POBE Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Hearing the relaxed tone in his voice, Yu Yuntao did not know if he should be angry or amused. “Sure, just don’t cause trouble for people.”

Renzi heard this and was upset, “What trouble can I cause for others?”

“I was just being polite. Cause him as much trouble as you like, as long as you’re not causing me any trouble.” Then, Yu Yuntao hung up.

“Is that person really my biological brother?” Renzi stared unhappily at the “called ended” displayed on the screen of his phone.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “I think the two of you really don’t feel like you’re related at all. If you were only half as canny as him…”

Gu Xiaoshan did not continue his sentence, leaving it uncompleted. It hooked onto Renzi’s heart, and he blinked as he asked, “Then?”

Still looking in front of him, Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “Then I won’t be able to get along so well with you.”

Renzi thought about it, “At first, I still thought that you would like my brother, but I saw that you guys don’t seem to get along with each other.”

Gu Xiaoshan and Yu Yuntao truly did not get along with each other. However, he would not easily admit to this. After all, their families had close ties with each other, and they were long term business partners. Gu Xiaoshan hence pretended to be focused on driving and not hear what Renzi had said.

Renzi turned to look at Gu Xiaoshan, that focused image — whether it was faked or not — was really very attractive. The lighting in the car was dim, the hazy light highlighting the sharp edges of Gu Xiaoshan’s face, especially that nose, it looked sharp enough to cut. Renzi thought about his equally cutting brother, then the gentle beauty He Jun — both these types were not enough to attract Gu Xiaoshan? Renzi could not resist asking, “Then, what type do you like?”

Gu Xiaoshan was surprised, “I’ve really never thought about this before.”

Renzi asked curiously, “Why haven’t you thought about it?”

Taking a moment to ponder over it, Gu Xiaoshan then replied, “I’ve been too busy.”

“You liar, you’ve been too busy to even have a sex life?”

Gu Xiaoshan nearly got a shock with this question, and nearly let go of the steering wheel. He could not help but laugh. “My dear, please stop asking about this for now, I’m driving.”

Fortunately, for the rest of the journey, Renzi obediently kept quiet. However, his mind could not stop turning, just like those teacup rides in the amusement park — he was becoming dizzy from the turning, but he was surrounded in an atmosphere of romance.

Renzi and Gu Xiaoshan returned to the apartment. Renzi stood outside the front door, watching Gu Xiaoshan remove his shoes as he supported himself with one hand against the wall. After knowing Gu Xiaoshan for so many years, this was probably the first time he noticed that Gu Xiaoshan’s limbs were so long, his build near perfection. Renzi could not help but reprimand himself, what have you been doing? Such a beauty next to you, why have you been looking at the curves of those models instead?

When Gu Xiaoshan turned around, Renzi was still thinking of those curves, and reaching out, he grabbed onto Gu Xiaoshan’s chest. Gu Xiaoshan was shocked, “Huh?”

Renzi exclaimed quietly, “How amazing!”

Gu Xiaoshan swatted Renzi’s hand away, “You’re too rude.”

Having been scolded by Gu Xiaoshan, Renzi quickly pretended to be obedient. He pulled his hand back, “I mean, Brother Xiaoshan has trained his pecs to this amazing level! I’m so envious.”

“You can train yours too.” Then, he shook his head, dismissing his own statement. “Forget it, you won’t be able to do it.”

Hearing this, Renzi was unhappy. “Why wouldn’t I be able to do it?”

“Because you’re lazy.”

“Oh…” Renzi cringed, keeping silent. His almost indiscernible abs were only there because of his thinness, and they were nothing to talk about. It was likely that being so thin, He Jun had them too. Renzi still continued pretending to be obedient, and went to prepare two cups of tea. He smiled, “Brother Xiaoshan, come and have some tea.”

Gu Xiaoshan kept feeling that something was strange, but still went to the dining table to take a seat. Renzi was not one to hold himself back, and could not bother about being subtle, he again repeated that question in the car. “So, exactly what type do you like?”

Gu Xiaoshan laughed. He stroked the tenmoku cup in his hands, “Didn’t I say I’ve never thought about it before?”

“Liar! Then how did you find those lovers of yours?”

“Then how did you find your lovers? Did you set a criteria, then went to a “model shop” and make a purchase?”

Renzi was taken aback, and had to admit that Gu Xiaoshan’s words made sense. Seeing that Renzi was stunned, Gu Xiaoshan laughed again. “I did think a little about something like that before, as my father has also asked me about it.”

