LSR Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – What to Do, the Gym Teacher Thinks that My Roommate and I Had Sex In the Equipment Room

Wei Ru Song had once asked Xiao Nian about the identity of the senior who was bullying him, but Xiao Nian did not reply. Although Wei Ru Song never asked again but he also did not forget, who would have known that he would see Lin Kai Jie’s ugly face immediately on this day. His anger could not help but boil over, and of course Wei Ru Song’s hasty beating of Lin Kai Jie was attributed to other hidden factors.

Lin Kai Jie happened to be one of the guys chasing Chen Xuan Xuan in the past, and was considered a strong competitor. This guy was a little good looking, could play the piano, was a member of the school council literary club, and because of Chen Xuan Xuan had tried to sabotage Wei Ru Song a number of times. Wei Ru Song being a righteous person, naturally did not drag himself to the level of Lin Kai Jie, and because of this “I don’t care what you assholes are doing” attitude together with his independent and masculine straight man image, had won Chen Xuan Xuan’s heart.

With fate making a fool out of people, Wei Ru Song had only been with Chen Xuan Xuan for a few months before breaking up. Chen Xuan Xuan had immediately went to the loyally waiting Lin Kai Jie, Wei Ru Song was also labelled as gay, and with frequent unsavoury news about Wei Ru Song flying about, forget about outsiders embellishing the rumour, even Wei Ru Song himself unknowingly fanned the flames. It seemed like there was no way for Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian to ever clarify this misunderstanding. Even if they were to jump into the Yellow River to wash away this misconception, others would only say that Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian could no longer withstand the eyes of the public and decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river. Wei Ru Song was also a little stubborn, even after consoling himself that Xiao Nian and him were truly innocent, once he heard something he could not resist defending himself, only to end up even more misunderstood.

Just like now, as Xiao Nian shot him a “shut the fuck up” glare, Wei Ru Song only just remembered that Xiao Nian was also involved. By the way, Xiao Nian was truly handsome, despite only wearing a very plain white shirt and normal black pants, he could still give off a dignified feeling, and after including his arresting eyes, he looked just like someone who stepped off a fashion magazine.

“It’s your turn, quickly get up the stage.”

Without saying anything Xiao Nian entered the stage, he could heard the screaming and clapping of the crowd through the think curtain, not unlike what Wei Ru Song was imitating last night. Wei Ru Song impolitely pulled Lin Kai Jie off the ground. He could actually also be considered enigmatic, his father being the 18th successor of the Wei’s Wang Ba Fist, and he of course would be the 19th successor, and would be considered a martial artist, naturally unbothered by small fights and arguments. Wei Ru Song squinted his big almond eyes, and threw a somewhat dangerous look over to Lin Kai Jie.

“Xiao Nian and I have always been innocent, you don’t go around bullying juniors. If anything, just look for me directly.”

Wei Ru Song was already good looking, with this statement it only further enhanced his looks, to the point where even he himself was secretly happy. – Hehe, I actually have this opportunity to spew such typical male lead lines! Lin Kai Jie held his swollen face and asked unbelievably.

“There’s really nothing between Xiao Nian and you?”

“Why do all of you keep thinking that there’s something between us?”

Wei Ru Song lifted the curtain slightly, letting Lin Kai Jie clearly see Xiao Nian under a spotlight. Such a lonely prince playing an antique piano in an ancient castle, presenting to him his favourite rose, with Xiao Nian’s fingers as pretty as his face, shining under the light, and the moving melody coming out from the piano keys sounded just like a romantic conversation with his lover.

“You guys think that I’m deserving of Xiao Nian?”Wei Ru Song self-mockingly smiled. “You have really overestimated me.”

If Xiao Nian was to be described as the shining prince charming receiving laudations and applause on the stage, Wei Ru Song would be described as the ordinary Cinderella hiding behind the curtains. Whether it was Xiao Nian’s looks, family background, abilities, he could only be paired with the brightest and shiniest princess, whereas a Cinderella like Wei Ru Song could only help carry the skirt of the princess – Hold on, this example doesn’t seem quite right. Did I make myself too tragic?

