PM Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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The snow fell thicker in the evening, and car accidents happened along Yanjiang’s expressways. The traffic police started to direct the traffic, moving the cars along in sequence.


A round Volkswagen Beetle broke through the encirclement. Relying on the driver’s superb skills, the car dove into tight alleys and narrow lanes, turning left and right. It made its way through half the city, coming to a screeching halt at He An’s door. Due to its great inertia, its front bumped into the back of the Maybach in front, and just the scratch on the paint job alone was worth Cheng Xiu’s two months salary.


He was unconcerned about the money, only hating the fact that his Beetle was not made of something harder, and he was unable to pierce right through his boss’s car. Quietly, he swore, and his agile body shot out of his car like a bullet. He made his way into the corridor, but unfortunately, due to the dim lighting, he stepped on the crushed tofu and vegetables on the ground.


Pushing the door open, the living room was in a mess.


Cushions were everywhere, and none of them in their right places; That mug that He An liked was now shattered on the ground, its fragments spreading from one wall to another, and the coffee shop’s logo could still be seen from the larger pieces; The jacket of the suit was abandoned on the couch, and a black tie was draped over the edges of the carpet…


A pained groan came from the bedroom, hidden behind the closed door. Cheng Xiu’s head exploded, and stepping across the shattered fragments, he rushed inside.


Upon seeing the tragic scene in the bedroom, he sucked in a breath of cold air.


It was the midst of winter, and the house originally did not have sufficient heating in the first place. However, He An had been stripped naked by Zheng Feiluan, and he was shrinking at the edge of the bed, his body curled up into a ball. The blanket was twisted between his bare legs, and two colours contrasted strongly, white and red. His thighs were stained with blood, a large scarlet patch seeping out between his legs. Fresh blood dripped out, mixed with a large amount of amniotic fluid, and the light grey bed sheet under him had been soaked to a near black colour.


He was very cold, so cold that there was no part of his body that was not trembling. However, the pain he was experiencing had caused his body to break out in sweat, and his entire body was soaked, like a lotus root that had been submerged in water for a long time. Between his teeth was a towel that was next to his cheek, and due to the pain in his belly, he was biting on it with all his might. The amount of force used made his refined and gentle face look a little savage.


His two hands had been tied tightly together – despite struggling a few times, he still did not manage to free himself. Instead, the friction of the rough leather belt against the thin skin of his wrists had caused him to start bleeding.


When Cheng Xiu saw the leather belt, his hair stood up on ends.


As the culprit behind this, Zheng Feiluan was completely unaware of the sins he had committed. Currently, he was snuggling up to He An on the bed, reluctant to leave him alone. He hugged the Omega from behind, gently caressing He An’s bulging belly, a good husband doting on his spouse and child. His eyes were shut as he lowered his head to sniff at He An’s neck. Looking intoxicated, his lips lingered on He An’s shoulders, leaving behind a row of faint love bites.


Registering that there was an intruder, Zheng Feiluan immediately lifted his head, on guard, and his eyes were as sharp as blades.


A trace of a Beta’s scent appeared in the room. Zheng Feiluan was instantly enraged, and his Alpha pheromones burst out of him. In a few seconds, it reached its peak, exuding a frightening aura of repulsion. It made Cheng Xiu’s legs weaken and his stomach twisted, and the Beta nearly fell down onto his knees.




A single word, concise and clear.


At the same time, his biceps swelled up, forming an impenetrable wall. He protected his darling Omega within his arms, like a fierce, evil dragon protecting its treasure.


Hearing the sounds, He An’s eyelashes that were clustered with tears trembled. A moment later, he opened his eyes with great effort.




He opened his mouth, clearly wanting to say something but unable to make a sound. Anxious, Cheng Xiu took a large step towards him. This stride seemed to have encroached on some invisible warning line, and Zheng Feiluan’s fury heightened even further. He sat up, roaring, “Scram!”


“Feiluan, keep quiet.” He An coughed, his voice hoarse. “He’s Cheng Xiu.”


His voice was weak and gossamer-like, yet abnormally effective, acting like an amulet seal that had been slapped upon the head of a demonic beast. Obediently, Zheng Feiluan shut his mouth, no longer making a sound. However, his eyes, glaring at Cheng Xiu only turned even more vicious, as though he wanted to use his murderous aura in replacement of his voice, scaring the other person away.


Cheng Xiu felt a little resigned.


Cheng Xiu had seen Zheng Feiluan’s odd behaviour dozens of times already, and he had long been used to it. Most of the time, after satisfying his sexual urges, Zheng Feiluan would immediately regress into a clingy huge dog. This dog’s nose was very sharp, and his fur was covered with 502 brand glue. Wherever He An went, he would stick closely to him, enchanted and trying his best to ingratiate himself, so innocent that one could not bear to castigate him.


