PM Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 (NSFW)

Edited by PohTahTvh

WARNING: violent rape of a pregnant person




He An was lifted and carried into the living room, then tossed onto the couch, back facing down.


Cushions and baby clothes flung up into the air. They landed onto the TV remote control on the coffee table, knocked down a mug, and pushed at a pile of magazines, which then scattered onto the ground.


Zheng Feiluan was nearly 190cm tall, and He An’s fall was about a metre down. His spine landed straight on the edge of a plastic box on the couch, and in that moment, an immense pain drilled through his nerves, right into his abdomen area, and his stomach muscles tensed up. He had no time to resist, and in his terror, he felt a violent convulsion around his belly. Immediately after that, a warmth was felt between his legs, as a large amount of unknown fluids gushed out.


He An laid frozen on the couch, like an old broken pendulum. His shrieks ended abruptly.


His expression was wooden as he stared at the ceiling, at a loss for what to do. His body remained motionless.




His little Linglan that had yet to reach its full nine months, what could he do to let it survive.


Snow fell heavily outside, shadows came one after another, swallowing a large half of the dim twilight.


The lights in the living room were not lit. Against the natural light, Zheng Feiluan stood in front of He An. His facial features were shadowed, and he cast a large silhouette, blocking the view. The explosive sexual desire had completely taken control of his senses. Resting a knee on the couch, he pressed a hand next to He An’s neck, preventing his prey from fleeing. His other hand was tugging at his belt violently, trying to release the savage beast trapped within his pants. However, he was too anxious, his fingers trembling. No matter how he tried, he was unable to undo the simple metal buckle, and instead, red marks were left on his palm from the tight leather.


He was panting from anxiousness, his breaths gradually heating up. Pushed into rage by the buckle, he slammed a fist into the back of the couch. Moving his knee further in, he dragged He An’s cold hand towards his bulging crotch, commanding him, “Take it out!”


He An did not comply.


An Omega’s instinctive submissiveness did make He An dazed for a moment, but the instinct to protect Linglan finally took the lead. Muddledness faded away from his eyes, and he looked up at Zheng Feiluan. He An’s eyes were sober, and he put some strength into his hand, stroking the sex organ through the cloth. As he soothed the man’s incessant, dangerous sexual desire, He An spoke lightly, “Feiluan, there’s something lacking here. I can’t undo it as well.”


“What’s lacking?”


Zheng Feiluan asked impatiently.


“Lubricant,” He An said, “In the past, when you wanted to feel good coming in, didn’t you need to first apply some oil? As long as we apply oil, there wouldn’t be any troubles anymore. There’s no oil here, so your belt cannot be unbuckled as well. Feiluan, go take some oil for me, alright?”


Zheng Feiluan’s face was dark. “Where is it?”


“The kitchen, there’s some in the kitchen.” He An pointed behind him. “It’s right behind that little door, it’s not far. You’ll get there in a couple of steps. Go get it for me, alright?”


On the coffee table, a foot away from the sofa was a mug that had been knocked down by the cushions. It had rolled to the edge of the table, stopping just in time, and the cold water it used to contain was now dripping onto the ground.


The mug was ceramic, its base thick and heavy, and carrying upon it was all of He An’s hopes for escape. He was waiting for the moment Zheng Feiluan would turn away, and he would smash the mug right into the back of his head.


But Zheng Feiluan did not move.


Kneeling on the sofa, he looked at He An. His forehead was tightly creased, clearly suspicious about what He An had just said — A beast-like wariness lay submerged in the instincts of an Alpha, they could detect any little tricks an Omega could conceive.


Seeing that Zheng Feiluan was not biting, He An became more and more anxious.


The cramps in his stomach came, wave after wave, gradually becoming stronger. The sticky, wet feeling between his legs spread. He An could no longer wait a second more. Cooperatively, he rubbed at the thing at Zheng Feiluan’s crotch, coaxing him, “Feiluan, I’m all hot and wet inside. I’ll cling tightly around you, nothing would feel better than that. Are you sure you don’t want to come in as quickly as possible?”


A shudder ran through Zheng Feiluan, his eyes turning bloodshot from desire.


He said, “I want.”


“Then… once there’s some lube, I’ll let you in.” He An’s tone was very gentle, his fingers stroking Zheng Feiluan’s wrist. “Feiluan, I’ve never lied to you before. You can trust me, right?”


Zheng Feiluan was finally convinced with much difficulty. He released his grip, getting off the couch and turning to walk towards the kitchen.