Anyway having hung out together for so long, Wei Ru Song also understood that Xiao Nian did not mind the rumours was because he knew his conscience was clear, Wei Ru Song should also have a clear conscience!

After the welcome dinner someone uploaded the video of Xiao Nian playing the piano. Rousing quite a bit of attention, with web citizens commenting, finally a comment appeared. 

– Just give up, he already has a boyfriend. @BrotherSongisbetterlookingthanTakeshiKaneshiro

That’s right, even from his Weibo’s nickname you could see that Wei Ru Song was a masculine straight man, the web citizens quickly went to leave comments on his Weibo, only to see two posts

One year ago: Just joined Weibo ~~~~~ [Cool]

Four months ago: A sweet selfie of Wei Ru Song and Chen Xuan Xuan.

Not only was his nickname unique, Wei Ru Song’s selfie style was also terrible. It was supposed to be a downwards shot, with Chen Xuan Xuan daintily be in the embrace of Wei Ru Song, however the angle was horrible to the point of despair, making Wei Ru Song and Chen Xuan Xuan’s faces this big, legs this short, and them this dark.

-Showing love<3 <3 [look at photo]

The comments boiled over.

– Heard that you’re Mr Piano’s boyfriend? Why do you look so ugly??? [Vomit] 

– So you’re a straight man? Could Mr Piano be so charming till he can bend this type of obviously straight man? [Doubtful]

– Wishing you happiness wishing you happiness~! Of course it’s wishing you and Mr Piano happiness~ <3 <3 <3

– Is this just hype? [Doubtful] I want Mr Piano’s Weibo!!! [Scold]

Wei Ru Song’s fanbase exploded, but he was unaware, not having used Weibo. After applying for an account he left it idle, the post on the second day was requested by Chen Xuan Xuan, now that they broke up it was unlikely for him to remember this unhappy Weibo account.

Whereas it was Xiao Nian who personally took action, he stated concisely on Weibo.

Phone User 54987547: I’m the one in the video, I do not have a lover.

As a result, this Weibo account that was no different from a zombie had tens of thousands of friends, burying him with all sorts of comments.

– Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah little brother I really like you I want to be your Yamaha <3 [Wave crashing] [Lust]

– Please send selfie aaaaaaaaa please send selfie!!! Please gift your beauty to us ordinary people!

– Heard that you are the son of Xiao Wen Wu and Feng Fei Xia, really?

– Even if it’s only hype I’ll surrender, 4000 years pretty boy~ [Kiss Kiss] [Love you]

– This is great!!! No lover!!! I have a chance!!! Yeah!!! I want to become your piano and be played by you everyday!!!!!

– That one who said that she wanted to be played by little brother, is there a need to be so aggressive hahaha play your brain everyday? You’ll be a fool after a week’s time!

Xiao Nian could not be bothered to look at the comments. He looked at Wei Ru Song who was focused in his video game, and felt that recently his attitude was weird, there seemed to be a polite distance between them. Thinking about it, Xiao Nian changed his account name to Mr. SHaw, and sent a Weibo on the second day.

– @BrotherSongisbetterlookingthanTakeshiKaneshiro He is my roommate and senior [look at photo]

Half of Xiao Nian’s face was exposed in the photo, and only the back of Wei Ru Song’s head was shown.

After posting Xiao Nian felt a little silly, but still could not be bothered with the comments. His most important task now was to talk to Wei Ru Song.

Although Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song were from different years, but gym class was attended by the entire faculty. Just nice both of them were assigned to Sanda training, so every Wednesday morning one would follow the other to class, silently buying each other breakfast, then giving each other the meal in the equipment room, just like pop idols hiding their underground relationship.

“Senior, I bought you a sandwich and milk.”

