PM Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Zheng Feiluan had an unforgettable sweet dream.

In the dream, the clear sky stretched ahead, the clouds drifting by. The chirping of a bird could be heard. Rays of light broke through the clouds, bringing a glow to the bird’s greyish feathers. The fog rolled away, the world covered with dew. He stood by a secluded lake, swaths of lilies of the valley blooming by him. The blossoms drooped gently, every one a shy youth looking up at him.

The flowery scent seemed to leave a physical trace, soaking his clothes, and entered his exhausted body. His lungs gradually moistened, his skin and pores breathing comfortably, and his blood was injected with a sort of energy, clearing away his pervading weariness.

How long had he not been this relaxed?

Having been in Europe for the past half of the year, his mood had always been shrouded in an inexplicable anxiety. The anxiety gradually accumulated, but there was no outlet for it. It felt like his heart had been sealed in a container without enough oxygen, and as time passed, his situation got more dangerous. A week before his return, his work piled up, and his temper was horrendous. He was like an oil barrel baked under the burning summer sun, everything would set him off, and he had completely lost his ability to express his opinions properly.

Now, he had gained a calm that he had been missing.

Zheng Feiluan took in a long, deep breath. Satisfied, he opened his eyes.

His view was dusky, tiny particles of dust floating in the air. On the right was a simple wooden window, the glass caked with dust, and the dim morning light was shadowed further. Above him was a narrow ceiling, the corners stained with greyish-green traces of mould. Several cracks spread like vines, travelling into the distance.

After some time, he finally realised that he was lying in some place unfamiliar. A single bed, short and narrow, it was placed right next to the wall. Under his, the bedsheets were rumpled into a ball.

This was a cheap rented place.

Why was he lying here?

He remembered that after landing yesterday, he had went straight to his home in the city. To quickly get over his jetlag, he lit some incense, took a bath, and even drank half a glass of wine to induce his sleepiness, and he had fallen asleep before six in the evening.

Why did he appear in a different place when he woke up?”

“… I, I’m fine, I don’t have to go to the hospital…”

A suppressed cough interrupted Zheng Feiluan’s thoughts. He turned his head, and his eyes immediately fell upon a deathly pale neck, two thin shoulders, and a mess of black, slightly curled hair. The colour of the hair was very deep, and in contrast, that person’s skin was so white it looked sickly.

That was a skinny youth, his back towards him and sitting on the icy cold tiles of the floor, leaning against the bed. He was completely nude, only casually draping a thin blanket over himself to keep warm. The youth was on his phone, speaking with a low voice, “Come quickly and take him away. I didn’t manage to endure last night, and fainted, and I just woke up. The sun is about to rise, I’m afraid he…”

Zheng Feiluan sat up, his eyes drawn to the back of the youth’s neck — a messy bite mark, the teeth dug in deep, and spatters of blood trailed down to the back. His gland looked as though someone had bit into it savagely. His exposed thighs were also covered with bruises, his buttocks pinched red, fluids stained with blood trickled from his cleft, and it was evident that he had been ravaged during sex.

He was staying in the same room as an Omega that had been marked?

What sort of new play was this?

Zheng Feiluan was extremely vigilant, and his first reaction was to think that this Omega was working with an Alpha, planning to scam him of his money, but soon realised that this was impossible — in a case of rape, photos and recordings were not enough to point out any fault, the most critical evidence would be their pheromones. If this was really a case of a badger game, he was confident that he could prove his innocence.

The youth had yet to notice that he was awake, and was still urging the person on the phone, his tone getting more and more anxious. “Don’t buy any medication, don’t buy anything, I can hold on. Come, quick, take a shortcut, hurry… He can’t wake up here…”

Zheng Feiluan looked around him. In the tiny space of twenty square metres, there was no way someone else could be hidden here. That meant that the person the youth was referring to was most likely him.

Zheng Feiluan could not refrain from laughing.

This paper thin figure, his shoulders looking as though they would break easily in a fight, this person, actually dared to hoodwink him?

He straightened out the wrinkles in his shirt, rolling up his sleeves. Patiently waiting for that Omega to finish his call, he then greeted him coldly, “Good morning.”


The youth froze, his phone fell onto the ground.

During the split second he heard Zheng Feiluan’s voice, blood rushed through He An’s ears. All he could hear was a buzzing, his hair standing on ends. Stiffly, he turned around, and ended up meeting a pair of alert eyes.

What should he do?

His Alpha… was awake.

He An looked up at Zheng Feiluan, his mouth opening slightly. He was terrified, and his mind was blank. Zheng Feiluan waited for some time, seeing that he did not speak, he took the initiative to ask, “Who are you?”

He An dully replied, “I, I’m an Omega.”

“Of course I know you’re an Omega.” Zheng Feiluan laughed, pointing at his neck, signalling that he had already seen those savage bite marks. “I’m asking, why am I at your place?”


He An struggled, unable to give a response.

Zheng Feiluan thought that he did not dare to tell the truth, and so sneered, pulling the blanket away about to get off the bed. When his vision swept past his naked lower half, he froze, his expression turning awful — He had showered before he slept last night, and his cock should be clean. Now, however, it was stained with thick fluids, come and blood, the pungent smell wafting up, and it had clearly been used.

He looked up, staring straight at He An.

Looking at this face, this neck, and the arms and chest that were not covered by the blanket, fresh, cruel marks were everywhere.

But that was impossible.

It could not be him!