He An held his breath, pushing himself up from the couch with great effort. The sudden rush of blood made him dizzy. The colours he saw seemed to have been inverted, and he was so giddy that he could not see clearly. However, he dared not miss this opportunity. Swiping the mug, he hurried after Zheng Feiluan. Aiming for his head, he swung the mug with all his might.


A dull thud. Zheng Feiluan received a blow to the back of his head, and he stumbled a few steps forward.


His legs weakened, and his footing was unsteady, his body nearly losing its balance. Zheng Feiluan swayed, nearly kneeling down to the ground a few times. However, even until the end, he did not lose conscious like how He An had hoped for, but his left shoulder fell against the wall, while his right hand held onto the knob of the door to the kitchen, and he managed to steady himself — This blow had been vicious and accurate, and it should have achieved its objective. However, the two people had a difference of nearly fifteen centimetres in height, and along with the piercing pain in He An’s stomach, he could barely exert seventy percent of his strength.


The man recovered from the shock of the sneak attack. Pressing his hand to his head, he turned around. Glaring at the audacious Omega in rage, flames burned in his eyes from having been deceived.


“You lied to me.”


He took two steps forward, grabbing the mug and throwing it down at He An’s feet. The strength he used was enormous, and the ceramic shards shot everywhere, scraping against the paint on the wall, as well as carving out scars on the marble.


He An’s blood ran cold. Hugging his belly, he withdrew, step by step.


Expressionless, Zheng Feiluan moved forward, step by step.


His steps were slowly, very steady, maintaining the distance between him and He An. He even seemed as though he was strolling idly, like a leopard who had control over the entire situation. As his thin and weak prey had no way to escape from his claws, he could not be bothered with exerting any extra energy to chase after him. As he walked forward, he stripped off his suit jacket, tossing it casually on the couch before he yanked forcefully at his vest and shirt, revealing his muscular chest and waist.


The expensive buttons scattered down, some rolling into the seams of the couch.


Finally, with the crisp sound of the buckle becoming undone, the belt that had been restraining his violent desire was now released.


He An retreated all the way to the window. Left with nowhere to go, he could only watch Zheng Feiluan closely, waiting for the moment he took his pants off — once the pants were pushed down to his calves or ankles, Zheng Feiluan would lose the ability to chase after him, and He An would then have the chance to run into the bedroom and lock the door.


But his hopes vanished.


The Alpha had just been deceived, and he was currently in his most vigilant state. After pulling his belt out, he was in no hurry to undo the button of his pants, and he even held one end of the belt in his hand.


The other end hung to the ground, a few inches slithering across the floor like a spitting cobra.


“You lied to me, so, I must punish you.”


This was the longest sentence he had ever spoken when in this state. At the same time, he swung his belt up, gripping it with both hands and holding it across his chest, slowly stretching it out, the tension pulling the belt tightly — a disobedient Omega had to be tied up properly, and locked into a cage for the rest of their life.


He An’s face had turned white, and the back of his neck was covered in cold sweat. A sharp, shrieking alarm rang in his ears. In that moment, he could not even feel the pain in his belly, and he lunged towards the bedroom.


Zheng Feiluan saw that He An was trying to flee, and with his long legs, he strode after him. Kicking open the door to the bedroom, he grabbed He An’s collar, dragging him into his arms and lifting him up around his waist to throw him onto the bed. Using the belt, Zheng Feiluan wrapped it three times around the Omega’s thin wrists, buckling it tightly.


He An struggled fiercely, but his limbs had been forcefully trapped by the Alpha, and there was not even the slightest chance that he would be able to free himself. Extremely terrified, his tears fell down in spades as he sobbed, “Feiluan, no… please, I beg you, not today…”


At the start, he was only mumbling his pleas, but later on, he started to tremble, and his trembles intensified to the point where Zheng Feiluan nearly could not hold him down. Suddenly, He An raised his chin, shouting in a heart-wrenching voice on the bed, “It’s nearly nine months already, it can live, once it’s born, it can live! Don’t you want my neck gland? You can just cut it away with a knife! I’ll exchange the gland with you, for Linglan’s survival, hear me?! Feiluan! Zheng Feiluan! Do you hear me?!”


Zheng Feiluan paid no heed.


Large amounts of sweat mingled with tears, filling the bedroom with the scent of lilies of the valley. Zheng Feiluan was immersed in the refreshing, heart-stirring scent. His hearing and vision were cut off, and he could only focus on the pheromones. Bending down, he pressed his nose and lips onto He An’s neck, breathing in deeply and freely in satisfaction. Following that, his sexual desire grew even more voracious, his cock twitching inside his tight pants, almost bursting the seams. The dark red head of the cock emerged from his underwear, the tip gaping slightly, and the leaking fluids had left stains on his clothes.