Renzi lost his smile. Could it be that his father is just like mine, and wants to arrange a gay date for his eldest son?

Old Mister Yu had always been worried about Yu Yuntao’s marriage, making Yu Yuntao have no choice but to come out of the closet, and tell him that he was gay. Old Mister Yu struggled over it for awhile, but managed to think things through. Then, he busied himself with looking for a suitable gay partner for Yu Yuntao, and even tried to arrange a connection for him with Gu Xiaoshan. Both Gu Xiaoshan and Yu Yuntao expressed how touched they were by it, then both flatly rejected this marriage.

Old Mister Gu always like to pretend that he was not worried, but actually, he was quite concerned about it. Finally he could not resist asking Gu Xiaoshan exactly what type of people he liked.

With a face full of anticipation, Renzi asked Gu Xiaoshan, “So how did you reply Uncle Gu?”

Gu Xiaoshan drank the lukewarm tea, then leisurely replied, “I wasn’t specific, because I don’t have an exact answer too. I only said, he cannot be someone so shrewd like Yu Yuntao.”

Hearing that, Renzi was about to start wagging his tail. “Sure, someone not shrewd, what about someone like me?”

Gu Xiaoshan chuckled, “What a coincidence, that’s what my dad said too!”

Renzi was pleasantly surprised, so Uncle Gu rather likes me!

However, this was only a ridicule made by Uncle Gu because he knew Renzi was straight. “You don’t like intelligent ones, then, what about someone like Renzi?”

“It doesn’t have to be to that extent.”

Renzi was about to flip the table. “What extent? Say it properly, what extent?”

Gu Xiaoshan drank his tea calmly, “An extent like yours.”

Renzi refused to accept that. “I… At least I managed to get accepted into my university!”

Gu Xiaoshan sighed and shook his head, “If others had the resources that you did…”

Renzi puffed up in anger, “Then? Then? Why aren’t you continuing?”

Seeing that Renzi was really starting to get angry, Gu Xiaoshan decided to play nice. “Then, it doesn’t matter. You have your own good points, why do you have to compare yourself to others?”

As expected, Renzi calmed down, he widened his eyes and asked, “What are my good points?”

Gu Xiaoshan gave another deep sigh. “It’s hard to describe, you can only experience it for yourself.”

This reply was too superficial, and Renzi was completely not satisfied by it. However, he did not want to probe about this, he only wanted to know Gu Xiaoshan’s criteria. “Does that mean, you don’t like someone with a brain like my brother, but you also don’t want someone with a brain like mine? Then, whose brain is more suitable?”

Gu Xiaoshan also found it hard to compare, so he casually replied, “Someone like Zhi Xuan I guess.”

Renzi was shocked. “Zhi Xuan is still considered not too intelligent?”

Oh no, oh no, Renzi suddenly felt a sense of hopelessness. To Renzi, Zhi Xuan was already like an artificial intelligence, this was too difficult a level for him to reach.

Gu Xiaoshan was amused by how Renzi was struck dumb. “It’s not exactly like that, I can only say that his intelligence is more of a comforting sort. Your brother hardly gives anyone any face. Look at those family entanglements in your company, it’s all because your brother was too harsh in dealing with them. It’s not easy to get along with someone like him.”

Renzi had a terrible headache. Thinking over it, he asked again, “Then, what about He Jun? He Jun shouldn’t be more intelligent than Zhi Xuan, right?”

“Must you really list them in order?”

Renzi slammed his fist onto the table. “Yes! I want to list them in order! Tell me, is it He Jun, or is it Zhi Xuan?”

“I don’t dare to continue saying this, having used Zhi Xuan as an example just now was already not right. No matter what I say now, wouldn’t I be defiling the name of your brother-in-law?”

Only then did Renzi remembered that Zhi Xuan was his brother’s boyfriend, why should he be getting jealous over him?

At that moment, Renzi had an unprecedented admiration for Zhi Xuan. That Yu Yuntao was like an ox bone that had been left for over ten days, smelly and hard, how did Zhi Xuan manage to take him in? If he, Yu Yunren, could be like Zhi Xuan, what could he not accomplish?

Renzi felt, he really should apprentice himself under Zhi Xuan!

Having made up his mind, Renzi went to work the next day. The vice-president appearing at work was truly a rare occasion. People in the office were gossiping, asking if Renzi was chasing after some new female employee.

In his office, Renzi called Yu Yuntao through their internal communication lines. “Can I borrow your Ah Xuan for a couple of days?”

“No.” Yu Yuntao hung up.

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