MLP Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Bai Xinyu never thought that they would really just sit like this for the entire night.

In the middle of the night, the entire carriage of recruits had all fallen asleep, and some even had ear-splitting loud snores. He was so hungry to the point of dizziness, and remembered that he had some snacks in his luggage given to him by his mother. However, with his aching waist and cramped legs, he was really too lazy to stand up. Also, the two comrades next to him were sleeping like dead pigs, and so he was unable to get out. Having never suffered such punishment in his life before, Bai Xinyu felt that his entire lower half of his body was no longer under his control. He leant his head against the window, trying to sleep for just a bit. However, his neck soon could not take it, and that night, his stomach gurgled in hunger, his entire body uncomfortable, and time ticked on slowly, counting out Young Master Bai’s pain and tears.

Groggily, he thought of how he ended up in this position, and could not help but start to hate Jian Suiying. However, thinking about it, he could not fully blame his brother for it. He should blame his brother’s younger half-brother, Jian Suilin, who shared the same father! If not for Xiao-Linzi egging him on to cheat his brother of his houses, how would he have the guts to do something like that? If he did not do it… If he did not do it, he would not have been able to pay off his gambling debt, and he would most likely be chopped to death by loan sharks. Thinking of this, he really wanted to cry. He yelled out in his heart, Ge, I know I was wrong, please let me go home!

Because he was too tired, Bai Xinyu in the end still managed to fall asleep.

When the sun rose the next morning, everyone in the carriage woke up, starting on their breakfast.

When Bai Xinyu woke up, his entire body was in pain. Moaning as he lay on his seat, he felt that his body was about to fall apart.

Enduring this pain until Urumqi, they all moved to an even older train, heading towards the Karakoram Range. It was very close to the border there, and as it was high in altitude, the recruits in the carriage started showing different degrees of altitude sickness.

Over the past few days, other than going to the toilet, Bai Xinyu never left his seat. His mobile, computer, and iPad had no charge left in their batteries, and he felt that he was just like a hopeless zombie, lying in his seat half-dead. After the two days of hardship, the only thing he was looking forward to was a bed to lie down on. Due to the lack of oxygen, his body that was already uncomfortable felt even worse now. Bai Xinyu’s eyes could not help reddening again, and he sobbed quietly.

Qian Liang and the other recruits around him were already used to his self-pity, and so no one bothered with him.

Gradually, many people too started feeling breathing difficulties. However, these new recruits were all young and healthy, and they could all still endure it.

At this time, Bai Xinyu heard a commotion from the carriage in front. Listening carefully, it seemed that someone was asking if anyone needed the oxygen tank.

Need they even ask? All the recruits here came from places of low sea level. Who didn’t need it?

So, when the door of the carriage was pulled open, and Wang Shunwei led someone in and asked how everyone was, Bai Xinyu immediately shouted, “I need it, I need it, I can barely breathe!”

The entire carriage all turned to look at Bai Xinyu, looking at this coward who had been acting holier-than-thou throughout the entire journey, huddling in his seat ignoring everyone, yet had been secretly crying at night. Their eyes were full of ridicule.

In front of Wang Shunwei was a tall and big man. He too turned his head after hearing the shout, and looked at Bai Xinyu. Bai Xinyu happened to be looking up as well, and their eyes met.

The man in front of him had very defined features, his brows thick and strong, and was so handsome that he looked as though he had stepped out from a movie. His skin was so smooth no flaws could be seen, and his short hair stood up stiffly, looking very valiant and heroic in bearing, clean and neat. His camouflage uniform wrapped his firm and tall body, and it was extremely attractive.

Bai Xinyu could not explain why his breathing suddenly stopped. This person’s eyes were too sharp, too challenging. Pinned down by his gaze, his heart panicked and he did not dare to look at him again.

He felt the burning eyes of the crowd around him, and started feeling like a fish out of water. There clearly were many people whose breathing had been affected already, but no one took the initiative to request for oxygen. What were they doing? Testing their endurance?

That person raised his chin slightly. “Is there any comrade in this carriage who needs oxygen? There’s only a limited supply, and everyone is young and strong. If you can endure it, just endure it for now, and try to leave the supply for people who really need it.” Although his words were addressed to the entire carriage, his eyes were staring straight at Bai Xinyu, a little contemptuous.