Zheng Feiluan tore He An’s pants off, crudely spreading his buttocks. Sticking a finger out, he probed into that hole he had been craving to possess.


His insides were just as warm and tight, but it was slicker than before. Clear fluid leaked as Zheng Feiluan stretched the hole with his fingers. Every drop had once been surrounded by the membrane in the womb, moisturising Linglan’s tender skin.


The fluid was a sign, signalling that their child would soon be born. However, at this moment, Zheng Feiluan was unable to understand that.


He was lost in his ignorance, thinking that the wet hole was He An’s passionate invitation for sex. As just, he kneeled on the bed, holding onto his aching, stiff dick and pressing into the hole. He managed to force half of himself inside, and then, no longer able to hold himself back, he impatiently thrusted in, fully encasing himself in the flesh.




The moment he was invaded, the blood retreated from He An’s lips. His hands, tied up with the belt, gripped at the bedsheets, pulling them up.


He An froze in this stiffened position for a few seconds, and then came crashing back down, collapsing. He lay down, his face upwards, gasping for air urgently. All the energy within him seemed to have seeped out, and bonelessly, he lay under Zheng Feiluan like a sacrifice, free for him to devour, to use.


Every single time they had sex, the process was always similar.


There was no fun and enjoyable foreplay, or any considerate and careful lubrication. It was always a one-sided sacrifice, and a one-sided plunder. Zheng Feiluan brutally thrusted into He An, forcing the clenching hole to open up for him, to suffer the raging desire he had suppressed for many months.


His actions were always cruel and fierce, not a trace of concern within them. This was especially so at the start of every session, his every thrust able to cause He An to jolt severely. He would plug his dick all the way into He An, as though all he wanted was to pierce through into the Omega’s fragile womb. This time round, with his incessant thrusting, the amniotic fluids that had been trickling out increased in volume, turning from clear to turbid. After Zheng Feiluan’s first ejaculation, He An’s belly convulsed, and a large amount of blood came gushing out from his channel.


Zheng Feiluan was unable to register it. Without a break, he went for the second round.


For easier access, Zheng Feiluan supported his upper body on his elbows, trapping He An’s knees at the same time, making the poor Omega unable to keep his legs close. This position caused He An’s stomach to suddenly be pushed right to the front. The more Zheng Feiluan saw it, the more he was disgusted, hating that it made He An’s slender body more swollen and ugly.


Still, compared to the cold-hearted beast in a human skin when he was sober, the Zheng Feiluan who was now in an animalistic state had a trace of instinct to protect his offspring left in him. He vaguely understood that there was something precious and delicate in He An’s stomach, and so, once his desire found its relief, he slowed down, his thrusting becoming more gentle.


When the second bout of sex finally ended, He An’s consciousness had long become unfocused.


His eyes were opened slightly, his heart empty. He was not thinking about anything, nor did he dare to do so. However, tears still fell uncontrollably from his eyes. An hour ago, Linglan was still moving about vigorously in his belly, but an hour later, he could not even feel the slightest movement from it anymore.


The man on top of him came twice. His violence had faded away, and a gentleness, although late, had taken over him. He started to kiss He An’s lips and the corners of his eyes, pleading with him not to cry. He An looked at Zheng Feiluan, his hopelessness a boundless abyss. His tears only fell faster, wetting his temples, soaking the bed sheets, leaving dark water stains next to his cheeks.


Why was it always only after the painful and scarring sex, that He An was then able to have this temporary love? This lover was not clear-headed, was incomplete, and despite his tender affections and love, he had no way of expressing it.


Who could give him the answer?


He An gazed blankly at the ceiling. His world was submerged underwater, wet and cold, and he could not see anything clearly.


How nice, his Alpha was an impressive and imposing lion, standing tall and powerful at the top, his fierceness terrifying. This lion’s sharp teeth were weapons, and his roars were shields. They should have been used to protect his partner and child. However, they had turned in the opposite direction, the sharp teeth tearing into his partner, into the neck of his child.


I’ve had enough, He An thought.


I don’t want this sort of love anymore, I really don’t want it anymore.


If the so-called perfect match is to live in terror, loathing and inconsistency forever, then let me continue being an Omega that has been abandoned by fate.


Please, I beg you.


Let me return to the rainy day I met him. I’ll leave the house ten minutes later, no, an hour later. I’ll wait until his silhouette could no longer be seen even on the highest step, and I’ll hold my breath, quietly walking past, not even leaving a single petal behind.

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