Each time Cheng Xiu came to pick him up, forcefully dragging him away never worked. Instead, he needed to be walked to the car personally by He An, along with He An’s gentle coaxing, together with tucking in a little orangey-red blanket in his arms.


The little blanket was something that He An carried close to him, and it gave off a light scent of lilies of the valley. Only when the fragrance entered his nose, was the stubborn, savage dog willing to close his eyes and fall asleep.


When Cheng Xiu saw how Zheng Feiluan hugged the little blanket, smearing his saliva all over He An’s cheeks and neck, it both amused him and made him rather embarrassed. He wanted to turn the dashcam in the car 180˚, secretly capturing a segment of video, then take it out later to blackmail his boss into raising his salary. Perhaps, he might even be able to get a lifetime’s worth of year-end bonuses as a silencing fee, and be honourably discharged.


In actual fact, he did take the video.


However, it was not to be used as blackmail, but instead, it was secretly stored in a hard disk. Cheng Xiu planned on waiting for a day in the future where Zheng Feiluan would propose to He An, with roses in his hands, then gift the video to them as material for the wedding video.


When Cheng Xiu was secretly taking the video, he was smiling very brightly, as he thought that everything would change for the better.


A 100% perfect match, a fate that was match-made in heaven. How long more could this mate-seeking disorder continue hindering them?


Somewhere out there, Zheng Feiluan would definitely end up falling for He An, giving him an endless and boundless love, taking him away from the cramp and dark rental apartment, and having chubby, fair babies with him. When the babies were staggering about, learning to walk, Zheng Feiluan would bring them to the office, letting his children roll about on the carpet, having fun, and he would not even frown in the slightest — to be able to see such a cosy scene earlier, Cheng Xiu even schemed privately before, planning on choosing a moment when Zheng Feiluan was awake and arrange for him to meet He An again, repairing and retying this frayed red string of fate.


However, before the opportunity could arrive, an unexpected change appeared first.


After a business trip that lasted for half a year, He An was really pregnant, but Zheng Feiluan was still the heartless wolf.


Enduring Zheng Feiluan’s fierce glare, Cheng Xiu rushed over to He An’s bedside, asking him, “How are you now? Are you still able to hold on?”


He An lowered his lashes, not answering. He just shook his head slowly.


The few short words just now had sapped him of all his energy. It took him some time before he managed to gather up a minute amount of energy, and he gripped Cheng Xiu’s sleeve with trembling fingers. “Linglan… Linglan hasn’t been moving for a long time… Send me, send me to the hospital, and have them do a cae… a caesarian…”


“No problem!”


Without another word, Cheng Xiu pulled away Zheng Feiluan’s limbs that were curling around He An. Finding a clean blanket, he covered He An with it, lifting the man up in his arms.


Seeing that he was going to take He An away, Zheng Feiluan immediately turned into an obstruction, grasping the blanket tightly.




“Hurry up, let go!” Cheng Xiu’s heart was torn with anxiety. He tugged at the blanket a couple of times, but did not manage to free it, and he desperately wanted to kick Zheng Feiluan in the face. “If we don’t go to the hospital now, Linglan will die! That’s your child, your biological child! Are you fucking letting go?!”


“Not letting go.” Zheng Feiluan was so stubborn that ten oxen would not be able to drag him away. “He’s mine.”


Cheng Xiu ran out of ideas.


In his arms was He An. Together with Linglan’s weight, his arms were about to break. How could he have any strength left to deal with Zheng Feiluan? Even if his arms were empty, and they started fighting, this violent Alpha that was all brawn and no brain could beat him up to the point where his mother would not even recognise him.


At this moment, He An endured a wave of sharp pain. He pillowed his cheek on Cheng Xiu’s shoulder, huffing out his breath wearily.


“Feiluan, let go,” he said quietly.


The maniac Alpha froze, and his fingers let go involuntarily — he could not fight against what the Omega wanted him to do.


Gaining his freedom, Cheng Xiu immediately withdrew a distance away, to a spot where he was out of Zheng Feiluan’s reach, so as to prevent him from grabbing on again. The Alpha who had lost the consoling scent of pheromones was very uneasy, as though he had been abandoned in a deserted wilderness. He could not find his missing Omega, but he dared not leave on his own initiative. He could only sit on the bed, staring at the little tuft of black hair exposed under a corner of the blanket, speaking impatiently, “Come back quickly.”


He An closed his eyes, no response coming from him.


Cheng Xiu stood there for a few seconds. Seeing that He An did not plan on acknowledging Zheng Feiluan, he sprinted away, carrying him. They headed downstairs, flying through the door of the building, only to be faced with the howling winter wind along with snowflakes the size of goose feathers. The white was so cold it was scary, and it hurt their dry, chapped skin.


Vaguely, Cheng Xiu caught a barely perceptible voice in the wind.


