LSR Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – What to Do, In Front of My Roommate, My Love Rival Confessed to Me

On the way back the both of them carried the mat, one in front and the other behind, covering both Wei Ru Song’s butt and Xiao Nian’s crotch. However, with their height difference, the way the mat was tilted was strange-looking.

A classmate from orienteering training ran over to Wei Ru Song and greeted him.

“Hey Ru Song, are you stealing the mat?”​

“Yeah, bringing it back to use as a mattress.”

Although every dormitory room had their own balcony, a mat would take up more than half the space. Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song could only first remove the mat cover.

By this point, Xiao Nian’s pampered prince character was finally exposed. This young master with an impressive background could only fruitlessly pull at the mat. Wei Ru Song felt that it looked like Xiao Nian was trying to peel the skin off someone instead, having used so much strength, it seemed like an accident was about to occur.
“Eh don’t use so much force! You-“

A rip was heard.

“Fuck!” Wei Ru Song nearly puked blood, “You’ve damaged public property!”


Xiao Nian lifted the dark green mat to take a look, there really was a huge tear. Wei Ru Song returned to the room. Xiao Nian thought he was going to flee the crime scene. A sense of betrayal and abandonment welled up in Xiao Nian. He did not know from when he had started to subconsciously rely on Wei Ru Song, and while immersing himself in his imagination he heard Wei Ru Song call out.

“Junior, bring the mat cover in.”

Like magic, Wei Ru Song brought out a sewing kit and nimbly threaded a needle. Taking the mat cover from Xiao Nian he skilfully repaired the tear. As a science student Xiao Nian could only describe this Wei Ru Song as a model mother and wife. Even his own fairy-like mother had never sewn or repaired anything before, unconcernedly replacing any torn items with new ones easily. Wei Ru Song, despite his busy hands, did not stop chattering.

“Look at you, so clumsy and careless. I know you’re handsome, if you were in a tv show you’ll definitely be a flawless and god-like male lead. Don’t mind me saying, I’m your senior, I want the best for you, your parents have also mentioned this to you right? Don’t think too much, I’m not thinking of taking advantage of you, I just think that you can’t, because of your looks, go around committing crimes, no, be proud and arrogant, no, damn I’m a science student not arts, I’m not good with words, anyway do you understanding what I’m trying to say?”

“… Roughly.”

Sitting at the table with his chin supported by his hand, Xiao Nian stared at Wei Ru Song. This is the first time he felt that a guy could also be described as adorable. Whether it was Wei Ru Song’s ineloquent advice, or his talented sewing skills, or maybe his bright and shiny almond eyes like stars reflecting off water, his angry but helpless expression, anyway Xiao Nian, also one with poor vocabulary, could only think of the concise but layered with meaning description – adorable.

“Hey you’re really dumb, you’ll definitely marry a river snail fairy in the future.”

“What’s a river snail fairy?”

“Do you have a childhood?! You actually don’t know the river snail fairy?!”

Wei Ru Song was surprised, at the same time he also started imagining a Hollywood-worthy movie, a Xiao Nian trapped by himself on an island since young, going through torturous and hell-like training, resulting with him being talented in all matters. Reaching adulthood as a humanoid robot, he forged his current identity and sneaked into this college to look for his owner, and Wei Ru Song just happened to be this person. All that had happened were just Xiao Nian secretly testing him. Wei Ru Song believed, there was going to be a day where Xiao Nian would reveal himself gloriously, calling Wei Ru Song his master, and declaring him to be God’s appointed saviour of the word!

“I don’t know, I grew up abroad.”

“Oh, then I’ll summarise it for you,” Wei Ru Song was nearly done with the repair, he quickly went to wash the mat cover himself, knowing that he could not expect anything from Xiao Nian and he had to suffer a little. “Long ago there was a guy, he picked up a river snail to keep as a pet. Returning home from farming, he saw a clean house and a table of food and was shocked. This happened for a few days so he couldn’t help but sneak home to investigate. It turned out that the river snail was a fairy who did the housework, so after that they lived happily ever after. I’m going to wash the mat cover now, don’t give me anymore trouble.”

“Just use the washing machine.”

“How can I? The cover is so dirty!” Wei Ru Song had never dared to use the expensive washing machine. Wei Ru Song then realised why Xiao Nian used such a high-end washing machine. Originally he thought the rich Xiao Nian was too lazy to wash his clothes by hand, now it seemed like Xiao Nian actually did not know how to hand-wash his clothes, but this definitely had something to do with his laziness as well. “You don’t know how to hang your clothes, right?”

“Yeah, this washing machine is fully automatic, it also has a dryer function.”

“Fuck, you also use the dryer for 1 underwear?!”

Wei Ru Song suddenly found the culprit for the jump in their utilities bill, at first he thought the high consumption was due to having another occupant and them using the air-conditioning while playing video games, it turned out to be another offender! Also, as Wei Ru Song was the senior, he was in charge of paying the bill and was too embarrassed to ask Xiao Nian to chip in. Even though it wasn’t very expensive, but it was still money, and Wei Ru Song still felt the pain in his pocket.