“Oh oh, nice,” Wei Ru Song avoided his line of sight and received his breakfast without batting an eyelid. “I still prefer buns and soy milk though.”

“I’ll buy it next time.”

“Next time next time next time,” Wei Ru Song unhappily pouted. “You always say next time, but still end up buying me milk and a sandwich.”


Usually they would sit on a mat in the equipment room and quickly eat their food, but something in the air felt a little different from the usual harmonious feeling. There was a little awkwardness, a little shyness, a little feeling — Fine there wasn’t actually any feelings growing.

“Senior, did I do something wrong?”

“Ah?” Wei Ru Song drank a mouthful of milk. “No you didn’t…”

“Ever since the welcome dinner, you’ve been avoiding me.”

Xiao Nian pointed at his lips, Wei Ru Song quickly stuck out his pink and tender tongue to lick up his milk moustache.

Smiling guiltily, “No, no I haven’t.”

“Can we not even be friends?”

“No, it’s not like that!” Wei Ru Song waved his hands, embarrassedly rubbing his head. “I just feel that, you’re really too outstanding, having this kind of nonsensical rumours with me is really a disadvantage to you. I still acted like a victim, so shameful.”

“No, it won’t be.” Xiao Nian was clearly the junior, but he felt tender due to Wei Ru Song’s dejected image. With his blessed height advantage he petted Wei Ru Song’s head. “Senior is also very outstanding, I’m very lucky to be roommates with Senior. You don’t bother about those rumours, we’ll face them together, ok?”

“You!” Wei Ru Song jumped up like an angry cat, spilling the milk onto the mat, his face and eyes speedily turning red. “You, you, you, you!”


“So rude!” Wei Ru Song stuffed the sandwich into his mouth and leapt towards Xiao Nian, both of them twisted and rolled onto the mat. “I’ll beat you, I’ll beat you, I’ll beat this asshole!”

Of course Wei Ru Song did not really hit him, and it actually seemed a little flirtatious. Xiao Nian held onto Wei Ru Song’s waist, afraid that he would fall off his body, and realised for the first time that Wei Ru Song’s waist was actually so slender.

“Still acting cool, only you look cool now,” Wei Ru Song sat across Xiao Nian’s waist, twisting his face to scare him. “You think I can’t be provoked? Hmm? Hmm?” Wei Ru Song could not help but rub his buttocks slightly on Xiao Nian’s crotch. “Why is it wet?”

“The milk you just spilled splashed onto my pants.”


Before Wei Ru Song could get up, the door of the equipment room was wrenched open. The tall and well built macho gym teacher actually shrieked.

“Eee ya – What are you guys doing?!”

“No sir you – “

“Thunk -” The Sanda coach raged outside the room, “Wear your pants and come out!”

Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song quickly exited, standing at attention in front of the Sanda coach, receiving his sharp glares.

The current situation was extremely serious. Xiao Nian’s crotch was wet, Wei Ru Song’s buttocks were wet. The Sanda coach endured the risk of heart attack and recalled their previous position, but ended up blushing. Having lived for 40 years and doing it with his wife, he had only used the most basic positions, youth these days are really very wild!

“You two! Actually doing this kind of improper things in the sacred equipment room!” The Sanda coach, as a practitioner, was full of righteousness, indignantly lectured. “Go wash the mat in the equipment room!”

“No sir listen to my explanation! That’s milk! Milk! I accidentally spilled it!”

“Then why one of your pants is wet in front and the other is wet behind? You spilled the milk with your ass?”

“No… I…”

Wei Ru Song could only cry without tears, while Xiao Nian pretended that he was not there.The Sanda coach’s lecture had attracted the attention of the whole Sanda class, seeing the positions of the wet patches on the two men’s pants, everyone could not help but smile lewdly.

On the way back to the dormitory to change their pants, a new rumour spread: In the equipment room, Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song were having sex in the cowboy position.

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