“No, Feiluan, I’m never coming back.”


On the way here, Cheng Xiu had called for an ambulance. Who knew that when the ambulance was on the highway, it was met with a seven-car collision, and turned back around with fresh, new injured people. The emergency services said that they would try their best to send another ambulance as soon as possible, but when Cheng Xiu was holding on to He An, standing at the door, he still did not see a shadow of the white vehicle with a red cross.


There were two cars parked in front of him. One was his mini Beetle, and the other was Zheng Feiluan’s Mayback with a twelve cylinder engine.


Cheng Xiu did not even hesitate for a moment. He laid He An down in the backseat of the Maybach, putting the seat belt on for him before leaping into the driver’s seat. Slamming the pedal of the accelerator all the way down, he sped off with a roar of the engine, leaving a trail of dust and smoke behind him, flying off as quickly as possible to the gynaecology hospital at a speed of 120kph.


On the way to the hospital, He An’s condition deteriorated sharply — the Alphas’ pheromones had the effect of reducing pain and stopping the bleeding in Omegas that were about to give birth. Leaving their Alpha, the Omega would become even weaker and more fragile. Logically speaking, Cheng Xiu should have brought Zheng Feiluan alone, but if he dragged Zheng Feiluan to the birth in his current condition, the difficulty level was just like dragging an insane husky to take part in the national college entrance examinations. Cheng Xiu truly had no energy to take care of He An while scolding the dog. He decided to take the lesser of two evils, and trust in the hospital.


Fifteen minutes later, He An was pushed into the emergency department on a stretcher.


He had long fallen into unconsciousness, his face ashen, looking like porcelain, and not a hint of blood could be seen in it. As soon as the blanket covering him was lifted, the hot smell of blood could be detected even from afar, so thick that one could choke on it.


Cheng Xiu was frightened by this scene to the point where even his soul had fled. He could not say a word, just running with the stretcher to the door of the emergency surgery room. The bright red light above him lit up, and he stared at the sign that showed that the surgery was in progress. Standing by the door in a daze, he could not tell if the red light was swaying, or if it was blood.


Despite panicking, things that had to be done still had to be done. The Alpha was absent, and so all the responsibilities fell onto Cheng Xiu’s shoulders.


He went to the front desk to pay for the emergency fee, the equipment fee, the medication fee as well as the hospitalisation fee, signing the informed consent form on behalf of Zheng Feiluan. He also applied for the emergency use of manmade Alpha pheromones for He An, and as the blood loss during the surgery had exceeded standard levels, he even rolled up his sleeves and donated a bag of blood. As though it was a tactic fighting him in turns to wear him down, he finally completed all the tasks. Cheng Xiu was exhausted, but he still hurried back to the door of the emergency surgery room to wait.


The light showing that the surgery was still in progress was still lit up. No one knew when the light would dim.


Cheng Xiu sat on a chair groggily, waiting until twelve midnight. A female Beta doctor came over and nudged his shoulder, telling him that the baby was born, and it was an adorable Omega girl. The baby did not have much issues with her health, just that she was a little physically weak, and she inhaled a little of the amniotic fluid into her lungs. Hence, she needed to remain in the baby incubator for a few days for observation.


Cheng Xiu woke up immediately, slapping his thigh and jumping up. “What about the baby’s father?”


“The baby’s father… he’s still quite unstable.” The doctor looked solemn as she gave Cheng Xiu a vaccination jab. “The patient has lost too much blood, and has been abused too. His Alpha also isn’t next to him, and the equilibrium of his pheromones is very poor, creating even more difficulties in saving him. For now, he is still in a critical period.”


Cheng Xiu was extremely anxious. “Then… Are the chances of saving him high?”


“We’ll try our best.” The doctor patted his shoulder in consolation, then raised her chin towards the direction of the neonatal intensive care unit. “Go take a look at the child. The child’s already here, the father would not bear to leave her behind.”


Cheng Xiu looked up to see the light that had yet to switch off. Rubbing at the center of his brows, he followed the nurse down the long corridor to the entrance of the neonatal intensive care unit.


Through the glass, he saw a dozen pink and pouty babies.


The nurse pointed out one of the incubators to him. Cheng Xiu widened his eyes, and saw a little baby girl in diapers lying within. Her skin was red, her facial features a little wrinkly. She was small and thin, but her head was round and big, and she even had some thin and curly hair on her head. On her wrist and ankle were tags, and they shook along with her flailing of her limbs. Her belly rose and fell gently, and where the umbilical cord was cut, there was a small, pink umbilical clip.


Today’s Christmas Day. So eagerly, without even a greeting, you come in a hurry right at the end of this 25th of December.


Cheng Xiu felt his nose twinge, and he did not know if he should cry or laugh.


Reaching out, he tapped his fingernails gently on the window, greeting the baby within.


“Hello, Linglan.”

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