MUTED Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

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Picking up Yi Tian’s call, He Xudong heard how icy Yi Tian’s voice was, and dared not joke around anymore. Upon hanging up, he immediately called for Xu Ran, and they hurried over to the hospital. Meeting Liao Fei there, they got a gist of the situation, and He Xudong was stunned. “Fuck! What is Yi Tian thinking?”


Thinking over it, he was still in slight disbelief, and he asked, “Mu Ran? That fellow with the nude photos?”


“Yes.” Liao Fei nodded.


He Xudong was completely speechless. After hearing Yi Tian’s voice, he had thought that something major had happened, causing him to drag his wife to the hospital in anxiety. What was wrong with this Yi Tian? Why did he have to save this person? If he wanted to die, just let him die. Once he was dead, the world would be peaceful, and their circle of friends would not think about this annoying person each time they saw Yi Tian. Although they were happy to make fun of Yi Tian, he was their buddy. It was one thing for them to make fun of him, and another for someone else to make a fool out of him.


While He Xudong was still feeling perplexed, Xu Ran, who had her hair cut in a short, pixie style, pinched his ear, sneering, “What exactly is going on? Tell me the truth!”


The matter between Yi Tian and Mu Ran was nothing worth announcing over, and He Xudong had never placed any importance on it. As such, Xu Ran had no idea what was going on.


As he bowed his head, he wailed, “Laopo1, let’s not do this here. Please leave me some dignity when we’re outside. It hurts it hurts it hurts… Be more gentle!”


Standing by the side, Liao Fei was very amused, but it could not be seen in his expression. As a matter of fact, the story of this Young Master He and Young Mistress Xu could be said to be legendary.


In the past, He Xudong had bragged about how he was a playboy, walking amidst thousands of flowers, but never entangling with one. In plainer words, it just meant that he changed his partners as though he was changing clothes, even going around declaring that he would never get attached. He said that in this world, there was only sex and no love, and he completely despised those people who stepped into the grave known as marriage. Later on, the old master of the He family became furious, saying that no matter how much he wanted to remain single, to be a playboy, he at least had to continue the family line! As such, He Xudong was forced to go on blind dates, and once he went, he met the youngest daughter of the Xu family, Xu Ran.


Xu Ran was a very capable person. Without relying on her family status and relationships, she attained a psychology degree in Country A’s most famous university. She had wanted to continue studying, but the elders of the Xu family started kicking up a fuss. This girl was very smart, and brought honour to their family, but if she were to continue studying, would she become a fool doing so? As such, they tried all sorts of methods to summon her home, and once she was back, they arranged a blind date for her. Just like that, she met the unrestrained, uninhibited Young Master He.


Ever since he was a child, He Xudong had met all sorts of beauties. Upon seeing Xu Ran, who never cared much about her dress sense, he was a little disdainful. Still, on the surface, he still maintained his usual charm and courtesies. If it was another girl from another rich family, she would most likely have fallen for his gentlemanly demeanour. However, who was Xu Ran? She had not wasted her years of studying psychology, and every shred of arrogance and insincerity in He Xudong’s eyes and actions did not escape her.


As such, after a few days of interactions, He Xudong took the initiative to express that Miss Xu was so elegant, so pretty, and so magnanimous, that she basically was the moon in the sky, and he was completely not worthy of her. Xu Ran laughed as well, saying that just as well, she had completely no interest in a peacock who only knew how to bare his ass, seeking a sexual partner everywhere.


He Xudong was left stunned. Only when Xu Ran left did he recover, and he was angry to the point of his lungs nearly bursting.


Just like this, the two people were truly at loggerheads. However, who would have thought that as this situation dragged on, something went wrong with Young Master He. In Lin Han’s words, it was that if he went a day without being taught a lesson by Xu Ran, he would feel a great sense of discomfort. He Xudong was no fool, and he knew that he had fallen completely for her. As such, he tidied away his flagrant lifestyle, putting away his airs, and started seriously wooing Xu Ran.


In the end, he got the girl, and he had completely succumbed to being a henpecked husband.


Xu Ran glanced at Liao Fei, who was so expressionless that he almost seemed as though he was meditating. Giving a slight cough, she released her grip. He Xudong rubbed at his reddened ear, whining childishly about how his wife was so hateful, that his wife was bullying him, that his wife no longer loved him. Xu Ran rolled her eyes, too lazy to be bothered with him. He Xudong pouted. Just as he was about to go closer and inform her about the matter between Yi Tian and Mu Ran, Mu Ran woke up.


Just one glance at Mu Ran’s eyes allowed Xu Ran to know that there was something wrong with this person. She immediately chased He Xudong and Liao Fei out of the room, leaving just the two of them inside, even warning them that no one was allowed to come in. Even when Yi Tian arrived at the hospital, no one had left the room at all.


Hearing about the situation from Liao Fei, Yi Tian did not respond, leaning against the wall as he smoked. He Xudong saw him like this, and started becoming anxious. “Say, what’s going on with you? Don’t tell me, only when things are on the brink of falling apart, you’ve discovered that he’s your true love! Lin Han, that fellow, is bound to kill you!”


