PM Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Zheng Feiluan had reached the limits of his patience.

He was in a hurry to leave this place with troubles abound, and he could no longer be bothered to continue pretending that they were on an equal status. Filled with rage, he directed his anger at the poor Omega. “He An, you keep talking about signing an agreement with me, do you not understand what’s going on, or are you feigning ignorance? It’s impossible for me to sign an agreement with you, because the agreement itself is a sort of responsibility. In fact, this one…”

He held up the half-filled piece of paper, and slapped it back onto the table. “… I won’t be the one signing this.”

“I… I understand…”

He An mumbled, wrapping his arms himself tightly as though shielding from the cold.

Those long-legged spiders of his imagination started crawling about on the back of his hands, every leg covered with black and white fur. The shiny metallic shells, like sesame seeds, swarmed under his eyes. Occasionally, shells would split open, and countless, thin, translucent wings would spread out, brushing across his cheeks.

He An was deathly afraid of creepy crawlies, and all his hair stood on end. His stomach twisted, bile churning within.

Was this what they called the perfect match?

Because he did not want to listen to the objections of an Omega, so he released his pheromones and made him suffer such mental torture. Was this how his beloved Alpha would use their compatibility?

He An had always believed that pheromones had to do with love. With poor compatibility, the love between the couple would be a little less. With high compatibility, the love would be deeper. Today, he finally learnt that pheromones could make the Alpha and Omega two resonating strings of a musical instrument. Removing the lust, there were still many places where the two were entangled together. For example, there was this dependency on each other that was engraved into their bones, a delight that did not need to be said but still known, a one-sided wild desire to control, and the other side’s wild desire to submit.

As an Omega, he actually did not fear his nature to submit.

If Zheng Feiluan loved him, submission would be a manner of sweet flirtation in the bedroom. He was willing to kneel, to lay down, to shout no, yet shyly open up his body, and find happiness in the helplessness of being dominated by Zheng Feiluan. He would be safe, and the moment he could no longer endure it, he would plead for mercy. The other party would stop, would kiss him gently, and apologise remorsefully that he had gone overboard.

But what if Zheng Feiluan did not love him?

This one-sided pressure that could not be resisted was like a hand, holding his head down underwater. He could not hold on anymore, he was about to suffocate, about to die, but from whom could he seek help?

On the couch, He An trembled violently, yet Zheng Feiluan was unmoved, only glancing at him indifferently – since anger could make He An shut up, there was no need for him to do anything else.

He picked up his pen, writing line after line. In a business-like manner, he spoke, “You already six months pregnant, and you’ll need to induce your abortion as soon as possible. If you were to go into early labour, and the child is born alive, it’ll mean trouble for everyone. I’ll help you contact a gynaecologist, and we’ll cut the queue early tomorrow morning and get the surgery done. To avoid any suspicions, I won’t be there, but I’ll let Cheng Xiu go over and take care of you. You’ve previously worked everything out with him before, so you should trust him, right?”

Zheng Feiluan curled his lips, smiling, the mockery within evident.

He An had not much of a reaction, only giving a weak acknowledgement.

Zheng Feiluan continued writing. “About a month after the abortion, you will go through a heat. With my mark on your body, the heat will feel especially torturous. As such, I will arrange for you to go under a mark-removal surgery, and help you return to being a free Omega. After the surgery, I hope that you’ll quickly find a new Alpha, and don’t hold any unrealistic hopes towards me, understand?”

He waited for a while. Seeing that He An did not respond, he repeated his question at an increased volume. “Understand?”

“Un– understood.”

Frightened, He An raised his head, watching Zheng Feiluan blankly.

“Then, there’s only one matter left – your place of stay.” Zheng Feiluan’s pen stopped. “Is it bought or rented?”


“Very good.” The nib of the pen once again moved across the paper, chasing after the speed of Zheng Feiluan’s words. “You need to move to a new place. I won’t force you to leave Yuanjiang, but you need to move somewhere far enough from the city center, so to prevent me from finding you easily when I lose control of my consciousness. In compensation, you can choose a house that you like, that’s less than two hundred square metres. I’ll purchase it in full for you, but you only have this one opportunity. If I manage to find you, I will request for you to leave Yuanjiang, and you’ll never be able to return. He An, I’m doing this not to threaten you, but to encourage you to hide yourself well, understand?”