Many people laughed quietly, and Bai Xinyu’s face burned.

Behind that person was Wang Shunwei, and he spoke, “Continue walking. Don’t block the way, we’ll go and take a look in the next carriage.

That person looked away from Bai Xinyu, continuing ahead.

Embarrassing himself in front of so many people, Bai Xinyu really could not take it lying down. All his despondency, hate and rage that he had been accumulating over the past few days flamed up because of this person’s mocking words, and he found a place to vent all his negative emotions. Just as that person was about to walk past him, Bai Xinyu stood up abruptly, yelling arrogantly, “How much is a tank? I’ll donate a hundred of them to you! If you’re unwilling to give up even a few breaths of oxygen and not allowing people to use it, then why even bother asking?”

The entire carriage fell silent.

That person’s eyes narrowed slightly, carefully observing him.

Bai Xinyu was 182cm, but was still quite a few centimetres shorter than this person. He felt a sort of oppressive aura coming off him, and this aura was different from the brother he was most afraid of. No matter how angry his brother got, he would not really do anything to him. However, this person in front of him really seemed capable of strangling him, and it was really fucking frightening.

Bai Xinyu shrunk quietly, but he since had already stood up, he felt that it was too shameful to just sit down like this. Furthermore, this person did not seem on planning to let him go.

The next second, Bai Xinyu only saw a blur, and that person had already taken two steps to stop right in front of him. Yanking him away from his seat, he felt his head knock into that person’s face, and a manly scent wafted into his nose. Before he could react, he felt a pain around his arms. His arms had been pulled behind him by that person, his wrists gripped tightly by just one hand.

Bai Xinyu shouted in alarm, “What are you doing?” He struggled as best as he could, but the hand around his wrists was like an iron bar, it was very strong. The owner of this hand clearly looked younger than him, but why was his strength so frightening? The more he struggled, the more his wrists hurt, and he howled in pain.

That man ignored him, dragging and pushing him to the head of the carriage. Kicking the toilet door open, he cruelly pushed him inside.

A pungent stench blew into his face, and Bai Xinyu nearly vomited. As he was urgently trying to steady himself so as not to end up kissing the wall of the toilet, the door slammed shut behind him. He turned and lunged at it, but discovered that the handle had been jammed by a broom.

A mocking voice could be heard from outside. “There’s a lot of oxygen in there, you can take your time breathing it in.”

From the carriage came a roar of laughter.

When had Bai Xinyu ever suffered such grievances? He was so angry he started crying, pounding on the door. “You fucking bastard, let me out!”

He heard Wang Shunwei speaking unhurriedly, “Aiyah, don’t make such a fuss. Xiao-Yu, you can’t do this, quick, let him out.”

Next was Xu Chuang’s loud voice. “Don’t let him out. Keep the door closed. This bugger needs some education. All of you, stop laughing. Sit there properly, don’t look!”

When Xu Chuang was done berating, no sound could be heard from outside. Bai Xinyu knocked on the door for a long time, cursing and swearing, but everyone ignored him. Recalling that bastard’s mocking face, Young Master Bai really wanted to bite him to death!

After being locked in the stinking toilet for an hour, someone finally let him out.

Bai Xinyu this time had become obedient, and returned to his seat without saying a word, only silently cursing that idiot who locked him in the toilet.

Qian Liang prodded at him in concern. “Hey, are you alright?”

Bai Xinyu shook his head, not wanting to see his face. He felt that the entire carriage was laughing at him.

Qian Liang spoke, “Of all people to antagonise, you had to antagonise him.”

Bai Xinyu had just finished crying, and his voice was still hoarse. With a nasally voice, he sounded extremely aggrieved, “What about him?”

“I heard that person has a very impressive background. He got into military school, but chose not to enroll in it. Instead, he’s coming to Kunlun Mountain to suffer. Say, what exactly is he thinking?”

Bai Xinyu gritted his teeth. “He’s probably sick in the head.” How else could he have done such a beastly thing?