Lin Han’s feelings for Yi Tian was an open secret. The only reason why over the years, he had not clung onto Yi Tian, insisting that they become a couple, was because everyone knew that every single one of them would have to marry and have a family at the end of the day. They could sleep with others, play with others, but this could never happen between buddies. Once something like this happened between buddies, their relationship would forever be changed.


Lin Han endured and suppressed his feelings all these years. Although midway, a Jian Ning appeared, in the end, Yi Tian and Jian Ning still shared no fate in remaining a couple. Who would have thought that later on, a Mu Ran would then appear, even using such a despicable method of clinging onto Yi Tian. Li Han was entirely filled with hate for this person.


“I don’t know.” After a long bout of silence, Yi Tian responded expressionlessly. Just as He Xudong was about to have a heart attack, Yi Tian added, “Perhaps it’s a sense of guilt towards him.”


Did he love Mu Ran? That was impossible. How could he love someone who had deliberately gotten close to him, who had schemed against him? In his heart, Yi Tian sneered. That person was entirely different from his innocent, harmless, pitiful and cautious appearance. Thinking about it now, Yi Tian found himself a fool. For a moment, he had been deceived by that person’s appearance, that person’s background, and he had nearly forgotten that the one thing these dirty and despicable rats liked to do was to steal. As such, Yi Tian allowed him to live, waiting to see what his motives were, wanting to see him kneeling on the floor, how disgusting he looked as he cried and wailed once his mask was torn off.


Who would have thought that three years would pass like this. No matter how he scolded this person, how he humiliated him, he still never left, nor asked him for a single thing. Yi Tian wavered. He did not understand, what exactly did Mu Ran want? He had better not mention anything like love or affections, as Yi Tian completely did not believe in such superficial, uncertain things.


“If you feel guilty, just give him some money and send him off. Do you need to be so concerned over him, even getting people to watch over him? If he wants to die, just let him die. Once he’s dead, it’ll be a happy ending.” He Xudong exhaled, lighting up a cigarette and leaning against the wall unconcernedly.


Just as Yi Tian frowned, wanting to say something, Xu Ran opened the door and walked out. As she flipped through the medical records in her hand, she strode over to Yi Tian. Without even looking up, she said, “Auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, slow in thought, hesitancy in communication. There’s symptoms of hysterical psychosis, as well as severe depression. Do you want this person to die, to live, or just go insane?”


Not waiting for a response from Yi Tian, Xu Ran spoke again, her words speeding up, “If you want him to go insane, you can just throw him in a mental institution. If you want him to die, just leave him in his bed, don’t bother with getting anyone to watch over him. In less than an hour, he’ll help make your wish come true.” At this moment, she paused, her voice carrying a mocking tone. “If you want him to live, then you bring him home and accompany him everyday, showing him concern and taking care of him as though you would an ancestor.”


No one said a word.


Yi Tian looked at Xu Ran, a little blank. Next to her, He Xudong tugged at her hand, indicating that she shouldn’t continue. Xu Ran wrenched her hand free from him, speaking in a rage, “I just don’t get it. Didn’t he just give you, Young Master Yi, a mild drug, have sex with you, then take a few photos? He even hid the photos so well that no one else could find them! Did he harm you over the past three years? Did he ask you for any money? Or is that Young Master Yi hasn’t had enough fun stabbing this person? Furthermore, if you truly hate him so much, you would have dealt with him properly three years ago. Instead, you deliberately kept him by your side, torturing him, almost causing him to have a mental breakdown! Do you feel a sense of pleasure or achievement doing this?!”


Like a machine gun, Xu Ran’s words fired away, and everyone standing there were all stunned. By the time He Xudong recovered and saw Yi Tian’s expression, he immediately grabbed Xu Ran and ran away. While running, he even coaxed her, saying, “Laopo, please calm down.”


Fuck, if Xu Ran were to know that a few years ago, when Yi Tian was drunk, he and his group of friends had deceived Mu Ran to come to the club, tying him up to a chair and taping up his mouth before tossing him into a room to watch Yi Tian rolling about in the sheets with some male escort, would she end up killing him? He Xudong shuddered. Even until death, this matter must not be made known to Xu Ran.

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    Though Mu Ran is at fault too, as the girl pointed out, he still didn’t deserve to be tortured that way.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  7. I can still tolerate Yi Tian, but I can’t tolerate his evil friends. Fuck their brotherhood. Nobody tried to knock some sense on Yi Tian and set him straight like what a real friend should, they just panned the fire on the sidelines. Indeed who would believe that a ‘mere’ Mu Ran can blackmail a powerful Yi Tian? I think maybe it’s just Mu Ran who blindly believed that Yi Tian has a strong sense of integrity to accompany him all these years. In fact, YT did it deliberately to make him suffer while secretly enjoying all the things Mu Ran did for him. Now when Mu Ran broke off their relationship, he couldn’t accept it, because he, the one who should be the one calling the shots, wasn’t the one who broke it off. It’s all just his ego talking. That part I can understand. I can also appreciate that he still showed ‘care’ for Mu Ran after, albeit late, atleast you can still see him struggling and trying. However, these bunch of his useless FRIENDS, their inputs are not needed. Their so called friendship is no different from superficial ones, bound only by their same economic statuses. In reality, they weren’t helping at all. Fuck their opinions.

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