PM Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (NSFW)

Warning: Rape happens to the pregnant main lead in this chapter.


Seven in the evening, the neighbour’s low quality television was showing the Yuanjiang News. The volume was loud, and even through the door, He An could hear it clearly from his house. He was in the kitchen cutting potatoes, planning on braising a brisket and potato stew to warm his body up. His actions were very careful; bending his waist slightly, bowing his body, preventing his protruding stomach from bumping into the chopping board.

Halfway through, someone suddenly pounded at his door violently.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The metal door continuously hit against the loosened door frame, the red rust from it scattering to the ground like dust. The incomer lost his patience after banging a few times on the door, and started to savagely twist at the door knob. The old door handle was not sturdy, and twisted with loud cracks, as though it would be ripped apart and torn away.

He An panicked, his hand trembled, and the peeled potato chunk fell onto the ground, rolling a distance away.

It was that person.

Why would that person come today? He had already vanished for over half a year, and He An had thought that he would never appear again, never disturbing him for the rest of his life.

The rental apartment He An lived in was very small. The so-called kitchen was only a few cookers stacked up in a narrow corridor behind the door. The thundering at the door grew louder, and soon covered up the sounds coming from the neighbour’s television. The sound transmitted through the thin door, each pound striking He An’s brain firmly.

His head ached, and he reflexively turned around and reached out with his hand.

The latch was within arm’s reach, and it could be opened with a light pull. However, his hand hovered in midair, not daring to move for quite some time, and finally, it fell, covering the part of the apron that was over his belly.

He knew what that man would do to him once he entered. In the past, he could still endure it, but now…

He was not just one person anymore.

The last time the person had seeked pleasure in his body before he disappeared, he had accidentally left a present within him. He An had lavished all his attention on it, protecting it, as though he was carrying a piece of fragile glassware, living his life very cautiously. Six months had passed, and the little baby in his belly grew, and his loosely-tied apron was unable to conceal that bulging shape.

However, once he opened the door, his beloved child would be harmed.

It definitely would be.

Along with him.

In these few short seconds of hesitation, the man outside the door had reached the end of his patience, and started kicking at the door. The sole of the shoe stomped unceasingly on the surface, itching to kick a hole straight through. The neighbour was disturbed by the loud noises, and looked out from his place unhappily. Separated by a security door, he shouted, “What are you doing? Demolishing the place at night?!”

The neighbour also had an explosive temper. Afraid that the two people would start fighting each other, He An could only let that violent guest in, and at the same time, he smiled embarrassedly at his neighbour. “Sorry, my friend is drunk, so he’s not thinking too clearly. His temper is also bad, we’re not disturbing you on purpose… Ah!”

Before he could finish speaking, his collar was grabbed rudely.

The man harshly slammed the door shut, dragging him to the bedroom. On the tiles was a puddle of water that had seeped out from the bathroom, and it was extremely slippery. Unable to steady his footing, He An toppled, falling to the ground. The man however did not even turn to take a look, but the arm that was around He An only tightened further, picking him up and tossing him onto the single bed.

Caught off guard, He An fell onto the bed without any support. His back landed forcibly, and the bedsheets crumpled beneath him.

The bedsheets had been yanked out, and under his body, they wrinkled, like a piece of glass that had been punched and cracked.

Standing at the end of the bed, the man looked at He An. His eyes were sunken, his breaths heavy, and his face was emotionless, and he was clearly out of it. However, the strange thing was that no alcohol could be smelt from his body, only a faint whiff of tobacco.

A few seconds passed. The man had probably seen enough. He quickly undid his belts, yanked his zipper down, and pushed his thumbs into his underwear, pulling both his pants and underwear off at the same time.

Seeing that fiendish-looking, dark purplish thing, He An’s face paled. Pushing himself against the bed, he tried his best to retreat, twisting his clumsy, heavy body to pull out the drawer next to the bed, trying to retrieve the condom and lubricant within. Before he could even touch them, the man had savagely grabbed his ankle and dragged him back.

With this drag, the bedsheets came off, and a large portion of it drooped to the ground.

He An was extremely alarmed, shouting, “Feiluan, wake up a little! Take a look at my current condition!”

He struggled, trying to escape the bed, but his shoulders were caught and pressed back down. The man kneeled over his legs, frowning, observing him with muddled eyes. Not seeing anything different, he snorted disdainfully. “It’s exactly the same, ugly.”

He then dragged his ass up and spreading his two legs apart. Holding onto his own penis, the man tried to push himself inside.

No preparation had been done. Even with an Omega’s body, it was impossible for the hole to start releasing fluids within a few seconds. As such, the head of the cock was stuck at the entrance, unable to enter. It was like violently twisting a rusty screw, both sides suffering. He An was truly traumatised from this pain, his spine contracting, and after a while, his stomach started feeling uncomfortable, and throbbed with intense pain.

At this time, the man’s temper was fierce and brutal, but his way of thinking was now very simple. Just like countless times before, He An spoke to him gently, as though coaxing a child, telling him to pull out first, and let him prepare himself, then he would be able to comfortably enter and enjoy himself.

“You, hurry.”

For the time being, the man believed him, and withdrew himself. His arms were still supporting himself on the bed, and his eyes that were full of lust stared straight at He An. They looked just like the scope of a gun, ready to fire at any moment.