He An looked at him with unfocused eyes, nodding his head blankly.

After a draft of their agreement was completed, Zheng Feiluan examined it again right from the beginning. He circled, underlined, dotted and struck through, changing every irregular phrases and ambiguous statements, then placed his pen down.

Things had been settled, and all signs of a potential dispute had vanished. Only then did his anger abate, and he regained most of his gentlemanly composure.

Turning the paper filled with words a 180 degrees, his long slender fingers pressed onto it, smoothing out any creases. Slowly, he pushed it towards He An. “He An, I apologise for disrupting your life, for hurting your body and your feelings. However, this is already the best method I can think of to settle this. Us together is an accident, and if this accident is not quickly stopped, it would only result in greater harm. This is the case for you, and even more so for me. Why don’t we hurry up and cut this relationship off, and stop any further pain.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything monetary-wise. The compensation for the breaching of your rental contract, the cost of the two surgeries, the money needed for rehabilitation after the surgery, the cost of moving, I’ll cover them all. You can contact Cheng Xiu anytime, and get the money from him, but you must always remember this – never contact me. No matter what happens, I hope that you can keep your promise. From today on, this very moment, our relationship will be cut off cleanly and neatly.”

This was the final decision, and there was no longer any turning back.

A shudder ran through He An. Chill pierced his bones, and he felt as though he had fallen into a winter’s lake. The waters of the lake had frozen into a thick layer of ice above his head, and Zheng Feiluan’s low and indistinct voice came from another world. “Let’s end this here. I hope that you’ll be able to find your true love soon… And we don’t need to see each other ever again.”

He stood up, shaking out his suit deftly in front of He An and straightening it out. Turning himself around, he faced the glass and tidied up his collar and sleeves, then opened his wallet and pulled out a large-value currency note and placed it on the table. He did not look at He An again, just walking straight out of the cafe.

Zheng Feiluan left.

There was no trace of reluctance when he left.

Leaving behind a currency note, it was to pay the cafe’s bill; leaving behind a ballpoint pen, it belonged to the cafe; leaving behind a cup of cocoa, every drop of it ice-cold; leaving behind a piece of paper, every word on it all screamed their clean break.

What else do you have left?

He An asked himself.

From today onwards, other than those painful memories sprinkled with dribs and drabs of joy, you’re all alone, so what else do you have left?

When Cheng Xiu burst in like a missile, He An was supporting himself on the table, vomiting in a mess. Everywhere was foul and filthy.

The little assistant was half-scared to death. He steadied He An’s shoulders, grabbing dozens of napkins and helping him wipe his mouth. Crouching down, he carefully studied He An. He An’s face was shiny with sweat, looking as though all the fluids in his body had been wrung out like a wet towel.

Cheng Xiu placed a hand on his forehead. As expected, he was running a high fever.

“He An, it’s only been a few minutes, how did you…”

He had only gone across the street to buy a screen protector for his phone. It was only such a short span of time, yet Zheng Feiluan had such a great ability as to make He An like this?

Cheng Xiu admitted to himself that he was stupid, and despite giving great thought to it, he still could not solve the puzzle. However, when he picked up that “Agreement of Dissociation” and read through it, he realised everything all at once.

In the rank of scummy elites, if his boss was number two, no one would dare claim the top spot.

When Zheng Feiluan left the cafe just now, he said that he had left a handwritten agreement on the table, and requested Cheng Xiu to type it out as a formal copy. He would then print two copies, and get He An to sign them. Other than that, he even emphasised specially about two matters – first, the other signatory would be Cheng Xiu; Second, the handwritten draft had to be brought back to the office, and shredded.

Cheng Xiu at first had not found it strange, as Zheng Feiluan’s way of handling matters were like this – decisive, cold-blooded, and leaving behind no cause for trouble. However, after reading the contents of the agreement, Cheng Xiu’s conscience as a standard citizen nearly overthrew his professionalism. There was really a moment where he wanted to expose this to the column writing team of <Top Arbitrator>, telling them that the famous Second Young Master Zheng of Yuanjiang Hotel group had gotten an Omega pregnant, but deserted them after the matter, and refused to acknowledge it. The child was about to be born, yet he was still forcing them to go for an abortion. It would be best if people were enraged, and for them to exert pressure as a society. At the same time, they could make an appeal to the Omega Protection Society, and force his boss to marry He An and bring him home.

