MUTED Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

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Warning: Suicide


The one who first discovered that something was wrong with Mu Ran was Luo Yu.


That day, after finishing his assessment, the doctor had said that Mu Ran was fine, and all he needed was to rest properly. However, even after three days of being conscious, Mu Ran had yet to say a word, and his appetite was extremely small. At first, the two people were not very concerned, as they thought he was just not feeling well after waking up. The incident that truly caused their alarm bells to ring was the fourth night when Luo Yu was on guard.


During that day, Luo Yu was a little sleepy. As nothing had been going on with Mu Ran over the past few days, Luo Yu was a lot more relaxed, allowing himself to lie across the couch, yawning. Soon, he dozed off, and fell asleep. By the time Luo Yu woke up, it was already in the middle of the night. His many years of training had given him the ability to remain vigilant even while asleep, and so, he had woken up almost immediately with a movement from Mu Ran.


At first, seeing Mu Ran get out of the bed, Luo Yu had thought that he wanted to go to the washroom, and hence was not worried. Gradually, however, he realised that something was wrong. After getting out of the bed, Mu Ran first stood where he was for a minute, then started walking around the room. He went to pull the curtains open, before looking behind the chair, then under the bed. Finally, he stopped in front of Luo Yu, looking straight at him.


All of Luo Yu’s hair stood on end. He dared not move, and so remained there, looking back at Mu Ran in the dark and shadowy room.


After some time, Mu Ran suddenly asked, “Who’s crying?”


Having not spoken for a long time, his voice was extremely hoarse. In such a quiet room, it sounded even more terrifying.


Luo Yu was about to cry from fright. Fucking hell, even if he was to challenge a group of people to a fight by himself, he would not be that scared. Trembling there for some time, Luo Yu finally replied softly, “There’s no one crying.”


He gulped, then continued, “There’s… there’s only the two of us here.”


When he finished his sentence, the entire room fell into silence. Mu Ran still stood there, in front of him, looking at him. He did not move, nor did he speak. Luo Yu broke out into cold sweat, and right now, all he wanted to do was to just abandon everything and run away. However, before he could finally decide to run, Mu Ran moved first. Blankly, he turned away, walking towards the door. Just as he touched the doorknob, Luo Yu lunged over, stopping him.


“What are you going to do?!” At the same time, Luo Yu hurriedly turned on the lightswitch by the door. Light immediately flooded the room, and Luo Yu’s heart settled greatly.


“Who’s crying?” Still, Mu Ran was asking blankly. Under the light, he was frowning, his eyes empty. When he spoke, he was also looking at nobody, and his entire demeanour was very peculiar.


“No one’s crying, how about you go back to sleep?” Goosebumps creeped along his flesh as Luo Yu answered him. He remained standing in front of the door, refusing to let Mu Ran out. This was not funny at all, how could he let this person out now? If something were to happen to him, who was going to take responsibility?


Luo Yu had originally thought that this person would definitely throw a big fuss before giving up. Who would have thought that after listening to what he said, Mu Ran would only stare at him for a little while before turning away, obediently returning to his bed. However, within a few minutes, he pulled his blanket over his head, huddling into a ball.


For now, Luo Yu could not be concerned with him. He quickly pulled his phone out, calling Liao Fei. “Fuck! Quick, come back, I’m about to be frightened to death!”


On Liao Fei’s side, he was still groggy from sleep, only to wake up immediately upon hearing Luo Yu’s tone. Without saying a word, he hung up on Luo Yu and pulled his clothes on before rushing to the hospital.


It was only after reaching the hospital and confirming that Mu Ran was currently sleeping in bed did Liao Fei then give a sigh of relief. Turning his head around, he asked Luo Yu, who had been clinging tightly to him ever since he appeared, “What happened?”


Luo Yu explained the entire incident, then with a woeful look, he asked, “Is there something wrong with him? Fuck, this sort of thing can’t happen again.” Luo Yu was not afraid of anything, except for things that seemed a little supernatural or ghostly.


As Liao Fei listened to him, his brows knitted even more tightly. “I’ll stay here tonight, and you can go back first.”


However, Luo Yu refused to leave, hugging Liao Fei’s waist and declaring that he would share life and death with him. Liao Fei gave him a look of disdain, not exposing the fact that this fellow was just too afraid to go home alone.


A little later, Yi Tian received a call from Liao Fei. After hearing what Liao Fei had to say, Yi Tian remained silent for a few moments, before telling him that he needed two days before he would return to the country, and requested Liao Fei to watch over Mu Ran carefully. After hanging up, Yi Tian pondered for a moment, and dialled He Xudong’s number.