The man’s patience in bed could usually be counted in seconds. He An dared not waste any time, hastily pouring out a huge amount of lubricant on his palm and tried his best to push his fingers into his hole. With his belly, it was not convenient for him to bend his body, and so he could not reach in deep. After some time he finally pushed his finger in up to the first knuckle, barely managing to twist his finger around. His channel was nearly completely dry.

The patience that was shorter than the end of a cigarette rapidly burnt out. The man was aflame with lust, he grabbed He An’s hand and wrapped it around his twitching cock, wanting him to compensate him for the delay.

He An had no other choice, and could only settle for this. Racing against time, he smeared the lubricant on that thing and long thing, paying careful attention to that frightening tip. This thing had made him suffer many times, and he would feel chills running through his body just looking at it, wishing desperately to just pour the entire bottle over it.

After applying the lube, He An wanted to get a condom for the man to put one. The man had worn them a few times before, and he was extremely averse to the feeling of having his penis wrapped up in silicon. Seeing the packaging, he was immediately vexed, and smacked it to the floor. He then lunged onto He An, pulling his thighs apart, gripping his shaft that was shining with oil and giving a thrust, pushing himself inside.

“Ah! No! Feiluan, you can’t do this… It hurts… Ahh!”

The intense pain shot through his body, all his muscles seizing, trying to resist the knife-stabbing invasion. The colour drained from He An’s face, his forehead cold to touch, cold sweat breaking out around his nose, and large drops of sweat dripped from his nape.

The man was like a beast, only seeking pleasure, and never feeling any care and concern for the one underneath him. Just now, when the preparation was not done, his invasion could still be stopped. Now that he was prepared, that frightful member, with the help of the lube, slid all the way in, almost piercing through the membrane that was situated in the deepest part of the genital cavity.

He An nearly fainted from the pain, gasping for air for about ten minutes. All he could see was flashes of shadows — what exactly had he done, what unforgivable mistakes did he make, that he always had to endure a situation like this.

The severe pain forced cold sweat out of He An’s body. When then man smelt it, he was like a shark that had scented blood. The look in his eyes changed abruptly, and turned bloodshot with hunger and madness. He bent down, wantonly kissing every inch of He An’s exposed skin, sometimes licking at it, sometimes sniffing at him with his eyes closed. His expression looked blissful, just like an addict who had scored his hit.

The t-shirt and apron were concealing He An’s body. Finding them to be an obstruction, the man tore them apart, and started to greedily kiss at He An’s exquisite birthmark that was situated slightly off his chest.

Iris, gardenia, laurel, camphor, nothing could compare to the scent of lilies-of-the-valley.

The claws of the beast crushed a blossom, destroying the filaments and mangling the petals. Wisps of the delicate fragrance curled through the air, suffusing the surroundings in sadness. It was as though the man was standing in a field of lilies-of-the-valley after a rain, and was deeply intoxicated by the scent. No matter how he breathed it in, it was not enough, he could not get enough. The dream formed a drop of sweet dew on the petal. It hovered there, not falling, tempting his desirous heart.

A half year of separation. Every cell in him was clamouring wildly, yearning for this rare scent of the lily-of-the-valleys.

It was not enough!

It was far from enough!

The drops of sweat was unable to satisfy his desire. He turned and chased after He An’s tears, and the most direct way to get them was through pain.

The man moved his lower body instinctively, and the thrusts became heavier and more brutal. He An was in too much pain, his thin body could not help but tremble, pained moans coming out from his mouth, and his fragrance started emitting heavily. He heard the man’s pants drew closer, and the man lowered his head, licking up the tears from his eyes.

In the next moment, the man shuddered excitedly, and his movements became even fiercer.

“No, Feiluan, don’t do this… “ His belly twisted sharply in pain. He An hugged his stomach, pleading with his last thread of hope. “There’s a child in here, it’s ours, it belongs to the two of us… Can you feel it? You… touch it, it’s already six months old…”

However, just like how he behaved normally, the man ignored him, continuing to act according to his savage instincts.

In the end, even the tears were not enough to satisfy him — he gripped He An’s hair, forcibly turning his neck, exposing his nape. Sharp canines pierced through the skin into the gland.


He An gave a terrible cry, his heart stalling, and his hips jerked up violently.

The thick scent of pheromones from the gland stimulated the man greatly. His lust spiralled, and holding on to He An he pounded himself in, that swollen member impaling itself inside, giving no thoughts to the cries and pleas of the person under him.

Finally, the man ejaculated, satiated, and out of habit, he wanted to fall upon He An’s body. He An found a strength he did not know the source of, raising his arms to valiantly block him and push him to the side, not letting him press onto his stomach. The penis, covered with fluids, left his body, and the fluids were mixed with obvious blood. The man tumbled down, quickly sinking into sleep.

He An feebly lay by the side, gasping for his breaths.

He was finally released from this excruciating torture.

He knew what he should do now — he should get up, and dial a certain number for help as quickly as possible. However, he was too tired, and too much in pain. Even to move a finger, he felt like he needed to exert all his body’s effort.

Curling up in the single bed, He An’s vision darkened, and he lost consciousness.

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