Unfortunately, all these could only exist in his fantasies.

Cheng Xiu was currently still Zheng Feiluan’s personal assistant, and received a high wage from from him. He could not ignore what went against his professionalism, and so could only scold and curse Zheng Feiluan internally. All vulgar and crude swears resounded in his head, sounding like an announcement in the zoo.

When Cheng Xiu was done scolding Zheng Feiluan, he groused a little at He An. “Didn’t you try arguing with him? Why did you even agree to the abortion?”

He An shook his head weakly. “… Not allowed, he… didn’t allow me… to resist…”

Flames shot out of Cheng Xiu’s eyes. “He didn’t allow? He used his pheromones to suppress you?!”

He An’s silence was a tacit acknowledgement.

“Fucking hell, is he even human?!” Cheng Xiu pounded the table, and gained a scornful look from a server.

As a Beta, little Assistant Cheng, with the principle that what was being taught in his sex education classes had nothing to do with him, he did not pay attention to his lessons at all. Gaining just enough marks to pass the class, he now had no idea how to help He An. The only thing he could still remember was that Alphas, towards Omegas that they marked, had complete dominance over them. The thicker the pheromones they exuded, the stronger the effect of the dominance. For Alphas of startling L9 levels like his boss, it would not be an issue for him to even force He An to jump off a building.

Troubled, he patted He An’s back. “Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Remnants of He An’s hallucinations still remained, and the shattered shadows of the bugs and spiders flashed past his eyes. His stomach immediately churned.

With a pale face, he answered, “Yes.”

Cheng Xiu sighed feelingly.

Zheng Feiluan and He An, they had never been able to escape the imbalance of their feelings and status.

The first time the sickness overtook Zheng Feiluan, he had crashed into He An’s place and ravaged him, leaving him bleeding. The Omega was left in the hospital on an IV drip for a few days, eating only light porridge. Cheng Xiu received a call from him from the hospital, and the first thing the Omega asked was actually whether Zheng Feiluan was fine after returning home. That day, Second Young Master Zheng had attended a cocktail party hosted by the entertainment industry. Carrying crystal glasses of champagne, he made his way through a bevy of beauties revealing their shoulders, their backs, and even the dimples of their buttocks, long forgetting the youth he abused when he was not in his right mind.

Comparing the two, Cheng Xiu really felt a sense of imbalance for He An.

However, he had never expected that after a period of over a year, their secret would be exposed, and the two would confront each other. Zheng Feiluan was still up on his pedestal, only focused on cutting off all ties, eradicating the Omega that he had forgotten, but never once had he felt a single bit of shame or guilt.

In the past, Cheng Xiu had wanted to be their matchmaker, and suggested revealing the truth to Zheng Feiluan. However, he was stopped by He An’s dead set objection. Cheng Xiu joked that being involved, He An was unable to see things clearly, but now, looking at it, it was evident that he, as the outsider, was really too naive.

He An’s temperature was still climbing, and the inner layer of his clothes were already soaked. They clung onto his chest, forcing him to gasp for air. The vomiting had worsened his dehydration, and his giddiness only became more intense, and his vision was extremely blurry.

He clutched Cheng Xiu’s wrist, holding on tight as though it was his last means of survival. “Cheng Xiu, when I move in the future, I won’t trouble you anymore… Can you, can you help me one last time?”

“No problem!” Cheng Xiu nodded his head fiercely. “I’ll definitely find a house in the best location, and fight for the biggest sum of compensation for you. You’ve endured so much, how can you not gain anything out of it?”

He An spoke feebly, “This, this is not what I meant…”

“I know what you mean.” Cheng Xiu blinked, bending down, reaching out and stroking He An’s stomach. “When the baby is born, shouldn’t it live in a big house filled with sunlight, and have the best, imported powdered milk and diapers?”

He An was stunned.

Little Assistant Cheng patted him on the shoulder, consoling him. “He An, don’t worry. Even if Zheng Feiluan kicks me out of the company and blacklists me in this city, I’ll still help you protect this child. In exchange, I have a tiny little request – Can you let the baby recognise me as its godfather?”

He An looked at him, a long-unseen smile finally adorning his pale and bloodless face.

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