.

Three knocks, one second apart. Gu Yiliang’s way of knocking!

Immediately alarmed, I switched to other Weibo account, locked my phone, and destroyed all the evidence in one breath before calmly asking him to please come in.



Wei Yanzi will never fall twice in the same place!



Gu Yiliang poked his head in, asking, “The crew has set aside a thirty-minute window for the visiting fans. Do you want to go together?”

I got up. “Ah, sure.”

On my way out, I took some snacks that Little Chen had brought over to fulfill my cravings in passing. Using my sleeves to carry them, I then followed Gu Yiliang out the door.

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  1. Even if I die and am nailed inside a coffin, I will still cry out with my rotten throat from the other side of the grave: Niangzi is rio!

    LOL the mc is so funny XD i am super glad that i manage to find this gem, hopefully the romance between the MC and the ML will start soon. Good job for the translator!! I think the translation of this novel is good, im looking forward for the next chapter!!

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