LSR Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – What to Do, My Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Reconcile With Me

With such an abrupt change in the narrative, Wei Ru Song’s mind was blown. – Chapter 4 concluded with me punching you! I thought you were just an extra I never thought you would actually look for me to confess, bro are you a masochist? Or else this forfeit for losing at truth or dare is also too miserable right? We are ex-rivals in love! 
Wei Ru Song unconsciously retreated a few steps, it was not that he had never experienced being confessed to before, but this was the first time the other party was a boy.

You guys also know that Wei Ru Song was masculine on the outside but tender-hearted on the inside, no matter the reason for Lin Kai Jie’s confession, at that moment he looked very sincere and shy, surrounded by pink bubbles of love, with a bright crystal heart of a boy. For some unknown reason Wei Ru Song wanted to dedicate the song <One Plum Blossom> for Lin Kai Jie.

“Eh, no, why do you want to date me…”Wei Ru Song was grasping on to the last thread of his heterosexuality, so the word “date” coming out from his mouth still brought about goosebumps.

“Because you’re very cute.”

Xiao Nian froze. Lin Kai Jie completely ignored Xiao Nian, who everyone always acknowledged and paid attention to, continued on.

“On the first day of school you were here early, I saw you busily helping everyone move their luggage and thought you were a senior, who would have guessed that we were in the same year. After that I saw you eating in the cafeteria, you could finish 3 vegetable buns 2 meat buns and 1 red bean bun in a sitting, I thought your appetite was very impressive. Another time I saw you feeding your half-eaten drumstick to a stray dog, as the dog was eating you were drooling, you clearly wanted to eat it actually. The other time Xu Ying Hua tore his trousers, you also sewed it back for him, it was the first time I saw a boy with such virtuous and skillful hands…”

“Wait, wait wait wait!” Wei Ru Song’s hair stood on end. – Is your beautify filter setting on 100%? Aren’t these all just normal things to do? Why does it feel like you’re describing me as though I’m a burly and masculine 2.5m tall man only to show off a pink Hello Kitty tattoo when I remove my shirt? “Then what’s going on between you and Xuan Xuan?”

“I didn’t think you’ll like Chen Xuan Xuan! Clearly, clearly I was the first…”

Wei Ru Song was enlightened.

“So you bullied Xiao Nian also because you thought we were dating?”

“Yeah!” Lin Kai Jie held tightly on to the rose in his hand, with a steady and passionate gaze. “That day behind the curtains you asked up why we thought you were deserving of Xiao Nian, I saw the despair in your eyes, as though Xiao Nian was the bright and shiny Prince Charming, while you were the inconspicuous Cinderella, so I’ll be your knight in shining armour, ok?”

“What, what nonsense are you saying, I’ve never said anything like being undeserving of Xiao Nian!”

Wei Ru Song wanted to grab the rose in Lin Kai Jie’s hand and brandish it harshly in front of his head, but just as he touched the rose stem he was stopped by Xiao Nian from behind. Xiao Nian’s arms were very long, with one move he embraced Wei Ru Song and prevented any motion.

“Senior is really very cute.”

The vibrations from Xiao Nian’s chest as he was speaking were like the reverberations of a cello in a concert hall, maybe because he was surrounded by a warmth not from his body, Wei Ru Song’s body heated up, motionlessly letting Xiao Nian continue hugging from the back, and because of the height difference, he could not see the expression on Xiao Nian’s face.

“Although Senior would sleep talk and scare people, sing loudly and awfully in the shower, make me the scapegoat when losing while playing video games, always stealing my drumstick when eating together…”

“You shut the hell up-“

Wei Ru Song angrily pushed Xiao Nian wanting to cover his mouth, but just as he turned he saw the gentle amusement that could drown a person in Xiao Nian’s eyes.

“But Senior is still very cute, and such a cute senior can only be seen by me.”

“…” Lin Kai Jie was pissed. “Xiao Nian, what do you mean by this?”

Suddenly Wei Ru Song was very afraid of hearing what Xiao Nian might say, it could be because his hopefulness had a little fearfulness threaded through it. This was a feeling that he had never experienced before, Wei Ru Song had never thought that he was actually such a coward. Wei Ru Song quickly replied, pushing the rose back to Lin Kai Jie.

” I hope you can apologise to Xuan Xuan, if you still like her, please treat her nicely. If you’re only using her to agitate me, then you should stop, I admit defeat. Whereas for the part that you said you liked me, thanks, but I don’t have any feelings for you.”

“What about Xiao Nian?”

“What does this have to do with Xiao Nian?” Wei Ru Song became very cautious when mentioning this name, afraid that people would notice something weird. “You keep using Xiao Nian to deflect, have you considered his feelings?”

Lin Kai Jie was silent, Wei Ru Song quickly tried to flee the scene.

“The next class is about to start, go quickly.”

“Are you planning on laughing at me?”

“No I’m not.” Wei Ru Song suspected Lin Kai Jie was not only a masochist but also paranoid. “I’m not gay, but I’m also not homophobic. It’s a very brave thing to be able to confess to the person you like, why would I want to laugh at you?” – You think I have nothing better to do?