He had always been a gentle lover, and up to now, he had never abused any of his lovers. Even after getting blackout drunk, it was impossible that his character would change overnight, and treat an Omega he did not know so savagely.


Zheng Feiluan looked at He An in disbelief. He took a step forward, reaching to grab at his blanket. He An trembled violently, keeping a death grip on the blanket around him as he turned to the side and shrank backwards, looking as though he was afraid that he would do something again. Seeing his reaction, Zheng Feiluan’s heart skipped a beat. It was clear that he had really forced himself on this Omega.

So… it really was a one night stand?

How was that possible.

Ignoring the fact that he had just returned to the country yesterday, and was not in the mood to indulge in such pleasure, even if he wanted to look for a fuck, tons of young, good looking and skilled Omegas would queue and offer themselves up. A thing like this who brought his customer back to his rented home to sell his ass, Zheng Feiluan would find him dirty even if he was the one being paid instead.

However, the strangest part was, why did he do him the favour of marking him?

The bottom line of a one night stand was to never mark the Omega, as the mark would prove that the Alpha had took over the ultimate control during sex. The marked Omega was unable to resist, and from then on, the suspicion of rape would always exist. The Omega only had to go to an Omega protection society to evaluate the bite mark, then go to court and sue him for sexual assault, and the Omega would always win.

Zheng Feiluan studied this thin Omega with dark eyes, wanting to understand exactly what he was planning.

He An was terrified that his secret would be exposed, and unconsciously blocked his stomach. This bizarre action immediately caught Zheng Feiluan’s attention. His brows creased, realising that something was wrong, and wrenched away the blanket that was covering He An!


This was actually a pregnant Omega.

Alphas could not sexually assault pregnant Omegas. This was something Zheng Feiluan had heard since he was a child. It was not just a matter of morals or the law, but biologically, it was impossible.

An Omega was born delicate, and after getting pregnant, they basically lost their ability to protect themselves. At the same time, they would also gain a very effective weapon — Class II pregnancy pheromones. It was effective against all foreign Alphas, and its purpose was to inhibit their lust or desire. This meant that other than the child’s biological father, a foreign Alpha, no matter how strong, would never be able to get erected in front of a pregnant Omega.

Now, Zheng Feiluan currently had morning wood.

This was too ridiculous.

It was so ridiculous that it was like a bad joke.

He even laughed, looking down at his energetic, perky shaft. He then bent over and grabbed He An’s chin, studying this refined and delicate, yet unmemorable face.

“How interesting, one shock after another so early in the morning. What a spectacle.” He pointed at He An’s stomach. “It’s… mine?”

He An nodded his head in fear. “Mn.”

“How many months?”

“6 months and 9 days.”

Six months, which meant that the child was conceived before he went overseas.

During that period of time, he had been bogged down with work. Every day, he needed to have a meeting with sixteen companies from five countries, and his schedule could fill up two A4 pieces of paper. He only finished work at 2am at night, wishing desperately that he could split one minute into two, and had slept in the hotel suite for the entire week. In this situation, he could still separate himself into two, and made this Omega living in a rented place pregnant?

It was like a fairy tale.

“Since we even have a child already, it doesn’t seem right that we know nothing about each other, right?” He smiled politely at He An, his eyes remaining dispassionate, without a single trace of amusement. “If you don’t mind, let’s look for a place to talk.”

He needed to understand this entire story as soon as possible, cutting through this mess before the situation became known, and deal with this Omega and that unborn child.

The Beta assistant, Cheng Xiu, rushed over anxiously, and it was Zheng Feiluan who opened the door for him. He saw his conscious boss standing in front of him, and his legs turned into jelly, crumpling down. Holding on to the bars of the anti-theft door, he fell onto his knees.

Zheng Feiluan glanced at him icily. “I was wondering who the accomplice was. Turns out it was an insider. Your actions are very practiced, how long have you been doing this?”

Cheng Xiu shook. “One year three… three months.”

Zheng Feiluan smiled faintly. “Was it fun to conceal it from me?”

Cheng Xiu immediately shook his head furiously, raising his hand to the sky, swearing, “No, no, it wasn’t!”

In his heart, he instead thought, as if, it felt way too good! Each time you shoved a folder at my chest, and when you lectured me as though you were an aircraft bomber, I would kneel down and pray to heavens that you would go and look for He An. Delivering a starving lion with bloodshot eyes to the doorstep, then after a night of release, a phone call, and what I would be picking up would be a clawless, satiated big cat! Even after a tibetan mastiff is sent to the pet shop for a bath and grooming, the results aren’t so instantaneous!

Cheng Xiu looked terrified, but internally he was steady as a rock — Zheng Feiluan had just done it with He An, and his temper now was currently in the calmest state of the past six months. Even if he was to be harsh, it would not be anything to be frightened of. He used to deliberately chose days like this to request for a salary increment, and he would always succeed. Now, although this situation had came to light, it looked as though his life was in danger, as long as he was lucky enough, he did not have to really die.

Done with a warm shower, He An stepped out from the bathroom. When he saw Cheng Xiu, they both took a step back.

Cheng Xiu stared at his large T-shirt, his face astounded. “You, how are you…”

He motioned a curve with his hands in front of his body.

He had followed Zheng Feiluan to Europe for work, and had not seen He An in about half a year, so he naturally did not know about his pregnancy. He An tugged at his shirt, speaking in a small voice, “The last time… It coincided with my heat, so… it happened.”

The two of them seemed to finish communicating in code, and both turned to the darkly looking Zheng Feiluan at the same time, then again simultaneously lowered their eyes in guilt.

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