The next day, they finally disembarked from the train and were now shoved into the military trucks. By then, they were already in the Kunlun Mountains, and even though it was still summer, the temperature was low and the climate dry. Bai Xinyu felt that his every breath needed a lot of strength. His altitude sickness was not as serious as yesterday, but he was not any more at ease. Many people on the truck fitter than him were vomiting and having diarrhoea. Compared to them, he could still be considered a little more fortunate.

Again enduring an eight-hour journey on the truck, Bai Xinyu felt as though he was a livestock about to be slaughtered, on its way to the slaughterhouse. Also, this livestock was in a half-dead state.

The camp was built in a very rural area, and there was no telephone signal. Behind the camp was a barren mountain, and it faced an endless mountainous forest. The road here was just like cheese, pits and potholes everywhere, and Bai Xinyu’s legs and stomach were shaken non-stop. Looking at this view, he felt that he should cry, but he discovered that he no longer had enough tears to do so.

The instructions from the officer had all been passed down during the long journey. Seeing that these new recruits were all tired, he gave them their dorm assignments and let them rest.

Carrying his luggage, Bai Xinyu dragged his feet towards the dorm. He also wanted to quickly get onto the bed and have a good sleep, but he really had no energy. There was no part of him that was not aching, and the luggage in his hand was really too fucking heavy. Young Master Bai had never done any housework in his life before. Even if a broom fell onto the floor, he would not pick it up. When would he ever have lifted something so heavy before?

Stumbling to the door of the dorm, he was about to step inside before someone bumped heavily into his shoulder. He nearly ended up smashing his face into the wall.

No matter how slow his brain was, he knew that with the amount of strength used, it was definitely deliberate. He turned his head in rage, only to see a pair of eyes filled with derision and disdain. Those eyes were narrow, long and bright. As the light ebbed and flowed in them, there was an inexplicable charm to them. However, despite this face being very good-looking, the person could not be anymore wicked. This was the person who had locked him in the toilet on the train, the bastard who caused him to be unable to eat for the entire day.

Although Bai Xinyu really wanted to bite him, he was also a little scared of him. Ever since he was a child, his courage was only that big, and he often bullied the weak while he was afraid of the strong. When he met someone stronger than him, he would not even dare to fart in his presence.

That person snorted. “Sissy.”

Bai Xinyu glared at him hatefully, but did not dare to talk back. What should he do? A tyrant had appeared so quickly, and it seemed like he was fixated on him. What was even scarier was that the person had entered his dormitory! Bai Xinyu’s vision darkened, nearly falling onto the ground. He was really too unlucky, to actually be in the same room as this jinx. Like this, would he not be tortured to death?!

Bai Xinyu stood mournfully at the door for a long time, before accepting the reality and walking in. He decided to look for an officer to change his dorm assignment.

When that person saw him enter, he revealed a row of straight white teeth, smiling at him.

Bai Xinyu shuddered in fright, hurriedly turning his head away.

The dorm was just like what he saw on the television, a room where dozens of people could sleep inside. There were four rows of beds, an aisle in the middle, and each bed in every row was very close to the other. Thinking about how twenty-odd people were going to squeeze into the room to sleep, Bai Xinyu felt nauseous.

Bai Xinyu saw that the jinx had selected his bed, and he quickly found one as far away from him as possible, tossing his luggage onto it.

Just as he put his luggage down and was about to unzip it to look for food, someone pulled at his collar behind his neck. A derisive voice sounded above him, “Who allowed you to sleep here?”

Bai Xinyu turned around in great trepidation and saw that jinx.

That jinx pointed at a bed inside, “Sleep there.”

Bai Xinyu looked at it. Fuck, it was right next to this jinx’s bed. Speaking crudely, if this jinx was to turn over, he would be able to roll onto him. If he slept there, his life would definitely be shortened by ten years. He hurriedly shook his head, “I’ll just… sleep here.”

The mouth of the jinx curled slightly, revealing a wicked smile. Without any courtesy, he picked up his luggage, grabbed his collar, and dragged him to the bed next to his. Throwing the luggage down, he allowed him no other choice. “You’re sleeping here.”

Bai Xinyu looked at the other people around him, they all looked like they were enjoying the show, and no one was willing to lend a hand. He only felt his vision turn black, and he really wanted to cry.

When that jinx finally let go, Bai Xinyu scrambled out of the room.

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