Actually the most surprising thing about this situation for Wei Ru Song was Xiao Nian. Wei Ru Song was a little obtuse, but he was not a fool, he was also afraid that he was too presumptuous, and also he… Wei Ru Song had to admit that he did, did, just a little, only a little, maybe perhaps could might like Xiao Nian a little more than normal, he clearly was not gay, but contrary to what was expected, Xiao Nian who was of the same gender as him made him admittedly have a little feeling for him, exactly where did it go wrong…

Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian, Xiao Nian…

– Right! On the 108th replay of Xiao Nian’s confession-like speech Wei Ru Song recalled an important detail. When did I sleep talk? Why did Xiao Nian never mention this?

“You did,” Xiao Nian closed his book. “Do you want to see it?”

“You still took a video?!” Wei Ru Song squinted his eyes. “Are you thinking of using it to blackmail me?”

“No,” Xiao Nian was surprisingly honest. “It has a wonderful effect when viewing it in a bad mood.”

“Fuck you are you serious, quickly send it to me!”

Wei Ru Song received the video a few seconds later, he had to admire himself for being able to sleep so heavily, even with the flashlight on his face he still did not wake up.

The Wei Ru Song in the video sat upright on the bed, eyes tightly shut, and softly called out.

“Where is my darling concubine?

– Fuck I must have been possessed! This isn’t me! Wei Ru Song wanted to just fall off his bed and die, how come he did not remember having this sort of dream of being an emperor! Wei Ru Song then changed into the posture of a royal concubine, and even pulled down the shoulder strap of his singlet, and replied with a charming high pitched voice.

“Your majesty, I’m here.”

The video suddenly shook like an earthquake happened, it should be Xiao Nian holding back his laughter, this must have been difficult for him. Wei Ru Song straightened up from his concubine posture, but didn’t replace his shoulder strap.

“Come, darling concubine, let me give you some TLC.”

Wei Ru Song then changed into a sexy pose, spreading his long legs.

“Come, your majesty, come quick, let’s get happy!”

Wei Ru Song next returned to bed as though exhausted, and even remembered to cover himself with the blanket that he threw aside. Not long after slight snoring could be heard, and he comfortably continued sleeping.


After a long silence, Wei Ru Song pretended not to be shocked and laughed slightly.



Xiao Nian looked at this silly Wei Ru Song and could no longer hold back his roaring laughter. Wei Ru Song was stunned, he had never seen Xiao Nian shaking with laughter like this, uncaring about his image. Also, when Xiao Nian laughed a pair of dimples could be seen, this actually gave off a sweet feeling for Wei Ru Song.

“What, who knows you might also sleep talk it’s just that I’ve never heard it!”


Wei Ru Song gripped his phone, feeling both embarrassed and angry. He suddenly received a message. Looking at the phone number Wei Ru Song’s eyelid twitched, even though he had already deleted this contact and slowly removed every trace of this person from his life, but he discovered that having a good memory was not always something worth being happy about.

– Ru Song, I’m Chen Xuan Xuan, 11pm at the rooftop, I have something to tell you.

Was it to do with Lin Kai Jie? Did he have to slap himself again? Wei Ru Song did not know how to face Chen Xuan Xuan, but Chen Xuan Xuan had a very serious case of princess syndrome, if he were to reject her, she would definitely be angry. After all they were once a couple, Wei Ru Song therefore replied and agreed.

The rooftop would be locked at midnight, as a few years back there would always be a few over-pressured graduates who jumped. Wei Ru Song wore his slippers, unfashionable boxers and an old man singlet and made his way to the rooftop. In the past Chen Xuan Xuan would always be late, and Wei Ru Song would always be early, sometimes ending up waiting for a couple of hours. This time, Wei Ru Song arrived ten minutes earlier as per his habit, and was surprised to see Chen Xuan Xuan already waiting there.

With the autumn chill and the late night, as the wind blew onto Wei Ru Song’s exposed skin he felt a chill, fuck, he forgot to bring a jacket out. Looking at Chen Xuan Xuan also only wearing a thin nightgown, with her pale lips, it seemed like she had been waiting there for awhile.

Previously when they were together it was always Wei Ru Song starting a conversation to please Chen Xuan Xuan, after breaking up all that was left between them was endless silence. Wei Ru Song was a gentleman after all, so he decided to speak up.

“Have you eaten?”

“On a diet.”

“You shouldn’t diet any more, you’re thin enough.”

“You always say this.”

“Yeah,” Wei Ru Song probed. “Does Lin Kai Jie know that you’re here with me?”

“I broke up with him.”


“I was the one who initiated the break up.”

Wei Ru Song could not help but sigh in relief, if Lin Kai Jie was the one who initiated the breakup he would have become the guilty party, even though this was quite unfair towards him.

“I feel like he does not truly like me.”

– Of course, since the one he likes is me!

“Although we broke up, I sometimes still think of you,” Whether it was because of her emotions or that she was just feeling cold, Chen Xuan Xuan’s voice was trembling. “I shouldn’t have treated you unjustly then, actually at that time I was a little tired of you, I found you very annoying, I don’t like boys to be so clingy, so I took that chance to dump you, I’m sorry.”

Wei Ru Song realised that he had really matured, if it was him from past knowing this cruel truth he would have blown up, but the current Wei Ru Song only smiled politely.

“It’s fine, it’s all in the past, women are always right.”

“If,” Chen Xuan Xuan looked up, with slightly tearful eyes. “If I asked you to reconcile, are you willing?”

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  1. “I don’t like boys to be so clingy, so I took that chance to dump you, I’m sorry.”
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