Upon answering, the person on the line spoke roguishly, “Hello, Xiao Yiyi, why are you looking for me?”


Yi Tian could not be bothered to drag the conversation out with him, and went straight to the point. “Lend me your wife.”


“Ah, fuck, is my wife someone who can be lent out to you like that? Even if we grew up sharing the same underwear, you can’t be like that. Don’t you know that you can’t touch your friend’s wife…”


“I’ll be back in the country in two days. I’ll call you again then, I’m hanging up now.” Yi Tian was in no mood to joke around with him. He Xudong could really rattle away, but he was very reliable when dealing with matters. A little agitated, Yi Tian tossed his phone on the table, before lighting a cigarette and stood by the full glass window of his office, deep in his thoughts. Ever since Mu Ran woke up, he had already noticed that something was not quite right with him, and that was the reason why he wanted Liao Fei and Luo Yu to keep an eye on him. However, he had never thought that Mu Ran would be so daring as to actually take his own life.


That day, on the plane, Su Wenyang had asked him how he had wanted to deal with it. He was unable to answer, he did not know how. He was clearly completely disgusted by that person, but why did he repeatedly save him over and over again? Was it pity? When did he, Yi Tian, start to have such a sympathetic heart? Even he himself could not believe such a reason. He only knew that he did not want Mu Ran to die, but as for exactly why he did not want him to die, he did not know. It was a confusing vicious cycle, and somehow or another, he managed to trap himself within it. The most amusing thing about this was that he was actually the one who created this cycle himself.


Ever since that night when they discovered that something was wrong with Mu Ran, Liao Fei and Luo Yu watched Mu Ran with great alertness. However, despite how careful they were, things still happened.


That afternoon, just like normal, Mu Ran went to sleep after lunch. Liao Fei saw that he was quietly sleeping in bed with his eyes shut, and felt a lot more at ease. He sat on the couch, reading a book, even giving the occasional response to Xiaoliu’s texts that were full of chatter and complaints. By the time Liao Fei had noticed that something was wrong, rushing over and pulling the blankets away, even for someone who was so mentally strong had nearly been stunned silly.


Somehow, Mu Ran had managed to get his hands on a piece of sharp glass, and had been hiding it in his palm. His left wrist had been sliced ragged by himself, the flesh in a mess. The bedsheet had been soaked through with blood, and even the blanket had been badly stained. Liao Fei hurriedly snatched that piece of glass, throwing it away, then desperately hit the call bell as he yanked up the bedsheet and pressed it firmly against the wound on Mu Ran’s wrist.


Mu Ran was already slipping away from consciousness. He did not have any reaction to Liao Fei holding him down, only opening his eyes slightly and looking at the ceiling. He looked as though he was so fatigued that he was about to fall asleep any moment.


When the doctor ran over and saw the sight, he too was in a fluster. Without bothering to say a word, he started working on saving Mu Ran. His hands covered in blood, Liao Fei retreated out of the room. Right at this moment, his phone rang. It was Su Wenyang informing him that they had arrived. Liao Fei smiled wryly in his heart. To have such a thing happen at the very last minute, he really did not know how to explain it.


Upon hanging up, Su Wenyang turned to see those dark bruises around the eyes of his boss, evidence that he had not been resting well. Sighing, he reported what he had just heard.


This time, they had travelled overseas to finish up the matter of the Wu family, and their tasks had basically concluded. What was left of the matter could be handed over to the younger folks of the Yi family.


He had thought that after returning home, they would be able to get a good rest. Who would have thought that before they could even breathe in the familiar air of their home country, they would be faced with such a thing.


After listening to Su Wenyang, Yi Tian did not say anything. He just straight away tossed his luggage at Su Wenyang, telling him to head back to the office first. As he left, he started calling He Xudong. From behind, Su Wenyang looked at the back of his boss and sighed. For some reason, he had a premonition that this matter would not be easily concluded for now.

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  1. Omg…a grate thing happened in 2021 is that I got to read the new chapter of this exciting and unputdownable book novel…
    Thank you tons😘

  2. Omg…a grate thing happened in 2021 is that I got to read the new chapter of this exciting and unputdownable book novel…
    Thank you tons… can’t wait to see what happens next!?

  3. Don’t attack me on this…but am I the only one who thinks YT should just let Mu Ran go…I mean, he already succumbed to pain, he’s numb now. What Mu Ran needs is hope and reassurance that there’s still something waiting, or need him, in order to stay here. But Yi Tian couldn’t quite assess his feelings yet…so it’s impossible for him to do it as of now, and there’s no assurance that he would. This cycle of killing himself and getting saved, is actually more of a torture, than salvation? I think that’s more cruel.

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