“Correct,” Xiao Nian with a confused expression. “Why?”

“Abnormal!” Wei Ru Song looked at Xiao Nian’s bewildered face and wanted to smack his head. Having taken care of him like a father, he was really blind to think that Xiao Nian was perfect, he was totally cheated by his good looks! This guy completely had no survival skills. “Do you know how much was our utilities bill last month? 200RMB! 200! Cash! Ren! Min! Bi!”

“Is that very expensive?” Xiao Nian looked like he really did not understand. “And what’s utilities bill?


“I have helpers at home, so I really am unclear about these matters, sorry.”

Xiao Nian lifted his face, a faint glow shining from his naturally seductive eyes, presenting a youthful and innocent image. Wei Ru Song suffered a critical attack – Hateful! Why are you acting like you’re wronged after apologising, as though I’m bullying you?! I’m teaching you morals here ok?!

“How much is the utilities bill? Next time just claim it from me.”

Was there a need for this overbearing president character? Although Wei Ru Song could not be compared to Xiao Nian who was reincarnated from money, but he was not so poor until he could not afford to eat, naturally disagreed.

“No need, we’ll go dutch, share both woe and weal.”


“Ok stop acting cool, quickly go to the roof to sun the mat cover, I still have classes later.”

Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian went to the roof, as it was a bright and sunny day, at this period, couples were shy, it was not time for suicides, people who wanted to air their laundry were clearly crazy – Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian were therefore included in this category.

It was already autumn, together with the wind, there was a slight chill in the air. In the end Wei Ru Song did not let Xiao Nian hang the mat cover, as he was afraid Xiao Nian would clumsily drop the cover on the ground and waste his effort.

When Wei Ru Song was done hanging the cover he turned around only to see Xiao Nian sitting on the railings enjoying the breeze. Maybe it was the celebrity blood running in his veins, there seemed to be a spotlight on him, every action seemed like he was posing for a fashion magazine.

– Is Xiao Nian really human… Wei Ru Song was full of admiration, he really could not think of any words to compliment Xiao Nian’s looks. The wind had messed up Xiao Nian’s neither long nor short black hair, touching his face like a cold lover’s kiss, his plain athletic sports jacket was flapping in the wind, like a dove about to take flight, he looked like he was savouring this feeling.

“You better come down-“

Wei Ru Song, without thinking, pulled Xiao Nian down from the railings. Xiao Nian was a little baffled.

“I’m just enjoying the wind.”

“How fucking dangerous is this? ‘At College A dormitory rooftop, a jump to clear all thoughts.’ Have you not heard of this before?”

“It’s fine, I’ve been doing this since young,” Xiao Nian gave a small smile. “Thanks, Senior.”

“No need to thank me…”

Wei Ru Song hurriedly let go, and sheepishly turn away from Xiao Nian’s face. This smile shot straight into Wei Ru Song’s heart like a bullet, what was with the strange feeling? It felt like…

“Senior,” Xiao Nian called out to Wei Ru Song. “What’s your opinion on other people confusing us for a couple?”

“Just, just like that.”

Unprecedentedly Xiao Nian took the initiative to discuss this topic with Wei Ru Song, the atmosphere suddenly turned mysterious – or that might have been due to Wei Ru Song’s active imagination.

“Does it make you upset?”

“It does… no, no, no, it’s not considered upsetting,” Wei Ru Song was out of words. “It’s just, it’s just, very strange, I’m not gay, you’re also not gay, for people to consider us a couple without any reasons… isn’t it strange?”

“Yeah, so if-“

“Wei Ru Song.”

A rare occurrence of Xiao Nian being interrupted, they spontaneously both turned towards the voice. Surprisingly it was Lin Kai Jie with a delicate and beautiful rose in his hands, and a red face for some unknowing reason, he looked awkward and shy.

“What do you want?” Wei Ru Song also felt awkward. After all this was a common dating place for couples, even though most people would be in class at this time, did it mean that… Chen Xuan Xuan was also there?! “You planned a date with Xuan Xuan? Then I’ll leave now.”

“Didn’t you say there’s nothing going on between you and Xiao Nian?” A slight quivering could be detected in Lin Kai Jie’s voice. Wei Ru Song felt like he was experiencing auditory hallucinations, he seemed to have heard a innocent boy’s heart shattering. “Then why are you with him here?!”

“We’re here to dry the mat cover, is there a problem?”

“So there’s really nothing between you and him?”

“… Yeah.”

Wei Ru Song was no longer urgently explaining their relationship.

“What about Xiao Nian?”


Xiao Nian was suspiciously quiet.

“I don’t care anymore,” Lin Kai Jie lifted the rose in front of Wei Ru Song, a shy expression showing on his handsome face. “Wei Ru Song, since you’re not dating Xiao Nian, then why don’t you consider dating me.”


Wei Ru Song was dumbstruck, Xiao Nian was also dumbstruck.

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